Who is the Black Panther?

The Black Panther is a title of the defender of the African kingdom of Wakanda.  While many men have had the title of Black Panther throughout time by far the most well known is King T'Challa.

Black Panther has not appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe however he will very SOON.  Actor Chadwick Boseman has been hired to play the titular champion of Wakanda.  Marvel has begun paving the way for the character to appear.  There have been numerous Black Panther Easter Eggs in the Marvel TV Series Agents of SHIELD.
 Black Panther will for sure be in Captain America 3 Civil War as well his own movie Black Panther.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #52

Black Panther Film News Hub:
Black Panther Film - Trailers, news, art, interviews
The Black Panther film hub is home to tons of information on the upcoming Black Panther film set to be released in 2018.  It includes actor / Director interviews as well as media and products on the upcoming film.

Black Panther News and Info:

Black Panther Multimedia:


Becoming the Panther
The Black Panther title is used by the champion of Wakanda.  While the Panther title is worn by men and women of royal blood it is not given to them.  Each Panther must earn the title through a set of ritualized trials that for T'Challa included fighting/defeating the then current Black Panther his uncle S'yan.  Once the title is won, a special heart shaped herb is provided that heightens the users senses and reflexes.  The Panther is also spiritually linked to the Panther god known as Bast.

Klaw finding Vibranium in Wakanda

T'Challa's father is killed by a mercenary by the name of Klaw Klaw was pursuing a rare metal in Wakanda called Vibranium.  While T'Challa manages to expel the invader he realizes he and his country must change to deal with these kind of threats.  Essentially, he does not want Wakanda to fall to imperialism of foreign powers.  He then goes on a long educational trip across the globe to learn all that he can.  He returns undergoes the ritual of the Panther and becomes the enlightened ruler and defender of Wakanda.

T'Challa often has to deal with his adoptive brother Hunter.  Hunter resents T'Challa for being in line to become King.  Hunter at one points runs a secret police that T'Challa shuts down when he becomes King.
The two often fight in a similar manner as Thor and Loki.

Other reoccurring adversaries of Black Panther include Man Ape and Klaw.

Fantastic 4 and Avengers:
T'Challa sees the growing super human phenomena and goes out to meet some of them.  He manages to defeat all 4 of the members of the fantastic 4 individually as a test.  He later befreinds them and as well as the Avengers.  T'Challa goes back forth defending and ruling Wakanda and the world with the Avengers.

For a time T'Challa loses control of the country to rival, Erik Killmonger.  Killmonger attempts to bring Wakanda back to an ancient form of government without vestiges of colonialism.

A Nation Under our Feet:

T'Challa has returned home to Wakanda only to be faced by a series of terrorist and ideological threats to his rule.  A new mysterious group called the People pursue a more democratic form of government and do so with violence.  Meanwhile, some of the King's own Dora Milaje form their own revolt.
T'Challa meets with a variety of despicable despots hoping to get hints on how to put down a rebellion.  In the end he takes none of their horrific advice however, one of the members is video taped discussing the advice he gave T'Challa.  This interview is made by the People released to the public who are horrified at what their King has been listening to.

Ezekiel Stane is revealed to be a sponsor of the People.  He captures T'Challa but not before T'Challa manages to call in the calvary with an array of his super friends coming to his rescue including Gateway, Strom, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight.

Top 10 Villains of the Black Panther

Notable Friends and Relations:
  • Storm - Wife
  • Shurri - Sister
  • T'Chaka - Father deceased
  • Luke Cage - Friend
  • Misty Knight - Friend
  • Gateway - Friend
  • The Avengers
  • The Fantastic Four

Skills and Powers:
Being raised as heir to the king T'Challa has been training to be the Black Panther his entire life.  He has studied science, politics, strategy and tactics.  He studied in some of the finest schools in America and Europe and is considered one of most formidable scientific minds in the Marvel Universe.

He is highly trained in a variety of martial arts and weapons.   His fighting ability is extremely high and has beaten a long list of heroes and villains.  His style often involves using the stances and moves of animals and integrating them into his human form.

