Honeypot's D&D Emporium of Awesomeness!

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Honeypot's D&D Emporium of Awesomeness!

In the Companions of the Silver Apple campaign there is a high enthuisiastic merchant named Milo Honeypot who runs the Honeypot's Traveling Emporium of Awesomeness.  Well we decided we needed a place to highlight cool products we are using and the decision was made to bring Milo Honeypot Emporium to life!

Below are products we have found and enjoyed that can be found on Amazon, Youtube T-Spring or are entirely free.

Honeypot's Favorite Dice on Amazon:
To play D&D you need some Polyhedral Dice.  Here is a selection of Dice you can find directly on Amazon.

D&D Youtube Channels
There are a few shows online that focus exclusively on D&D or other role playing games.  Watching them can give you great ideas on how to play and also inspiration for your own quests.

Official D&D  - This is a no brainer

D&D Beyond A great place to get some official information on D&D adventures, lore and products.

Critical Role - Crtical Role is hugely popular and for good reason.  I now see cosplay and art for it everywhere and Matthew Mercer is now a bonifide D&D celebrity.  This is a great place to start if you want to get into D&D.

WASD20 This youtube channel goes through lots of rules and mechanics.  He knows a lot and is a great resource.

Dungeon Dudes - These guys have lots of interesting rankings, ideas and adventures and are a great source for inpiration.

Here are some Free D&D resources for DMs:

The Companions of the Silver Apple - We have to plug ourselves :)   The Companions the D&D group of the Toylab Blog and our adventures are recorded here.  One of the things that makes our adventures unique beyond having the best DM in the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!! Is that we integrate technology into our posts including cryptocurrency, VR Intelligent Art and yes even this blog.  Check us out, leave us comments tweet us.  We will write you back.

Bolas - Bolas is a cryptocurrency given out for free by Cyphas Bolas.  It is designed for use in RPG games like D&D and Pathfinder.  You can learn more about on the link.  To recieve Bolas you need to email:  CyphasBolas@gmail.com.

Donjon - This site can create all kinds of things randomly to add some fun to your game very easily.  It has everything from name generators, treasure generators, encounter generators and even an Inn generator.  You can pull a quest out of your butt so fast and give it unbelievable depth using Donjon.  I normally run a couple of random things and merge them together.  Throw out the stuff you don't want add a couple of things you do and voila.

D&D Map Builder - This site creates an instant Dungeons and Dragons -Dungeon Map.  This is a cool resource to help build a quick dungeon map.  Much like Donjon keep what you want and discard the rest and you have a very quickly built dungeon.

Reddit Monster a Day Reddit has this page devoted to a variety of weird D&D monsters that you can use in quests.

The Homebrewery - The Homebrewery allows you to make official looking directions/ quests and maps.

Kobalt Fight Club - Can run calculations from Monster Encounters so you don't have to.

The Monster Knows - This site is full of tactics for a huge amount of monsters and villains that you can quickly read to gain insight on how a monster can be played for maximum effect n an encounter.

Cool Vendors:

Dungeons of Doom - Cool info on Hexmaps as well as the cutest Dragon D20 pin ever!

Pickled Dragon - All kinds of cool things here including awesome adventures like Days of Blight and the Monstrous Lexicon.  As well as tons of inspiration for minitures and D&D crafts.

Axe N Shield - Have a very cool initiative tracking system

Dogmight - Make awesome gaming accessories out of wood.  Not cheap but worth it.

Death Saves - This is the D&D themed store of actor Joe Manganiello that has a variety of clothing and accessories for sale.  The store has its own aesthetic mixing metal with role playing games.  Joe has become famous for various major roles but has become well known in the D&D community for playing Arkhan the Cruel a Paladin of Tiamat.  Death Saves features various Arkhan themed gear.

5th Edition Core Set
The Coreset for 5th edition comes with the directions for 5th Edition, Dice, player sheets and a quest book for the Lost Mine of Phandelver.  The whole set provides you everything you need to get going.  The Lost Mine of Phandelver is a quest campaign that has a menagrie of fantasy stuff in it and is also jam packed with tips for a new DM or Dungeons Master.  This is the place to start for a new quest it is a phenomenal value.

Companions of the Silver Apple T-Shirts:
Coming Soon from TSpring

Honeypot's T-Shirts

Some people prefer to keep D&D purely with the bounds of the theater of the mind.  However, we have found its fun to visualize combat in particular by the use of miniatures.  Our favorite company for both Hero and Monster miniatures is Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures.  These Miniatures are ideally painted by you.  Some people don't like painting but it really adds a dramatic effect to the game when you see them hit the table.  So if your going to do Miniatures do it right, buy some and paint them up.

Forgotten Realms Books:
Forgotten Realms is one of the most popular worlds for D&D to be set in.  You do not have to use it but its always there if you want to take a quest there.  One of the best ways to learn about the world is to simply read a few of the books.  Due to all the material that exists on Forgotten Realms I tend to recommend new DMs to start here before branching out.
 I would start with the RA Slavatore books to get you started.  They will give you a good feel for the world.  Once you get some games underneath you feel free to create a world by yourself or with your friends.

D&D Beyond Adventures
There are free an amazing adventures listed on D&D Beyond!

Is Milo's store missing any aweome items?  Let us know in the comments below and we can add it to the Emporium!

More on Milo Honeypot:

If you want your D&D adventure Milo here are some details to help him work.  He will also be featured in the Bank Adventure I am working on.

Race: Halfling
Occupation: Merchant
Faction: Harpers
Class: Cleric of Tymora

Milo is a merchant of the Harpers that has set up shop in Phandalin.  He is a useful source for goods, information, as well as laughs for the group.  Milo calls his store Honeypot's Traveling Emporium of Awesomeness.  Milo loves adventurers, jokes, and good stories along with brightlights and shiny thingyjiggys.

He is a traveling merchant who carries a few magic satchel bags on his Donkey Hibisicus.  Milo calls Hibisicus an Ultra Rare Super Special Halfling Stallion Unicorn.  He really is just a donkey with a special horn hat made by Milo.  The horn hat is rainbow colored in a swirl like pattern.  Hibisicus also wears a special pouch that can fire off fireworks either for dramatic or defensive effect.

The Satchel Bags that Milo carries are magical and when opened a series of large display shelves float out and arrange themselves into a shop.  The source of his goods is a mystery.

While Honeypot will never have a complete assortment of items I will give him an ever changing mix of some special items, some mundane items and also a few special items only he will carry such as Honeypots bag of Awesomness and Honeypot's Harper Potions.

Milo also has a magic set of cherubic statues that come alive to sing jingles for him as he makes sales.

Some halflings consider Honeypot to be holy and blessed figure in the cult of Tymora. Some even think he destined to save the world.  For now he is happy to sell his wares to adventures and hear about their AWESOME stories.

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