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Welcome to Toylab's Comic news Page.  Here we highlight the comic content on our site.  We actively read Marvel, DC, The Walking Dead, and Valiant Comics here are some highlights.

Red Hot News!
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Tales from Free Comic Book Day

X-Men Gold may be the collectible comic of 2017 for all the wrong reasons

Details on Secret Empire and Hydra Takeover

Man of Peace - The graphic novel that transcends the medium

Monsters Unleashed is here and we have great resources to help you understand these giant behemoths.

Click Here for Full list of Marvel Monsters with Pictures / Bios

Monsters Unleashed art with Monsters Labeled

Doctor Aphra 1 and 2 Best of the Shelf Reviews

In Depth look at Spider-Man -Dead No More -The Clone Conspiracy

The Toylab Vault - Full of special comics

Famous Marvel Stories and Events

Comic Shop Editorials:
TOO MANY VARIANTS! a rant by Beardy!
Real Heroes = Edward Jenner a rant by Beardy!

  Learn more about the upcoming series and characters here!

Karnak #1 Review
All New All Different Avengers - Captain America kissing Thor 
See the All New All Different Blade
All New Different Marvel - Covers and Titles
Piecing together the ALL NEW DIFFERENT Marvel Universe 
See the All New All Different Spider-Man! 
See the All New All Different Doctor Strange!
First look at Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! 

2015 Comicbook sales analysis and trends

Marvel's Biggest Comic Event Years is upon us!
Follow it here!
 Secret Wars - Observation Deck see the battles unfold here!

Old Comic Reviews - FROM THE VAULT 

The Toylab Vault - Full of special comics

FROM THE VAULT - Quasar #32 First Appearance of Korath
FROM THE VAULT -Where Monsters Dwell #6 - 2nd Appearance of Groot 
FROM THE VAULT - Nova #19 The First appearance of Blackout 
FROM THE VAULT - Marvel Premiere 15 - First appearance of Iron Fist
FROM THE VAULT - Iron Man #118 - First appearance of Rhodey Rhodes
FROM THE VAULT - House of Mystery Annual #1 - First appearance of I, Zombie
FROM THE VAULT: Captain America #359 First appearance of Crossbones 
FROM THE VAULT: Strange Tales #180 the first appearance of Gamora  

 What is the Image series Wytches about?

Marvel Comic News:
Top 5 best Marvel Stories of 2014 
The Full Review of the Spider-Verse! 
New Avengers promo asks who will be on the team in 2015? 
Secret Wars Event on Jan 20th 2015! 
Black Vortex event will bring the X-Men and Guardians together 
What is the Spider-Verse? 
Check out : Phil Noto's beautiful upcoming photo variants 

What and Where to Buy:
2nd and Charles adding new comics to stores and Sushi lists 
Comic Events in 2014 
What to buy on 4/2/2014
What to Buy 4/9/2014
Free Comic Day May 3, 2014 Review

Comic Reviews:

What is the Spider-Verse? 
The Spider-Verse Checklist 
The Full Review of the Spider-Verse! 
Spider-Verse to have its own series in Secret Wars 
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
Who is the Scion? Spider-Verse questions 
New Spider-Woman Costume coming in 2015
Spider-Verse Deaths and Casualty list

Editorials on Spider-Man
Why I will be disappointed if Spider-Man does not appear in Cap 3: Civil War 
Why SONY's Spider-Man plans are awful!
Will Spider-Man be brought into the MCU?

Spider-Verse Reviews and Previews
The Full Review of the Spider-Verse! 
Preview: Spider-Gwen #1  
 Preview: Silk #1
Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #13
Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #12
Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #11
Preview: Spider-Woman #1 Review: Spider-Woman #1
Review: Amazing Spider-Man #11 
Review: Amazing Spider-Man #10
Review: Amazing Spider-Man #9
Review: Spider-Verse team up #1
Review: Scarlet Spiders #1  
Review: Spider-Verse #1
Review: Spider-Woman #1

Superior Spider-Man Reviews and Previews
Review of Superior Spider-Man #25 Superior Venom? 
Review of Superior Spider-Man #26 There can be only one! 
Review of Superior Spider-Man #27 Goblin Nation Begins, the End is Nigh 
Review of Superior Spider-Man #28 the war comes to Spider Island
Review of Superior Spider-Man #30 Parker is Back, Goodbye Otto

Captain America
Captain America #1 History will be made when the Falcon becomes Captain America!

Thor #25 Preview first appearance of female Thor!
Thor #1 Preview the age of the female Thor is nigh
Who is the new female Thor?
Female Thor Cosplay
Marvel Cancels Manara Cover of Thor 2

 Guardians of the Galaxy
 Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #1 - How Nebula got her robotic arm
Preview of Scottie young Rocket Raccoon ongoing series 
Review of Guardians of the Galaxy - Trial of Jean Grey 

Cyclops #1 - Best Cyclops Story ever! 

Serenity Leaves in the Wind 
Leaves in the Wind: Firefly set to fly again!   
Leaves in the Wind #1 review
Serenity Leaves in the Wind #2 Review
Serenity: Leaves in the Wind #3 Review- River's Mind Opens Up

Batman Eternal #1 - Awesome Start
Joker's Daughter #1 Review - DO NOT READ!


Batgirl #26 Review 
Batgirl #27 Review- Welcome to GothTopia
Batgirl #28 review Meet Silver 
Batgirl #29 Review- Is Silver Right? Is Batman a vampire? 
Batgirl #30 Review - A new monster comes to Gotham

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider #1 Marvel Now 

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