Who are the Sakaarans


Who are the Sakaarans

The Sakaarans were introduced during the storyline Planet Hulk.  Hulk is shot out into space by a group of Earth heroes cslling themselves the Illuminati because they fear that there is no way to stop him if he goes on a rampage.  He lands on the planet Sakaar.  There he is faced with a fairly primitive but powerful people.  


Planet:  Sakaar

Star System: Tayo 

Galaxy: Fornax


Sakaarans include multiple races.  Primarily there are the Imperials, Shadow People, and The Natives

Imperials- Sakaaran Imperials dominate the government and form up the bulk of the empire cities or as farmers in the countryside.

Shadow People – Have grey skin.  Their race once crisscrossed the galaxy but the Old Power a force they depended upon had grown unstable.  They seeded the galaxy with their race trying to undue the damage the Old Power had done.  They now have Priests that can channel the old power making themselves super strong and durable.  Most shadow people live in villages outside of the major cities.

Natives- Primitive, buglike, humanoids

Government:  Monarchy Imperialistic – Sakaar is controlled by an Empire whose Imperialistic force stretches across the planet.  The Emperor has the title Sakaarson and rules with absolute power.


Father Emperor – Angmo – Original Leader who united the world under the empire. Was born with a trait called the Imperial Prime that gave him vast power.

Red King- Angmo-Asan – Spoiled son of Angmo who lacked his Imperial Prime.  The original Angmo attempted to have him killed when he was child but the Assassin Hiroim the Shamed refused to kill a child.  Eventually took control of the Empire.  Built himself a power suit that made him powerful like his father.  Brutalized the populace but manipulated the stories to make himself seem like a hero.  Eventually, he is beaten by the Hulk in the Arena and loses control of the planet.  He managed to survive though is now more machine than flesh.

The Hulk- Takes control of the planet after being stranded there.  Eventually, leads a war party of Sakaarans to Earth to take revenge on the Illumati for sending him there and for blowing up the shuttle that killed his Sakaaran family.

Cariera the Old Strong - Former guardian of the Red King, later part of Hulk's warbound pack. 

Red Queen of Sakaar –Omaka – Red Kings Daughter


The culture of the Sakaarans is similar to the ancient Romans.  They are fond of arena gladiatorial combat.

The Sakaaran's themselves do not have advanced technology.  However, there is a portal on their planet that spits out advanced wrecked space ships.  They salvage out advanced forms of technology and integrate it into their society.

Sakaaran Soldiers will make up the bulk of Thanos's forces in the upcoming movie the Guardians of the Galaxy
Potentially an Imperial Sakaaran on GotG movie

Sakaaran Soldier

Sakaaran Soldiers will be in included in the Guardians of the Galaxy Lego sets.
Lego Mini - Sakaaran Soldier on far right

Hasbro Sakaaran soldier action figure

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Who is Barracuda?

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Who is Barracuda?

Barracuda is well known villains of the Marvel anti-hero the Punisher.  One of the destinctive elements of Barracuda is that he manages to survive the Punisher over numerous intereactions.  There are not yet any mentions of Barracuda appearing in the MCU.  Barracuda was created by writer Garth Ennis and Goran Palov.  Garth Ennis stated at 2008 Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con that the basis for Barracuda was the folk song Stagger Lee about "a large terrifying man and the terrifying things he does to people".  The character proved to be popular with Punisher fans and for this reason Marvel urged Punisher writer Garth Ennis to allow Barracuda to survive the first story arc.  This is somewhat A-typical for Punisher villains as most die very quickly after being introduced.

Real Name: Unknown

Alias(es): Barracuda

First Appearance:  Punisher #31 (Volume 7 2016)

Punisher Store:
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Barracuda Bio: Who exactly is Barracuda? Is he the greatest Punisher villain ever?

Childhood and Military:
 Barracuda's father placed his hands on burning grill and told his son that he need to be as "hard as the motherf'BEEPing world itself", The next day his father left his family and was never heard from again.  At another point his mother left the family, leaving Barracuda to care for his two younger siblings.  His sister became a narcotics user and a prostitute, his brother died young.
After a series of brutal fights where Barracuda baddly hurt other kids and prisoners he was recruited into the military.  Barracuda's pain tolerance, willingness to commit extreme violence and moral apathy made him a perfect candidate for missions that required brutality. He made contacts with the CIA and intelligence community.  He became involved in smuggling drugs to fund the contras.  He said to have taken part in numerous attrocities of wiping out villages and even commiting cannibalism.  At one point Nick Fury attempted to take down Barracuda but Barracuda was able to use his CIA contacts to avoid any form or prosecution.

First battle with Punisher:
After leaving the military Barracuda became a gangster mercenary for hire.  He began working for a criminal business man called Harry Ebbing.  Harry wanted to shut down the powergrid in Florida to get a profit from fixing it.  The power outage would cause a massive amount of human casualties but give Ebbing's business profitable.  The Punisher had learned of Ebbing's scheme and was hunting him down and all of his associates.  To counter the Punisher, Ebbing hired Barracuda to kill the vigalante.