The technology T'Challa has is very advanced.  His suit is made of Vibranium and while lite weight it can absorb the impact of blows, falls and bullets like heavy armor.  He can on run walls, dissolve metal, create energy daggers, jump and move without making a sound.  Beyond his suit he also has the Kimono Card which allows him to have satellite access and block radio signals from where ever he is.
He also can use any device in Wakanda which includes almost anything that one can imagine.

The spiritual link to the Panther god Bast also aids T'Challa from time to time.  Particularly if he is attacked on a spiritual or magical level the Panther helps protect him.

At times it has been shown that there is a spiritual linkage between all the Black Panther alive and dead.


Actor Chadwick Boseman has been hired to play the titular champion of Wakanda, the Black Panther.

Captain America: Civil War:
Black Panther made his first appearance in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War.  After seeing his father killed in a terrorist attack T'Challa beings a hunt for the presumed assassin Bucky aka the Winter Soldier.  This leads him into a confrontation with Captain America and directly into the the throes of Civil War.
Upon learning the truth that Zemo had orchestrated the events to lure the Avengers to fighting each other T'Challa forgives Zemo and refuses to kill him.  He then invites Bucky to Wakanda where brainwashed super assassin can get treatment and be kept safely.

Black Panther:
T'Challa returns home to face a threat to his rule over Wakanda.  Two villains combine forces in attempt to end the line of family's rule.

Black Panther Store:

Toylab Recommended:  Black Panther: A Nation under our Feet
I really can not recommend this Black Panther story enough to people who want to read a Black Panther story. No this is not a pure clean, beginning in comics their rarely are. What the story offers though is an amazing story, that shows both grandeur and struggles of Wakanda, and the nation's titular hero the Black Panther. Few have done it better than this.

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Who is Peresphone?

Who is Persephone?

Marvel has revealed the main villain that Wolverine will be facing in the series Return of Wolverine.  This will aims to be the series that returns the X-Man back into the Marvel universe since his death in 2014.   Wolverine was revealed to be alive and in possession of an infinity stone in Marvel Legacy #1 last year.  Since then there have been a variety of mini series delving into the mystery of how he has returned from the dead.   The villain that he is going to face is a character called Peresephone and she was designed by artist Mike Hawthorne.    Persephone is set to appear in Return of Wolverine #1.

Name: Persephone

First Appearance:  Return of Wolverine #1

Enemy: Wolverine

40 PGS./Parental Advisory …$4.99


Wolverine has returned from the dead and the means of how that occured are not clear.  In myth Persephone is a goddess tied both to a cycle of death and rebirth.  It seem likely that these elements will play a part in this character though how exactly are still not clear.

Persephone in Greek Myth
Persephone was the Queen of the Dead.  Technically she was abducted by Hades and forced to serve as his queen.  She was also a goddess of vegetation and she was effectively allowed to return to Earth at which time vegetation would spring up, but then be forced back to serve Hades in the underworld at which time Winter would come.  In Wikipedia the Persephone is described as:

Persephone (/pərˈsɛfəni/GreekΠερσεφόνη), also called Kore (/ˈkɔːr/; "the maiden"), is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter and is the queen of the underworldHomer describes her as the formidable, venerable majestic princess of the underworld, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead. Persephone was married to Hades, the god of the underworld.[1] The myth of her abduction represents her function as the personification of vegetation, which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth after harvest; hence, she is also associated with spring as well as the fertility of vegetation. 
You may also recall that Persephone was a character in Matrix reloaded where she played the Queen of the Underworld as the consort of the bad Merovingian.  In that film she eventually helped the heroes escape from the Merovingian.  Her character was played by actress Monica Bellucci. While the version of Persephone in the Matrix was ultimately benevolent I don't believe that will be the case of the one that Wolverine is going to face off against.

Monica Bellucci as Persephone in the Matrix Reloaded

You very likely remember the Matrix version of Persephone.  She was one of the more flamboyantly dressed characters in a film where almost everyone wore black and gray all the time.

We will continue to follow this story and update it as we gain more information!

Tombstone - Marvel Villains

Who is Tombstone?

Tombstone is a character from the Marvel universe known for being a villainious gangster who has battled many heroes but most notably Spider-Man.  Tombstone is named as one of the primary villains of the upcoming film Silver & Black that will focus on Silver Sable and the Black Cat.

