Preview: Vei #1 not Marvel's Asgaridans but...

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Preview: Vei #1 not Marvel's Asgardians but...

Sweden's Insight Editions takes on Norse Mythology and what happens when humans meet the gods.  These are not Marvel's Asgardians but better!

Writer: Sara Bergmark Elfgren
Artist: Karl Johnsson
She trained her whole life to become the strongest warrior of Jotunheim, to become the beloved champion of her gods. But when the time came to finally prove her strength, Vei was cast into the sea by the very god she fought for. Rescued by a Viking ship, Vei returns to Jotunheim, home of the legendary giants. There she finds herself caught in the Meistarileikir, a bloody game between the humans, the giants, and the gods of Asgard that will determine who will have the right to rule the land of Midgard. Having lost the confidence of her own god, Vei must take her place in the Meistarileikir and fight not only for the control of Midgard, but for her very life, in this epic battle against daring warriors, fearsome monsters, and even the gods themselves!
8.25 in. × 11.25 in. | 144 pages| Hardcover | $24.99
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