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You have entered the Lair of the Companions of the Silver Apple. The Great Big D&D Lodge that welcomes all players from EVERYWHERE.

At Toylab we have bloggers who both play D&D and also cover various D&D topics from merchandise, shows, comics, and books.

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The Companions to face Independence day Quest on July 4th

D&D takes the stage at Denver Comic Con 2018

Rolled and Told bring D&D culture to comics

The Companions of The Silver Apple
Toylab has a house D&D group called the Companions of the Silver Apple.  The group is DMed by Marvel Matt who sends the players on a brutal journey with danger lurking around every corner.

You can meet the companions, follow their adventures, and who know maybe even one day join them on the link below.

The Chapters in their QUEST

For more Companions of the Silver Apple click here!

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