Real Name: Lonnie Thomas Lincoln

Home:  Harlem, NYC

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man #36

Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #139

Tombstone News:

Tombstone Multi-Media:


Lonnie Lincoln is the only African American Albino in Harlem NYC.  His unique appearance causes him to be bullied as a youth.  The bullying does not last long as he grows to be one of the biggest kids at his high school.  He turns the tables on his peers and becomes a fearsome bully and later gangster in Harlem.  Lonnie creates a protection racket at his highschool where he is nearly outed by the school newspaper being run by Robbie Robertson.  Robbie pulls the article on Lonnie after he is intimidated.  Robbie goes on to become a newspaperman and Lonnie continues onto a path of crime.

Lonnie initially does not possess any real super powers.  He uses his distinctive appearance to create fear and surprise.  He shaves his teeth into points which gives him a vampiric look.  Engaging in frequent street fights he developed ruthless fighting skills.  He begins to build a reputation as a ruthless hitman and rises the ranks through the local gangs.  He takes on the moniker of Tombstone.

Working for a local newspaper Robbie Robertson goes to meet a source on a crime story and witnesses Tombstone killing the source.  Tombstone threatens Robbie to keep silent and he sits on the story for nearly 20 years.  During this time Tombstone kills many people as a hitman.  He becomes a hitman for the Kingpin.

 Robbie eventually turns in the Tombstone leading to a confrontation between the two men.  Tombstone is eventually beaten by Spider-Man.

Tombstone later is given super powers and becomes a crimelord of his own in NYC.

Super strength
Super durability

Advanced street fighting skills.

MCU / SONY Film Universe:
Tombstone is named as one of the primary villains of the upcoming film Silver & Black that will focus on Silver Sable and the Black Cat.

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Who is Wolverine?

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Who is Wolverine?

Wolverine is a marvel anti-hero who became a popular fixture in the X-Men and eventually his own series.  Wolverine has been played by actor Hugh Jackman in eight films.  Wolverine has been ranked as high as #1 in most popular characters by Wizard Magazine.  He consistently ranks in the top 10 of all comic characters in importance and popularity.

First Appearance:  (Brief Cameo) The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)
First Appearance:  (Full) The Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)

Real Name:  James Howlett

Alias(es):  Logan, Logan Howlett, Weapon X, Wolverine

Wolverine News:

Wolverine Multi-Media:
Wolverine Store:
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Wolverine Bio:

Wolverine first appears as a Canadian government to battle the Hulk in 1974.  He has an enigmatic origin that is unknown for many years.  His full history and origins are revealed.

Wolverine was born with the name James Howlett in Alberta Canada in the late 1880s.  He is raised by wealthy land owners John and Elizabeth Howlett.  Unknown to young James he is the illegitimate son of the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan.  James is a sickly and often bed ridden youth.   Thomas is forced off the property due to an attempted rape by his other son, named Dog.  He returns seeking vengeance and kills John Howlett.  In retaliation James attacks Thomas to his surprise bone claws emerge from his fists and he kills Thomas.  His mutation had suddenly become active.  He is no longer sick but strong and fast.  He flees with a child hood friend Rose.  The two settle in a mining colony in the Yukon territory, where James begins to call himself Logan.  During this time he accidentally kills Rose with his claw.  Distraught, and bewildered he flees civilization and spends years living amongst wolves.

Logan returns to civilization when he is captured and put on display in a freak show.  He is freed by Saul Creed the brother of his longtime nemesis Victor Creed (Sabretooth).  Saul Creed betrays Logan to Nathaniel Essex (Mister Sinister) and Logan kills him in retaliation.  For this act Victor Creed (A mutant himself) vows to gain vengeance on Logan and haunts him relentlessly.

Fleeing again he resides amongst the Blackfoot people for a time.  There he settles down with his lover Silver Fox.  Victor Creed catches up to Logan though and kills Silver Fox.

Logan then joins the Canadian military where he serves in World War I and later fights alongside Captain America in World War 2.  He is a member of Team X a black ops unit that fights in the wars.  Logan spends time in Madripoor and Japan where he married a woman Itsu.  Unknown to Logan he fathered a child named Daken through Itsu.

