Broadway's Genie James Monroe Iglehart to write a Spider-Man Story for Marvel Comics Presents

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Broadway's Genie, James Monroe Iglehart to write a Spider-Man Story for Marvel Comics Presents

This is a cool story that I had to share with my readers.  Marvel has hired Tony award winning, Broadway actor James Monroe Iglehart to write a Spider-Man short.  The story will be drawn by Ray Anthony Height and will appear in Marvel Comics Presents #3 on March 27th.

Marvel still has its offices in NYC so this type of collaboration with their power house creative neightbors makes a lot of sense.  I have started to see some Broadway actors appear on some of their shows.  I saw Daniel Breaker from Hamilton appear on their show Eat the Universe and made a Fantastic Four Grilled Cheese Sandwich which was a lot of fun.  However, I have not seen any of the actors from Broadway take on actually writing a comic story.  Someone correct me if I am wrong but this seems like a first to me.

Iglehard is known for playing the Genie in the hit Broadway adaptation of Disney's Aladdin.  He earned a Tony Award for his performance for "Best Featured Actor in a Musical".  He left Aladdin in 2017 to prepare for new roles on Hamilton as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson.  He also had a cameo as a circus ringmaster in Fox's Gotham TV show.

I don't know much about Broadway.  All of you drama geeks don't all boo me at once.  However, I do know who James Monroe Iglehart is because.........He was the Genie actor who sang at the airport in the Broadway Show Sing Off.  You have to remember this.  The Lion King and Aladin Broadway shows were stuck at the airport and decided to have an epic sing off.  It resulted in what may have been the best spontanously created performances in the history of mankind.

I have no idea what the story from Iglehart will be like but I am excited to read it. He seems like an awesome creative person and I am sure this will be pretty cool.  I also always like to see what a creative person does when they enter into a different medium.

“THE VIGIL” featuring Wolverine continues with part 3 in this ongoing series! Three tales with echoes of the decade that began the Heroic Age—the swingin’ 1960s! First up, Wolverine continues his vigil, bringing him to the worst places on Earth. Then, the co-writer of the award-winning March trilogy, Andrew Aydin, pens a tale of Captain America during the Civil Rights movement. Finally, an all-new story of Marvel’s most famous son of the ’60s – Spider-Man! Brought to you by Tony Award-winner JAMES MONROE IGLEHART (Hamilton, Aladdin on Broadway) and RAY-ANTHONY HEIGHT (MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR)!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

Here is another fun video I found where James Monroe Iglehart discusses landing the role as the Genie. 

James Monroe Iglehart - Artist Spotlight - Disney's Aladdin on Broadway

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