Critical Role: Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special Kickstarter going crazy!!!!!!! NOW 5.8 MILLION!

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Critical Role: Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special Kickstarter going Crazy!!!!!!!

The Kickstarter for Critical Role's Vox Machina Animated Special has already been an insane success.  It has been rocketing upward so fast that it has been hard to pin down where this will end up.  With that we are updating this post with the latest news and figures as they come in.

Update: 3/7/2019
The campaign has now crossed $5.8 million which puts it ahead of the Veronica Mars Film Kickstarter at 5.7 million.  Now only one Kickstarter the Mystery Science Theater 3000 that raised 6 million is ahead of the Critical Role campaign.  By crossing over 5.7 million the first Briarwoods stretch goal has been hit which means 2 episodes of the Briarwoods saga are also now funded to be made.  You can learn more about the Briarwoods story arc on the post below.

What is the Briarwoods story arc?

Critical Role released the update:
It’s official: the Briarwoods are coming to animated life in The Legend of Vox Machina!

Thanks to YOUR incredible support, we’ll be able to begin the Critter-favorite Briarwoods arc featuring the infamous Sylas & Delilah Briarwood — starting with episode 3! 
2 new episodes means 44 new minutes of animation from the stellar team at Titmouse, and we can’t wait to see these characters and stories immortalized in animation.
Matt and Travis have a few words to share about our new stretch goals, what we’re planning on doing with this incredible opportunity, BRIARWOODS HYPE and what to expect next from CR Land.
So, to recap, here’s what you can expect episode-wise from The Legend of Vox Machinaanimated SERIES: 
Episodes 1 & 2: A brand new story centered around Vox Machina at level 7 (FUNDED!)
Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6: Briarwoods arc! (FUNDED!)
Episodes 7 & 8: Continuation of Briarwoods arc (Stretch goal: $7.5M)
Episodes 9 & 10: Continuation and conclusion of Briarwoods arc

NEXT UP: if we hit $7.5M, we’ll add 2 MORE episodes to the Briarwoods arc! PLUS, another one-shot for everyone to enjoy -- a Vox Machina Guest Battle Royale, featuring a veritable who’s who of Tal’Dorei’s spectacular supporting cast!
In case we haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make this cartoon magic happen. We really couldn’t do it without you.
Critical Role

Update 3/6/2019
Another day another update.
The campaign is sitting 5.1 million getting very close to the level of the Veronica Mars film raise on Kickstarter of $5.7m.  As the campaign already blew away the initial stretch goals the Critical Role team the team has come up with adding more episodes to their initial special.

Here was the update on the stretch goals as they stand now:

So far, you amazing folks have funded FOUR episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, which means our little animated special has polymorphed into an animated series!

As a quick refresher: the first few episodes of our animation will focus on a brand new Vox Machina adventure, which takes place before our show began streaming live on Twitch. But because of your incredible generosity, we’re following your lead and going for it, diving right into a series that begins the retelling of the saga of Vox Machina. We can’t wait to show you how the story shapes up! 
The Briarwoods arc is one of the most exciting and popular storylines of the Vox Machina streaming campaign. When we were brainstorming about what might come next, the clear winner was introducing the Briarwoods into The Legend of Vox Machina.
The story so far… Vox Machina arrive in Percy's hometown, Whitestone, to avenge the murder of his family and the corruption of his city at the hands of the evil Briarwoods. Danger and betrayal lurk around every corner, and it will take all of Vox Machina's abilities to combat this deadly threat. The Briarwoods arc began in episode 24 of our first streamed campaign, and remains one of our absolute favorites.