Working with Team X he is given false memories and is a controlled super soldier for the group.  He eventually breaks free of their control but is then captured by the clandestine group Weapon X.  Weapon X forcibly imbues Wolverine with an unbreakable adamantium skeleton.  The metal adamantium is said to be unbreakable.  Wolverine escapes the program facility but through the trauma of process suffers amnesia and forgets much of his past.  He is reduced to a near animal like state when a couple named James and Heather Hudson take him in.  The Hudson's help him regain his humanity but very little of his memory.

He works for the Canadian military for Department H and becomes one of the countries super heroes.  He is also added to the roster of the country's super hero team, Alpha Flight.  During this time he is sent to break up a battle between the Hulk and the Wendigo.  Wolverine is sent to kill Professor Xavier.  Xavier is able to stop Wolverine and wipes out his memory, he then recruits Wolverine onto his team the X-Men.


Wolverine proves to be a valuable member of the team.  He is more mature and battle experienced than many of the teams members.  He is considered to be the best and most lethal fighter on the team.
He does however come into conflict with other team members particularly Cyclops.  Wolverine falls in love with Jean Grey who is the girl friend of Cyclops.  The love triangle fuels dramatic stories for the team up until Jean Grey's death as phoenix.

Battling Magneto in the Fatal Attractions storyline (X-Men #25 1993) Magneto rips out Wolverine's metal skeleton.  It is in this issue that Wolverine's bone claws are revealed.  For a time Wolverine is highly feral with his powers running out of control.   He is eventually, captured and brains washed by Apocalypse where is transformed into one of his henchmen called the Horsemen.  Wolverine is Apocalypse's horseman of death.  Eventually, he frees himself from Apocalypse's control and returns to the X-Men.

Wolverine goes on to be a member/leader on the X-Men, X-Force and the Avengers.

Wolverine is killed by suffocation after being covered in adamantium.  (Death of Wolverine 2014)

For a time X-23 used used the Wolverine mantle.  An oldler alternate version of Wolverine joined X-Men but goes by Logan (Old Man Logan).

Return to life: (Marvel Legacy)

Wolverine has been shown alive in Marvel Legacy. He also is seen carrying one of the infinity stones though it is not clear why.
The Guardians of the Galaxy have also been actively trying to get their hands on all of the infinity stones which may have them cross paths with Wolverine.

There were various factions searching for the body of Wolverine.  These stories are part of the Hunt for Wolverine story arc.

In Sep 2018 there will be a launch of a new Wolverine series that is expected to have Logan back.  In his new form Wolverine has shown to have a new power that allows his claws to heat up.  These hot claws are one of the primary ways Wolverine was altered after death.  Wolverine is also shown as being a member of the Infinity Watch.

Wolverine Rogues Gallery:
Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers were personal villains of Wolverine
Wolverine has villains from his time on the X-Men, Alpha Flight, from Project X, from the Avengers and from his time going solo.  He has had a long violent life in which he has made many horrible enemies over that time.

Healing Factor - Wolverine has regenerative power that allows his body to heal nearly any wound and fight off diseases.  The healing ability heals his body rapidly even from extremely grevious injuries.  This allows him to take serious punishment and keep fighting.

Longevity- Wolverine's healing factor also acts to slow down his aging process.

Animal Keen senses - Has hearing and smell of a wolf or other animal

Feral rage - Wolverine tend to fight with a feral nature that seems to increase his aggressiveness and potency in combat.

Claws - Wolverine naturally has bone claws that he can use as weapons.  Three claws emerge from either of his fists.

Heat Claws - When Wolverine returned to life in the end of 2018 he was shown to have claws that can now heat up to fire like levels.

Items/ Upgrades:
Adamantium Skeleton- He is imbued by the Weapon X program with a skeletal frame that is plated in unbreakable, Adamantium metal.  This metal plate covers his bone claws in addition to the rest of his bones.

Wolverine has been played by actor Hugh Jackman in eight films.


