Rise of the Drow Collector's Edition Kickstarter

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Rise of the Drow Collector's Edition Kickstarter

Some of my favorite villains are the Drow Elves.  Their intelligence makes them great masterminds but they can also be fiercsom fighters, malevolent wizards and horrifying clerics.  Soon as Drow are even hinted at players begin to stand on edge as the shadow come alive in danger.  With that in mind its of little surprise that I have been waiting for the Rise of the Drow Kickstarter that promises to bring the Rise of the Drow (2014) to 5th Edition with style.

 I think Dungeon Masters all over should check out this Kickstarter.  Its called the Rise of the Drow Collector's Edition and can be found at:

It offers a massive amount of Underdark adventures, places, creatures, encounters and maps.  With over 600 pages of content and an adventure that can take players from Level 1 through Level 20!  The cost of the kickstarter $59 for a PDF version and $99 for the hard back book version.  It is definetly not cheap (Few things in the D&D universe are).  The sheer quanity and quality of content here though makes this book cheap on a per page basis.

There is one official 5e D&D adventure book that focuses on the Underdark it is called Into the Abyss.  I know many people like it.  You can see it below on Amazon.  Into the Abyss has also been critisized for needing reworks in its encounters to sync to the party difficulty challenges and also requiring a lot of updates by the DM.  That generally does not bug me, though I myself have not run it to know.  However, that adventure also does not offer the amount of content that is in this particular Kickstarter.  Still its worth considering if the cost of Rise of the Drow is prohibitive but you still want to bring the Drow to life for your gaming group.

The Kickstarter includes multiple books combined including: Rise of the Drow: Player's Guide, The Darkness Arrives (Prologue), Descent into the Underworld (Trilogy book 1), Scourge of Embla (Trilogy book 2), Usurper of Souls (Trilogy book 3), Rise of the Drow (expanded version), The Commander of Malice (Epilogue).

The bulk of the Rise Drow Collector Edition Kickstarter material comes from the similarly named Rise of the Drow from 2014.  That epic book has taken on something of a Legendary status and many have been using it and updating for Underdark adventures.  Many like myself have been waiting for an update to 5e.  Well the update is now here.

To see why I am excited take a look at what the original Expanded Version offered.

The original Rise of the Drow (Expanded) 2014 can still be purchased on DrivethruRPG.  
The prices for the expanded version is about $50 for a softcover book depending on what deals are going on.

Looking at what was included in the Original Expanded Rise of the Drow gives you a fairly good idea of what will be in the Collector's edition.  The Collector's Edition promises to offer even more that the original Rise of the Drow expanded edition which is crazy.  Just look at all of this:
  • Brand new illustrations by Mates Laurentiu, Rick Hershey, Jacob Blackmon, Jen Page, and Satine Phoenix
  • New and revised maps by 3x ENnie award winning cartographer Todd Gamble
  • Beautiful page design by Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games
  • The dwarven trade city of Embla fleshed out in even greater detail
  • A fully expanded Fungi Forest spanning over 50 pages with new spells and items
  • Three main paths for the PCs to explore with options to take your adventures even farther
  • The dwarven capital of Stoneholme by Kevin Mickelson author of Mask of Death adventure
  • Jorumgard the Deep Dragon Lair by Owen KC Stephens of Rogue Genius Games
  • Vethin's Hold, a new underground city of trade and treachery by Jason Stoffa of Fat Goblin Games
  • The foul drow House Invidious by Brian Berg of TPK Games
  • Holoth, the mighty drow city of the Underworld completely revised and expanded by Christina Stiles of Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Christina Stiles Presents.
  • The gargantuan Temple of the Spider Goddess by Joshua Gullion of AaW
  • House Gullion’s home, Tolgorith Tower which spans across 6 maps and includes over 30 different locations for your PCs to explore
  • Supplemental histories on each member of House Gullion
  • The demiplane of Venom
  • Multiple ways for the PCs to end the adventure and many more ways to continue with the Rise of the Drow Epilogue: The Commander of Malice or new adventures in the Underworld!
  • New artifacts like the powerful soul-stealing Vidrefacte
  • New Traps like ochre jelly dust
  • New Special Abilities such as the third eye of fear
  • New Feats including Fused Weapon Fighting
  • New Items like giant green-spored parasol mushroom poison and Fungi Forest kombucha
  • New Magical Items such as the coin of singing and mycelosuits
  • New Mushroom and Drow domains
  • Loads of new spells perfect for adventuring underground
  • New Monsters, too numerous to list
  • and much more!
Here are some review of the original Rise of the Drow from 2014.

Check out the Kickstarter page for the Rise of the Drow Collector Edition let me know what you think.

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