For every stretch goal that we hit, we’ll be able to create two additional 22-minute Briarwoods arc episodes. 
Bringing the Briarwoods to life in animation isn’t the only stretch goal reward that we’re offering. We have TWO very special one-shots planned if we hit our last two stretch goals, including a battle royale featuring some of our favorite Critical Role guests from the Vox Machina campaign, AND finally… drum roll… the one-and-only Ashley Johnson will (FINALLY) DM a special Critical Role one-shot!
We really cannot believe that we’ve already made it this far together. We can’t thank you enough for all of your support, kind words, and contributions to our campaign to date.
To paraphrase our own Travis Willingham, LET’S SEE HOW HIGH THIS ROCKET CAN GO!

Update:  3/5/2019
It is a bit wild to already be updating a post after one day but the Vox Machina Kickstarter deserves to be updated.    You can find my original post below.  Yesterday I made a prediction that it could potentially hit 4 million.  I figured the kickstarter would start to slow down.  Well.  It kept going and going and already one day in is at 4 million.  Checking this morning the Kickstarter had $4,214,411 pledged and 31,642 backers.

Here is the Critical Role team responding to the amazing funding.

The Kickstarter did so well that CNBC actually covered it.  I think it is pretty funny when something in the D&D universe does so well that the mainstream news covers it.   The Critical Role team deserves all the credit for this by consistently churning out an authentic and fun product week after week.

At its current pace the Vox Machina is expected to break Kickstarter Records.  I think this kickstarter is history in the making and may become a new way of launching shows from creator owned sources.  According to Fortune the preview two highest Kickstarter's ever were Mystery Science theater at 6 million and the Veronica Mars film at 5.7 million.  At its presence course the Critical Role Kickstarter will easily exceed both of those projects.  According to Fortune:

The special could come close to the nearly $6 million raised in 2015 for a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is still the most-funded TV or movie project in the site’s history. MST3K is followed by the $5.7 million raised in 2013 for Veronica Mars film.
I think Fortune and myself continue to under estimate this show and community.  I now think its not only going to meet the 6 million mark but blow it out of the water.

Critical Role Store on Amazon
There are currently comics on Amazon you can buy of Vox Machina as well.

Original Post 3/4/2019
I am a Critter! Critter being a fan of the show Critical Role.  Critcal Role is a show of voice actors that have taken to playing D&D on Thursday nights and releasing it out to the world.  I tune in and watch their shows on Thursday night and enjoy their antics.  While I have an idea that I am not alone its always hard to pin point exactly how many fans they have.   I am constantly surprised by the pull of this show.  At last year's Denver Comic Con I was thrilled to see tons of Critical Role cosplay and gushed at it evertime.  I was like cool there are more Critters out there than I thought.

But now the true pull of the show may be shown through a kickstarter to create an animated version of the show.  They are asking for 750 thousand to create a cartoon of the show.  Some of the shows creators include voice actors for many popular kids cartoons shows and they are said to have pitched it to studios before settling on this method.  Some may consider it daring to go after a 750 thousand dollar raise on Kickstarter.  That said their confidence in their show and community have apparently very much paid off.

The Kickstarter has just started and has already blown way past the 750k amount and is already close to hitting the 2 million mark.  I am actually afraid that by the time I post this it will hit that mark because its going up that quickly.  They hit 1 million in 1 hour.  The campaign already has 14,591 individual backers.  All that and the campaign has 45 DAYS to go.   My guess is that this may fund a lot more of this animated version of critical role than anyone initially could have guessed.  I am sure the Critical Role team hoped they could hit 2 million but I doubt any thought they could do it almost instantly on the first day!

You can check it out yourself at:

I personally love to see this.  By the Critical Role team choosing this way of funding they maintain control of what they have worked hard to create.  I think they deserve so much freaking credit for what they have done with the show and with D&D as a whole.

The Critical Role team is already gushing on the they should be:

I really think this campaign is kind of a game changer and is going to make history in a lot of ways.  I will provide updates as it goes along.  Not sure where it stops but at this point I think it could easily hit 4 million.  That may end up being a very low estimate as it could end up hitting that amount by the end of the day.  Maybe 10 million?  How does one even begin to guess where this thing ends up.

One thing is for sure!

Good work Critters!  You are great fans.

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