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Black Cat artwork by J Scott Campbell

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The Black Cat has been around since 1979 and has art work done by many different artists.  Hoewver, when I think of the Black Cat I also think of artist J. Scott Campbell.  Campbell has done numerous covers of the Black Cat that have become some of her most iconic pieces of art.

Campbell sells many exclusive covers, prints and artwork through his website at JScottcampbell.com

Here is a collection of some Campbell's artwork of Black Cat:

Don't go anywhere there is more SPIDER-MAN!

Who is Spider-Man? 

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Who is Karnak?

Who is Karnak


Karnak is a Marvel character who is a member of the Inhuman race. He is a loyal adviser to King Black Bolt and his chief strategist.  Karnak will be played by actor Ken Leung in the Inhuman TV series.  (More on Inhuman TV series and casting at bottom of page)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45

Karnak News:
 Who are the Inhumans? 
Who is King Blackbolt?
Karnak #1 Review

Karnak Multimedia:


Karnak is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family.  He is King Blackbolt's cousin and serves as the chief strategist, planner and philosopher.  Karnak is uniquely qualified to be a strategist as he has the special power to find the weak point in any person, plan or object.  His power makes him a very deadly martial artist.

Karnak is unique amongst the Inhuman Royal Family  in that he did not undergo terrigenesis to receive his powers like the other Inhumans.  When Karnak's older brother Triton was exposed to terrigenesis he became monstrous in appearance.  His parents feared that Karnak too would become monstrous when exposed.  Instead, they sent him to a monastery to study the ways of the mind.  It is through his intense training and meditation that Karnak has gained his martial arts skills as well as his weakness finding power.

Karnak's power has allowed Blackbolt to gain strategic advantages and win in battles against super powerful foes like the Hulk and Vulcan.

Bizarrely Karnak recently committed suicide in the Inhumanity storyline by throwing himself out of a window.  This occurred after Attilan crashed into Earth and was destroyed.  Before he left he told Medusa now leader of the Inhumans that she must forget what she knows to prepare for the coming cataclysm.

Karnak finds himself with other old Inhumans in the mind of NuMan Lineage.  Lineage is connected to all of his Inhuman ancestors of which Karnak is one.  Karnak sees that Lineage plans to betray Queen Medusa and decides to fight his way out.  He ends up battling his way through Lineage only to come exploding out of his chest.  This action seemingly kills Lineage.  He apologizes to Queen Medusa for leaving her at a critical time.

Karnak can find the weakness of any person, object, or plan.  He is also a master martial artist.

His martial artistry is enhanced by his power.  He is able to strike both at body and mind using his Power.  He can also see the flaws in every style of martial arts and exploit those weaknesses.

Inhuman Store:
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Karnak will be played by actor Ken Leung in the Inhuman TV series. Ken has had many roles that you might know him from he was Kid Omega in X-Men the Last Stand, he was also in Lost, Deception, Person of Interest, The Night Shift and had a role as Admiral Statura in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  He has also been in the films The Family Man, Red Dragon, Shanghai Kiss and Keeping the Faith.

I think of all of his roles I remember him most as a blonde henchmen Sang in Rush Hour.  This was when Ken was pretty young and his first major role.  He was a martial arts bad boy in the role and I think those skills could translate well into this role of Karnak.

Edward Norton worked with Ken on Keeping the Faith where he praised Ken by saying, "You sense hidden levels within him and he conveys an intensity of mind. I don't think anybody's tapped his full range yet."

Ken Leung as Admiral Statura in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Ken Leung in Rush Hour

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Moon Knight - Marvel Hero

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Who is the Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is a hero at Marvel sometimes thought of as Marvel's equivalent to Bat Man though that title has gone to both Black Panther and Daredevil at times.  One of the distinguishing characteristics  severe mental disorder that he must struggle against.  It is not always known to Spector if he is crazy or if he is recieving visions from Khonshu the Egyptian god that resurrected him.

