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Who is Master Pandemonium

Master Pandemonium is a demonic villain in the Marvel universe that is known for his battles with the West Coast Avengers.  The character has not appeared in the MCU.

Real Name:  Martin Preston

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers #4

Crazy Things About Master Pandemonium:
Master Pandemonium is one of those villains that has not shown up very much but there were some cool aspects to the character.  Primarily what I liked about him is that his actor background really merged well with the Westcoast LA vibe of Westcoast Avengers.  His bizarre demonic limbs also made for unique fights and aesthetics.

He is also infamous for being a villain who killed children.  He basically absorbs/kills the children of Scarlet Witch and the Vision.  Very few villain hit that level of lows.

Master Pandemonium News:


Martin Preston is an actor who loses a limb while driving a sport car recklessly.  Martin fears his acting career is over after losing a limb so he calls forth the devil, Mephisto.  Mephisto promises that he will make it so that Martin has four limbs again at the cost of his soul.  Martin foolishly makes the deal.  As is the case with most deals with Mephisto it is fulfilled but with terrible unforeseeable consequences.  Mephisto cuts off all the remaining limbs of Martin and cuts an upside down star hole into his chest.  He then replaces all of the limbs with demons.  Then Mephisto fills the hole in his chest with yet more demons.  This turns Martin into a kind of walking, talking demon clown car.

Martin his horrified at the demonic entity he has become but Mephisto is not about to take back the deal.  He is given control of the demons in his body and takes on the name of Master Pandemonium.

Mephisto then breaks Master Pandemonium's soul up into 5 pieces and spreads the pieces out it into 5 different creatures.  He uses these pieces as leverage to keep Master Pandemonium under his control.

Master Pandemonium is stalking a Western Superhero teams called the Rangers that he believes may have part of his soul.  In particular he is interested in the hero Firestar.  Firestar seeks membership in the West Coast Avengers and this leads Master Pandemonium into numerous battles with the supergroup.

Pandemonium and the Westcoast Avengers join forces against the cat people where he regains one part of his soul.

Pandemonium seeks out the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision and pulls them into himself.  The children were not real children but constructed out of fractured souls.  The act of taking the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision effectively drives Scarlet Witch mad.  This is one of the major actions that lead to Scarlet Witch and Vision getting divorced.

More about Master Pandemonium killing Scarlet Witch and Vision's children

At this point Pandemonium learns the horrible truth.  The pieces of souls were never his own but that of Mephisto himself.  Pandemonium had been used by a tool of Mephisto to retrieve his own soul.

Master Pandemonium has limbs made up of demons.  These demons can detach themselves and fly around and fight on their own.   He also has other demons within side his body.

Pandemoniums body is seemly more durable and resistant to death as it is full of demons.

He can emit blasts of hellfire and energy

He also has an Amulet of Azmodeus that has magical powers and grants teleportation.


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Who is Quicksilver?
Quicksilver is a Marvel character who has been depicted as both a villain and a hero.  He is a mutant with the super power of super speed.

Real Name: Pietro Maximoff

First Appearance: X-Men #4

Quicksilver News:
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Quicksilver Multimedia:
Quicksilver scene in X-Men Days of Future Past
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Quicksilver Cosplay by Jessica Nigri

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Scarlet Witch first appearance

Pietro Maximoff along with his twin sister the Scarlet Witch are the offspring of Magneto.  Magneto does not know of their existence while they are being raised.  The story of their birth is a little weird.  It involves the twins being born amongst the New Men of Wundagore mountain who are basically part animal and part human people.  They hide the twins with a family called the Maximoffs.  There is also a demon that has a presence near Wundagore mountain and he gives the Scarlet Witch magical powers. Both twins also develop mutant powers.  Quick Silver develops super speed and Scarlet Witch gains the mutant power of hexing (altering probability).  While, they do not know their father, they end up joining his group the evil brotherhood of mutants.

The twins never are very evil though and part with the group rather quickly and join the Avengers.

House of M - Scarlet Witch at a very high power level alters reality.  She utters the words "No more mutants" and removes the powers of most of the worlds mutants.

Pietro is the twin brother of Scarlet Witch and daughter of Magneto.
Quicksilver disapproves of her relationship and marriage to the android Vision but eventually

He himself is a terrible husband to the Inhuman Crystal.  He has a daughter with her named Luna.

Quicksilver is often portrayed as a jerk.   He says this is in part due to how fast he is relative to everyone else.  To Quicksilver it is though as everyone else and the entire world is moving in slow motion.

Super speed - Can run at speeds up to Mach 10
Super reflexes
Super fast thought
Immunity to friction while running

MCU and X-Men Foxverse:

Quicksilver film's rights are shared by Fox and Marvel.

Fox X-Men Quicksilver
Quicksilver appeared in the X-Men Days of Future Past and in the sequel X-Men Apocalypse.

MCU version of Quicksilver
A different version of Quicksilver appeared in the MCU.
Quicksilver  appeared in Avengers Age of Ultron.  He begins the film as Hydra experiement who then joins forces with Ultron to take down the Avengers.  However, after seeing a vision of Ultron's plans his sister the Scarlet Witch urges them to leave his service.  They then join forces with the Avengers to stop Ultron.  During the final battle Quicksilver is killed.

There are some rumors and speculation that Quicksilver could be brought back to life in particular with the events of Avengers Infinity War and ending half of the life on Earth many speculate that Avengers End Game could snap back many or all of those and potentially characters who had died previousily like Quicksilver.

Quicksilver Art:

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