What Google+ death looks like on Blogger

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What Google+ death looks like on Blogger

Well folks these are sad times for Blogs that use Google Plus.  Toylab itself started using Google Plus back in 2013 in large part because the Blogger Platform itself had many integrations with the Social and Community settings of Google Plus.  That said Google Plus failed to take on new users and keep them active to a point where it made sense for Google to keep it around.

Its unfortunate for us as Toylab still sees a lot of traffic come from Google Plus so losing it is not going to help things.

Another worry for all blogs particulary those on blogger is how will the end of Google Plus effect the blog platform itself.  Well we finally got a descent answer from Google this morning.  Effectively, all the components that interact between blogger and Google Plus will disapear.  However, if you have a custom blog or my guess a Wordpress blog you may need to edit out the Google Plus plug ins yourself.

The first thing blogger users will notice is the message box above.

Other Items of note:
The share button beneath posts is now gone.
The layout widgits for google plus are now gone including the +1 buttons and Badges and the Google+ Followers
The google plus comments are now gone.

and that folks is it.  Really that is it.  A major social platform drops and dies and this little faint yellow box is all you will see.  Kind of non dramatic I was hoping for a cartoon dragon to swoop in and start burning down buttons while screaming Trogdor!!!!!!!!.  But hey that is just me.

While Google Plus ending is a shock to morons like me it apparently has been foreseen quite a while by others.  You might even say that Google Plus' demise was not  ssurprising to most tech insiders.  The platform has failed to recieve much investment from the company and a major security breach last year show that it be a major liability for the tech giant if left to continue.

Even some of those who worked on the project said that it was past time for the company to close down the platform.
not a

Ouch David, Ouch.....that hurts.

Sorry to the users like me out there who enjoyed this platform.  You may join me tonight in drinking a 40 and remembering our fallen homie.  Yes for me the 40 may actually be 40 ounces of water.  I am trying to be healthy. 

Are you sad about the end of Google Plus?  Let me know in the comments below.  The NON Google Plus comments.   We can be sad together.  Maybe I will make t-shirts.

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