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San Diego Comic Con 2017
Here comes San Diego Comic Con...For all of the latest and greatest coverage come right here!

A couple of Con Tidbits:

  • McFarlane is working on a new Spawn film.
  • Kirby's artwork saved people.  It was used in the Argo CIA op.  Great panel look this up if I don't cover it.
  • A Doctor Doom movie is being planned by Fox and is being developed now
  • Iron Fist 2 is in the works may have the daughters of the dragon.

Defenders Trailer 2 released - LOVE THIS! 

DC Comics and Film Highlights from SDCC 17

Deathnote Trailer released - Ryuk is perfect

New Walking Dead Trailer for Season 8

New Trailer for Inhumans and yes this one is actually good!

San Diego Comic Con was just hit with an Atomic Bomb - But ...Did you notice?

Other Con News
Below are links to older cons and conventions from around the world.

Denver Comic Con 2017

Denver Comic Con 2017 was flat out HUGE and brought in some awesome personalities with the kids from Stranger Things and Nathan Fillion.

Denver Comic Con Scrap Book 2017

Denver Comic Panels 2017 highlights Stranger Things, Nathan Fillion

Attempted Assassination of Jason David Frank bring changes

Denver Comic Con 2016

  San Diego Comic Con 2016
The Toylab crew is hard at work trying to bring you the best news from San Diego Comic Con.  Be sure to share your stories in the comment section:

Cosplay at San Diego 2015
Stand out Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Spider-Gwen Cosplayer who took SDCC by STORM!

Best Marvel Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Best DC Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con 2015

Best Video Game Cosplays at San Diego Comic Con 2015 

Ryan Reynolds meets with Deadpool Cosplayers

Movie and Show Trailers!

Awesome released photos from Dawn of Justice Photographer

Deadpool Trailer at SDCC

Suicide Squad Trailer broken down with pictures

Suicide Squad First trailer and more revealed at SDCC

Zach Snyder arrives at Comic Con in the Batmobile!

SDCC Star Wars behind the scenes SDCC Reel

New SDCC Batman Vs Superman Trailer and Analysis! 

Walking Dead Season 6 trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con 

SDCC Full Fear the Walking Dead Trailer is EPIC!

 Batman's gear from Batman vs Superman on display at SDCC

 Hunger Games Mocking Jay part II promo released at SDCC

Hunger Games Mocking Jay Posters and Special Website

Marvel events and live feed for SDCC 15

Denver Comic Con 2015

What is Denver Comic Con?

DC All Access Panel reveals DC's amazing future projects
Meeting John Beatty and his amazing Daredevil Sketch! 
Meeting Shawn Crystal and his Awesome Fantomex sketch!
Meeting Justin Ponsor artist on Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse series 

Striking Cosplay of Denver Comic Con 2015

 San Diego Comic Con 2014
Rocket and Groot Lego Statue at San Diego CC 2014 

The Hot Movie Panels at San Diego Comic Con 2014 
Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Reveal - SPOILERS

Denver Comic Con 2014
Denver Comic Con 2014 Battle Plan

See the Amazing COSPLAY at Denver Comic CON!
Top 5 Best Game of Thrones COSPLAYs at Denver Comic Con 2014 
Top 5 Best Marvel COSPLAYs at Denver Comic Con 2014 
Top 5 Best DC COSPLAYS at Denver Comic Con 2014
Top 5 Best Horror COSPLAYs at Denver Comic Con 
Top 5 Best Video Game COSPLAYs at Denver Comic Con 2014

Panels and Guests
Shambling like a Zombie with Max Brooks  
Meeting talented and amazing Greg Horn  
Catching up with Firefly with George Jeanty

The Line at Denver Comic Con a major success! 
Funny conversations at Denver Comic CON, Seen and heard 
Random Pictures at Denver Comic Con 2014 

Highlights of Past Denver Comic Cons:
Wil Wheaton Gives Advice on how to Deal with Bullies At Denver Comiccon

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