Despite losing an eye, and fingers he manages to win his first fight with Punisher.  He takes the Punisher out to sea to feed him to sharks.  A subdued Punisher points out that Barracuda has lost his opportunity to reattach his fingers and Barracuda's laughs and throws his own fingers into the sea.  The Punisher manages to hide in the water and hold on to the boat.  Barracuda assumes he has killed him.

The Punisher takes down an entire yacht with all of the top employees of the company planning to shut down the powergrid.  The employees all in on the scheme are being eaten by sharks when Barracuda attempts to jump onto the Punisher's boat.  There he is shot at point blank range and falls into the water.  He manages to survive though in the same way the Punisher did by holding onto the end of the boat.

Barracuda Mini Series:
Barracuda gets mixed up between two drug cartel families.  After betraying both families he begins to enact his own plan to take over, however by the end all of the members of both families are dead and Barracuda is alone on a life raft with the former mistress of one of the cartel bosses.  She worries about how the pair will survive in the sea with nothing to eat, while Barracuda ponders about eating her.

Final Battle:

The climatic battle between the Punisher and Barracuda is a bloody mess as both men deliver near fatal blows to each other.
Barracuda learns that the Punisher has an illigetmate daughter from a tyrst with Kathryn O'Brien.  The child is the care of one of Obrien's sister.

Barracuda first tries to blow up a building with Frank and a group of mobsters in it.  However, the Punisher finds the explosives and escapes the explosion.  Barracuda finds and captures Punisher who was wounded in the blast.  When the Punisher awakens he is tied to a chair.  Barracuda begins gloating and reveals that Frank has a daughter.  Enraged the Punisher breaks his bonds and bites off Barricuda's cheek.  The two continue to battle but Barracuda gets the upper hand and tosses the Punisher out a window where he lands on a police car and is arrested/hospitalized.  He convinces the hospital staff that they all will be kill by Barracuda if they don't let him go and so he stumbles out of the hospital and after Barricuda.
Barracuda and Frank race to get Frank's daughter.  Barracuda gets their first and when Frank arrives he seemingly kills the child but it is only a decoy.  Frank overcomes his emotions and the two enter a ferocious battle in which Frank eventually wins.  He tortures the location of the girl out of Barracuda.  The fight again in which Frnak shoots Barracuda multiple times and eventually saws him in half with an AK-47.

Frank's daughter Sarah is returned to live with her mother.

Later it is revealed in Valley Forge that Barracude was sent by US Generals to silence the Punisher.

Skills and Powers:
Barracuda is one of the few non super powered villains that have managed to defeat the Punisher in a fight.  He is also one of the few villains to survive numerous engagements with the Punisher.
  • No super powers
  • Barracuda is highly physically fit and is a top level athlete
  • He is known for carrying around massive fire arms
  • Highly trained military skills 
  • Insanely high pain tolerance and durability.  Barracuda is able to be stabbed in the eye, shot, lose fingers and still keep fighting at a high level.


There are no mentions of Barrauda appearing in the MCU at this time.

Barracuda was mentioned by Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle / Punisher)  as a villain he would like to see in an upcoming season of Punisher.

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The characters from Companions of the Silver Apple

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Introduction to the Companions of the Silver Apple!

The Companions of the Silver Apple are a group of D&D players slashing their way through Faerun.

The group does not have a podcast or vidcast but does release art and updates through.  One reason to follow the Companions is that they try to integrate new forms of technology and crafts into their play sessions.  These technologies include Cryptocurrency (Bolas Coin), Intelligent VR Art, and Blogging to create a unique game experience.

The group is also working on various modules that they plan to release to help all RPG groups.  The current modules being worked on are a Banking Module, Raising a Dragon Module and an adveunture called the Path of Nightmares.

The group has been going through a heavily homebrewed version of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, which is the first adventure in the D&D 5e starter set.  We have made some tweaks and added subplots so it is not exactly the same.  I am going to provide updates on the Companions Quest that will serve as both online notes for me as well as a place for fans to follow along.

The party was united by a quest to retrieve a Magical Silver Apple and so gave themselves the name of the Companions of the Silver Apple.

If you want to contact the Companions of the Silver Apple Reach Out to us on our Instagram at:

Milo Honeypot's Dice Emporium!
Everyone loves the selection of Milo Honeypot and his taste of  D&D dice is far beyond that of your typical merchant.  Shop at his Awesome store through Amazon.

See Milo's Full Store and all the Companions recommendations!

Chapters so far in the Quest!