Real Name: Marc Spector

Alias(es): Moon Knight, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, Fist of Khonshu, Yitzak Topol

Affliliation: Formerly CIA, Defenders, Secret Avengers

Home City: Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance:  Werewolf by Night #32 (1975)

Origin:  Moon Knight #1 (1980)

Moon Knight Store:
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Moon Knight Bio:

Marc Spector builds up a variety of fighting skills as a Boxer, a member of the CIA, and as mercenary. His father was a Rbabi but he rejected his father's religous moral teachings and instead to decided to become a materialist. His lack of any moral grounding led Marc to increasingly dark dealings with nefarious characters. He began to work with Raoul Bushman a mercenary and terrorist. On a mission to Sudan Marc could no longer stand by and allow inncoent people to be hurt at his own expense.

Raoul Bushman began pursuing an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb that he hoped would be filled with gold. He began to attack a village of Selima and beat archeologist Dr. Peter Alraune. Alraune is killed while attempting to sneak up on Bushman. Marc warns Bushman who then bites through Alraune kneck killing him. Marc is totally disgusted by Bushman and frees Alraune's daughter, Marlene. He manages to help her escape Selima but he is caught in the act by Bushman. Bushman kills everyone in the town and then drags Marc Spector out into the desert and leaves him to die.

An injured Spector manages to drag himself to the tomb that Alraune had discovered. There his is found by Marlene Alraune who grateful for his help earlier brought him into the tomb. Marlene's servants attempted to revive Spector but it was too late. Spector's body was placed at the foot of the statue Khonshu. Marlene weeps over Spector's dead body but suddenly he rises up, alive. Spector quickly comes to the belief that he was restored to life to serve Khonshu as his Moon Knight of vengeance. He takes a cloak off the Khonshu statue and proceeded back toward his former mercenary force. There he took out Bushman's remaining force and nearly manages to kill Bushman. Bushman manages to escape when Marlene comes to the town and Spector is temporarily distracted. An old merc friend Frenchie comes to the aid of Spector.

Frenchie and Marlene work with Spector to train to become the ultimate fighter. Spector also begins creating various identities that he can use in various ways to support his crime fighting. Spector takes his fortune from being a mercenary and creates the identity of Steven Grant. His Grant persona is a playboy he uses to gain influence and information with monied elites. He also creates an identity as a cabbie called Jake Lockley to make contacts with people on the streets. As Lockley he befriends Bertrand Crawley who becomes his main source of information on the streets. He also befriends Gena Landers a coffee store owner whose two sonds Ray and Ricky become investigative associates of Spector. Marlene and Marc form a strong romantic relationship and he lives with her under the guise of Steven Grant. While the multiple identities help Marc gain information they also begin to weigh on hs sanity. Marlene helps him straighten out his mind and also helps him design the Moon Knight costume. He also adds a helicopter called the Mooncopter to his arsenal that is flown by Frenchie. The statue of Khonshu is brought into his home as Spector continues to believe that it gives him power.

A few men from Spector's early life as a spook and mercenary come back continually to haunt him. The first is his own brother Randall who followed Marc into the CIA. However, Randall was a psychotic with no loyalty and quickly began betraying the CIA. When Marc's love interest at the time found out about Randall's disloyalty he hacked her to death with a meat cleaver. He shows up from time to time.

The other is the villain Crossfire who was another CIA agent that Marc worked for named William Cross.

Bushman continues to show up always wanted revenge on Spector for what happened in Selima.

One of his first missions is to capture Werewolf "Jack Russell" for a group called the commitee but he lets him go once he learns that the group plans to weaponize him. He comes into conflict with other villains including Masked Marauder, Lupinar, Zodiac android, Crossfire, randall, Cobra, Slasher, Midnight Man, Morpheus, Stained Glass Scarlet, Jester, Arsenal, Third World Slayers, Bushman, Zohar and a cult called Left Hand Path.

Bushman at one point seemed of force Spector in to psychosis after destroying the statue of Khonshu. Marlene helps Spector overcome this by telling him she has hidden the real statue. It is unclear if this was a lie or the truth but helps Spector overcome the intiall trauma of losing the statue.

Moon Knight must aslo take on a villain called Black Spectre who is a mayor candidate using the villainous identity to coerce people for influence over NYC. However, however after defeating and unmasking Black Spectre as Carson Knowles, he is unalbe to convince anyone of this fact. This causes Moon Knight's sanity to break again. He manages to unmask him again but this time on television revealing the truth to everyone.

