Who is Blade (Fallon Grey)?


Who is Blade (Fallon Grey)?

Fallon Grey is a Marvel hero in the supernatural and horror genres.  She is the daughter of the original Blade and takes on his mantle to hunt down supernatural forces attacking her home town.  Fallon was introduced as part of the All New All Different Marvel event in the fall of 2015.  There is now a rumor that Fallon could appear in a new Blade film in the MCU.   It is rumored that in the current screen play of Blade 4 the story is laid out that Blade will be training his daughter who is believed to be Fallon Grey.

Real Name: Fallon Grey

Alias:  Blade

First Appearance:  Blade The Hunter #1 (2015)
This comic was never printed and released.  Tim Seeley who was creating the comic apparently ran into controversey due to himself being a white writer.  See Why Canceled below for more details.

Fallon News:
Preview: Blade the Hunter #1 meet the all new all different Blade!

Fallon is a popular 16 year old girl living in Oregon.  She is  living a good life being nominated for Prom Queen and is captain of the Debate Team.  She however has the feeling that she is missing something.  When supernatural forces invade her town she is drawn to the battle and realizes there is more to her than meets the eye.  To her surprise she meets her long lost father, who turns out to be the vampire hunter, Blade (Eric Brooks).  Their meeting changes the directory of her life.

Why canceled?
After much fan faire the new Blade never came to be.
According to Tim Seeley there was resistance to Blade being written by a white writer.  After he was removed from the project it fell apart and never came to fruition.  Tim Seeley is quoted as saying in Bounding into Comics ...
“The long story is when Marvel hired me, I had just written ten years of a horror comic starring a female lead so I seemed like a good fit. So we threw around ideas of doing Blade’s daughter and when they announced it, Marvel was in a weird place because they had announced the hip-hop covers and a lot of people saw ‘here’s another black lead with an all-white creative team’ and you know it’s valid and definitely the case.”

Blade - Father

Potential Enemies:

Similar powers as Blade her father.
Vampire powers of enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses without any of the weakness associated with Vampirism.

Fallon does not appear to have the thirst for human blood like her father.


Update: 3/4/2019
 It is rumored that in the current screen play of Blade 4 the story is laid out that Blade will be training his daughter who is believed to be Fallon Grey.

According We Go this Covered  said it has a source that says...“that Marvel is currently planning an R-rated Blade movie…it’s said that the star of previous film is likely to be involved in the project.”According to Got this Covere there is indeed a Blade 4 film in the works with a screen play centering around an older Blade training his daughter.  Part of this speculation is Bob Iger's comments that seem to point toward additional R Rated Marvel films.  Iger was quoted as saying:

“[Deadpool] clearly has been and will be Marvel branded. But we think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool. As long as we let the audiences know what’s coming, we think we can manage that fine.”

Original 8/24/2015
No appearances yet but there are rumors of a new Blade film staring Fallon.

At San Diego Comic Con 2015 Wesley Snipes who played Blade in the trilogy films in the 90s said he had been in talks with Marvel over restarting the Blade franchise in the MCU.  He did not say what was discussed.  Also at SDCC 15 Marvel unveiled the new character Fallon.  Fallon has continued to trend upward on social sites.

Aug 25 2015 - Bleeding Cool reveals that a high level source has indicated that Marvel is looking to create a new series based off the character of Fallon.  Potentially, Wesley Snipes would appear as her father and mentor.  Eric Brooks (Blade) is also prevalent in the new comic series coming out this October.

This is not a ton of information but our site has some hardcore Blade fans who follow the franchise closely and this is certainly the most news we have seen come out on Blade in a long time.


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Original Post was August 24, 2015
Updated March 4, 2019