Renowned of the Companions continues to grow they are:

  • Slayers of Klarg
  • Rescuers of Sildar
  • Saviors of Phandalin
  • Bashers of the Glass Staff
  • Rippers of Risifar
  • Crushers of TalArasha
  • and killers of Freddy the Giant Aligator

Chapter 1: A battle with Cultist Assassins

Chapter 8: The Nine Eyes Cult

Ch 9: The battle of Phandalin

Companions Instagram:

Meet the characters of the Companions of the Silver Apple

Each of the characters of the Companions of the Silver Apple has their own VR Intelligent Art tag that can be used as signature or representation for that character.

Let me introduce you to the characters from The Companions of the Silver Apple.

Kalisia -The Bard

Class: Bard
Occupation: Flutist / Thief
Race: Human / Luskan

Background:  A bard who seemingly fled from Luskan.  She is quiet about her past and carries a mysterious flute made of a metal no one seems to recognize.  Calisia;s former group was hunted down by a mysterious group of assassins seeking her flute.  She does not know why the flute is special but fled south to the land of Neverwinter and a new start at life.

L'lyssa - The Rogue

Class:  Rogue
Occupation: Criminal
Race: Halfling

Background:  A former member of a group called the Red Brands, Mortimer was betrayed in their ranks and nearly killed.  He escaped south to Neverwinter and vowed vengeance on his old comrades.

More L'lyssa Art:

Anorak - Elven Wizard

Class: Wizard
Occupation: Acoylte
Race: High Elf

Background: An Acolyte of the god of knowledge Oogma Annerack has spent years in cloistered studies when a vision beckoned him to go forth into the world.

 Percy - Fighter / Folk Hero

Class: Fighter
Occupation: Noble
Race: Human

A noble who was always better with weapons than with words has decided to look for a way to rebuild the family fortune through adventuring.  A flamboyant dresser his looks can be disarming before he literally disarms you.

Katti - Fighter Archer

Class: Fighter
Occupation: Folk Hero / Ranger
Race: Human

Background:  As a child her village was attacked by a mysterious force of Drow.  All she has left of her village is a mysterious tome than none seem to be able to read.  She has joined the adventuring life to find the group that killed her village of Ione and get vengeance.

Freya - Dragonborn Druid

Class: Druid
Race: Dragonborn

Freya was recruited into the Harper, by Eliminster of Shadowvale himself.  She is said to be very loyal to the Harpers cause.

Therin - Elven Ranger

Class: Ranger - Gloom Stalker
Occupation: Entertainer
Race: Wood Elf

Therin is a Gloom Ranger a trusted new member of the Harpers.

More Therin Art:

Galen the Moonblade

Class: Hexblade
Occupation: Historian
Race: Tiefling

Background: Galen is a historian who claims to be researching the ruins near Old Owl Well.  He is highly charismatic but not necessarily truthful.  He is freed by the party from Red Brands hideout.  He says that the Glass Spider was interested in Netherese artifacts.  He claims to be writing on the definitive book on the fall of the ancient Netherese Empire.  When asked about his sword he claims that it is an ancient weapon of Netherese Origin called the Moon Blade.

Final battle of Galen Moonblade

Milo Honeypot

Race: Halfling
Occupation: Merchant
Faction: Harpers
Class: Cleric of Tymora

Milo is a merchant of the Harpers that has set up shop in Phandalin.  He is a useful source for goods, information, as well as laughs for the group.  Milo calls his store Honeypot's Traveling Emporium of Awesomeness.  Milo loves adventurers, jokes, and good stories along with brightlights and shiny thingyjiggys.

He is a traveling merchant who carries a few magic satchel bags on his Donkey Hibisicus.  Milo calls a Hibisicus an Ultra Rare Super Special Halfling Stallion Unicorn.  He really is just a donkey with a special horn made by Milo.  The horn hat is rainbow colored in a swirl like pattern.  Hibisicus also wears a special pouch that can fire off fireworks either for dramatic or defensive effect.

The Satchel Bags that Milo carries are magical and when opened a series of large display shelves float out and arrange themselves into a shop.  The source of his goods is a mystery.

While Honeypot will never have a complete assortment of items I will give him an ever changing mix of some special items, some mundane items and also a few special items only he will carry such as Honeypots bag of Awesomness and Honeypot's Harper Potions.

Some halflings consider Honeypot to be holy and blessed figure in the cult of Tymora.

In Nhil

A Drow Assassin serving House Freth

Dalphene of the Unnamed One
A mysterious Tiefling with ties to Mordicai Vell and Galen Moonblade.
She lives in the city of Shimmerloon.


Karona the Magister of Time

Karona leads an empire that has conquered Cormyr he and his giant dragon Xa Sea seem to be unstoppable.

Tower Time

Companions News 
Learn about the current events and past chapters of Toylab's famous (Perhaps Infamous) Dungeons and Dragons adventuring crew.  We may even post list of music and recipes we use during our adventuring session.

Companions of the Silver Apple News!

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