Marc tries to give up the Moon Knight and all of the extra identities to settle in with Marlene. He is then visited by 3 ancient Egyptian priests.who tell Spector that he is the Avatar of Khonshu. The priests then begin guiding him into new mysteries and crime fighting missions. Moon Knight persona becomes too much for Marlene and she leaves him.

Moon Knight joines the West Coast Avengers after a bizarre twist of time travel has a time displaced Hawkyee allying himself with Khonshu. Khonshu then uses his influence over Spector to join the West Coast Avengers in the present day. Spector himself has zero interest in joining the Avengers. Still he begins to have romantic involvement with Tigra something Khonshu disagrees with. Whne the West Coast Avengers split over the issue of whether they should be allowed to kill he sides with Mockingbird and Tigra in the pro kill camp. He left the Avengers after Khonshu was forced to leave the Earthly plane to battle the rival god Seth.

At one point Silver Sable attempted to bring him to Bosqueverde to answer for his mercenary crimes but his identity was questions after his friend Midnight pretended to be him.

Marc reinvents the Moon Knight persona after learning that Khonshu is the god of justice not just vengaence. He creates a new corporate front called Spectorcorp and moves his base to high tech office building called "Shadowkeep". In this base he would holographically communicate with his various agents called the "Shadow Cabinet". His weaponry was upgraded and now included stronger adamantium armor.

The Shadowkeep was destroyed with Spector in it after a virus was installed called Zero Hour by the villain Seth Phalkon. Khonshu restored Spector after his demise.

The god Seth a rival of Khonshu recruited the Moon Knight villains of Morpheus, Bushman and Black Spectre to destroy the United Nations. Moon Knight thawarts their plan. Moon Knight helps finance a plan to capture the Punisher by Daredevil. This group is attacked by Zaran and other villains who destroy the base and effectively bankrupt and nearly kill Spector.

Spector recovers from beating and takes on his Moon Knight guise once more. Battling the Bushman he brutally cuts off his enemies face. The Commitee has hires the villain the Task Master to kill him for once and for all.

Moon Knight Skills and Powers:

Moon Knight is wealthy and highly trained in combat and espionage.  Before becoming a crime fighter he was a professional boxer, a CIA spy and a mercenary.

In addition to this he gains certain powers from his relationship as the avatar of Khonshu.  He gains enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes at night time.  The maximum power is reached during a full moon.

Khonshu has also fully restored Spector on numerous occasions from death and sometimes gives Spector visions.

He also has access to a variety of weapons that tend to be of an Egyptian theme, that includes darts, truncheons and staffs.  His cape allows him to glide over a long distance.  He also has been shown to use a variety of aircraft including the Mooncopter and Angelwing.

Moonknight is rumored to be coming to the MCU in one of the Netflix shows.  Many speculate he could appear in some fashion in the show the Punisher.

Punisher is said to contain another hero besides the Punisher himself.  As Moon Knight is another franchise that many suspect would fit in with the Defenders Saga on Neflix many speculate that Spector could appear in some fashion in the Punisher series.  This remains a persistent rumor but with little facts to back it up.

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Skurge the Executioner's last stand in Hel

Skurge the Executioner's heroic last stand in Hel

One of the most memorable moments of Skurge the Executioner was his death.  He valiantly battles the entire demon army of Hel to allow his comrades to escape.  He positions himself over the bridge called Gjallerbru and lets no one pass.  Eventually he is swarmed and killed.  His last stand though is so legendary that heroes and villains alike comment on it in the Marvel universe.  He even earned the grudging respect of Hela whose minions he was slaying.  Karl Urban's version of Skurge may pay homage to this event in the film Thor Ragnarok see picture at bottom.

Hela Quote on Skurge:
"He stood alone at Gjallerbru. And that answer is enough."

Skurge had long been a henchmen of the Enchantress and felt his name had been tarnished by years of misdeeds.  In Hel he sought a warrior's redemption the only way a true warrior knows how.  The scene is a similar to a few battles  that have happened in history where a bridge is held by a berserker or a great warrior and not letting anyone pass.  A couple of historical battles that the scene could based off of are the Spartans at Thermopylae (Depicted in the 300) and of a large dane axe weilding bersker holding the bridge in the battle of Stamford Bridge..

Both Skurge and Hela are in the film of Thor Ragnarok and this scene may be depicted in the film in one way or another.

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The group hits a point where someone needs to hold back the forces of Hel to allow the prisoners from Midgard and the rest of the group to escape.  Thor decides it should be him.  However, Skurge has other plans.

When Skurge knocks out Thor initially the Asgardians acuse him of being a traitor.  They debate if they should kill him right there.  But then Skurge explains himself.
He spent much of his life as a thrall to the Enchantress.  His loyalty to her was absolute but she simply used him and tossed him aside.  He then was tricked by Hela when entering Hel and he feels tired of being used and laughed at.  He sees this as his opportunity to have the last laugh.  He asks Balder to share his last laugh with Thor back when they are back to safety.

He sends everyone back.  He will stand alone against the horror to come.

The forces of Hel pour upon the bridge but he does not budge.


MCU Skurge's Last Stand
Actor Karl Urban plays Skurge in the film Thor Ragnarok.  The film features Hela as a primary villain and she of course is also a major character in the Skurge Last Stand story.

It is unknown if the event of his last stand will be depicted but the trailer certainly points toward this.  Skurge is shown with M16 in hand firing at unknown assailants.  This seems to be clearly taken from the comic material of his death.

"He stood alone at Gjallerbru. And that answer is enough."

I really hope that line makes it in.

A new Skurge theater standee is shown that looks fantastic.  This has him with his more iconic axe.

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Who is Taserface?

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Who is Taserface? 

Taserface is a villain of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Taserface will in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and played by actor Chris Sullivan.

First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990)

Home World:  Stark

Universe:  Earth-691


In an alternate future (31st century) reality of the Marvel universe a whole planet of aliens have based their entire race and culture off of Iron Technology.  The race calls themselves the Stark after their spiritual founder.  Their greatest warrior / scout is known as Taserface.

Many years before this a group called the Martian Masters was preparing to conquer Earth.  Tony Stark launched all of his technology out into space on a rocket where it landed on a primitive world.  A primitive race finds the rockets and slowly overtime comes to understand its technology.  The gift of Stark technology allows them to blast forward.  They begin to create cybernetic suits like the Iron Man suit and call themselves the Stark.   The aliens erect a massive statue and worship Tony Stark.  The world is heavily polluted by their industry and eventually it is unable to support life.  The Stark then leave to find new worlds to conquer.

Taserface is the best scout for the Stark he searches for new planets to take take over.  While scouting a planet named Courg he runs into the Guardians of the Galaxy while scouting the planet.  He battles the group and is beaten badly.  Vance Astro manages to break open Taserface's suit revealing his old body to the outside world for the time in a millennium.  For a time Taserface is renamed the "Nameless" for his disgraceful performance in battle.  The Guardians then slay another Stark named Lt Darkeyes.  Taserface is enhanced and sent out to defeat the Guardians and destroy their ship, the Freedom Lady.

This time an upgraded Taserface fairs better but Starhawk calls for reinforcements and he is still defeated when Firelord rejoins the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Taserface has an advanced cyborg body that is based off the Iron Man suit and includes genetic alteration enhancements.
  • Super Strength
  • Super Durability
  • Slowed Aging
  • Flight/Space Travel
  • Ability to survive in space
  • Lasers and other weapons


In the run up to Guardians of the Galaxy 1 James Gunn tweeted out:

“Rereading old Guardians books, I came upon this villain,..Although I’m not discussing anything having to do with the Guardians movie, I will say the odds of Taserface making an appearance are quite low.”

Well for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 James Gunn must have decided there was a fun way to bring Taserface into film because he has been announced to appear in the 2nd film.  He will be played by Chris Sullivan.

Chris Sullivan is most well known for his burly portrayal of ambulance driver Tom Cleary on the Nick.  One thing I really like about Chris is his old school gruff voice he uses on the Nick so look for Taserface to get a few interesting lines.

My guess is that Taserface will not be the 31st century version of the character that is based off of Iron Man technology.  I think he will either be a ravager or a bounty hunter like Boba Fett.


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