Mission Impossible: The Tresendar Manor Infilitration! - Ch 10

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Mission Impossible: The Tresendar Manor Infilitration! - Ch 10

The Companions of the Silver Apple are the D&D group of the Toylab blog.  This is a log of their adventures!

Chapter 10

Previously in the Companions of the Silver Apple! 

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The Companions of the Silver Apple are still searching for their kidnapped patron, Gunderen Rockseeker.  They did manage to rescue his bodyguard, a griffin knight named Sildar Hallwinter.  While the companions continue to search for Gunderen they have become embroiled in a battle between the gods of knowledge and the gods of madness.  The goddess Mystra has made L'lyssa her herald and now the gods of madness are coming for the party.

Through Azuth, the god of Wizards, they learned a terrible truth.  Someone had managed to kill Mystra, the goddess of Magic.  It was only through their bizarre actions in Neverwinter that the goddess had been able to recompose herself.  Worst of all Cyric, god of madness, has sent his own herald, an immortal minotaur, to slay the party.  Azuth also has provided Anorak with a mysterious Copper box.  Above all they are told to aid Mystra in any way they can.

After attacking and seemingly destroying the local cult of madness the Nine Eyes the Companions returned to Phandalin where they find the town besieged.  An army of goblins led by Klarg the bugbear attack from one direction and the Red Brands attack from another.  They find the town's defences being led by Sildar Hallwinter and a pair mysterious characters.  The Companions cut their way through the goblins by using the favors of Mystra to caste the powerful Evard's Black Tentacles on the goblin divisions.  After breaking the goblin ranks the Compaions smote Klarg and cut off his head.  The remaining goblins fled.

The Companions now return to Sildar to plot the end of the Red Brands.

The Companions currently include L'lyssa the Halfing Thief, Anorak the Elf Wizard, Percy the Human Fighter, Kalisia a mysterious bard, and Kat a human fighter with adeptness in archery.  They are about to be put to the ultimate test.

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Covered in mud and and blood the Companions make their way back to the Stone Hill Inn.  They had just finished cutting the head off Cragmaw goblin leader Klarg.  After escaping facing Klarg earlier in a cavern, Klarg had brough the battle to them.  With a large army of goblins he struck the town of Phandalin.  He was aided by the local group of thugs called the Red Brands who attacked the town at the same time.  Luckily the Companion returned just in time to turn the tide of battle.

At the Stone Hill Inn the Companions found the Inn turned into a bustling headquarters with Sildar Hallwinter barking out orders.  Upon seeing the Companions of the Silver Apple he stopped and smiled.  "You stopped him! Now lets take it to the Red Brands."  The Red Brands who were left were now holed up in their headquarters a ruined massion called Tresendar Manor.  While the Manor was not structurally sound its construction high on a hill gave the Red Brand's an advantage on any approach to its gate.  Sildar though had discovered a secret way into the bowels of Tresendar Manor.  A young boy agreed to lead them up the side of the hill. Where a ruined gate gave way to tunnel beneath the manor.  "Once you get into the manor you must seek out and eliminate the leader of the Red Brands.  I understand his name is the Glass Staff."

Two of the Companions were sent on another mission to protect the people of the town.  Kat and Kalisia said farewell as they went and chased after the town's refugees to ensure they were safe.  In their place were two special heroes that Sildar introduced to them, Freya a Dragonborn Druid, and Therin a dark ranger that Sildar referred to be a Gloom Stalker.

Tresendar Manor sitting on a bluff above Phandalin

The Companions began to the follow the young boy out into the outskirts of town before weaving back along a small rivit in a hill.  The rivit was just deep enough to provide the companions with some cover as they came into view of Tresendar manor a ruin of a mansion sitting menacing atop a large hill.  The boy furtively pointed at a small grate and then ran away.

"I guess his part his done" Freya snorted as the young boy fled.

L'lyssa and Therin snuck toward the grate first.  Then the rest of the party.  Using Stealth they managed to sneak into the grate unseen by the Red Brand guards above.  They entered in a underground mess, full of foul smells.  They soon began to encounter broken bones and waste.  The grate opened up to a larger area that Therin using his Umbral Sight had a large crevasse running through the center of it.  Unable to see into the crevasse Therin decided to climb down into it.  In the crevasse he found a baddly gnawed on corpse who had a necrotic aura.  He also found a chest.  As he began to probe the chest though a wicked voice pierced his mind.

"Meaaaaaat,.........Leave my treasure alone! Meatttttt"

"Give me MEAT!!!!!!!!!"

Therin attempted to use his Umbral Sight to hide from the creature that spoke to him.  Umbral Sight allows a Gloom Stalker to both see in the dark and to become invisible to creatures using Dark Vision in Dark places.  However, this attempt did not work as the creature making the uses True Sight not Dark Vision.  L'lyssa also attempted to sneak near the bridge but she too was detected by the creature.  Unable to detect the creature the perplexed party decided to attempt to parlay with the creature.

 "Hello, my name is Anorak. What is your name, What are you?"

"Name, Names gone, all that is left is HUNGER.........meat, meat ?!"  The creature then began to croak a sound like "Vecna, Vecna, Vecna".   Anorak had heard the menacing name of Vecna the Lich before and immediatly began to wince.

"Do you work for Vecna?"

There was a moment of silence.  "Vecna, the great, a path, a light I tried to follow.......meat, meat I WANT MEAT".  The creature seemed to have moments of lucidity broken apart by animalistic roaring.  

"Can we get past you? Give you something you want?"

There was silence.  "There is one of infernal blood in halls of above, feed them to me and I will let you live, Vecna Vecna Vecna!"

The group while not able to wrest the name of the creature had encountered a Nothic and struck a bargain to deliver it someone of infernal blood.

The party began searching the walls, and peering down openings.  They managed to find a secret passage.  That led from the cavern into a bricked in dungeon.  In front of them was an ajar wooden door where they could see 2 scarlet clad guards.  

Anorak cast sleep into the room holding the guards putting one under.  The wrest of the companions struck the other and quickly took him down with a barrage of attacks.  They put the sleeping brigand away quickly thereafter.  The two guards were in a room with two large cages.  One cage held what appeared to be distraught woman and her two children.  The other held a Tiefling man with red skin, horns, wearing adventuring garb and sitting cross legged in a meditative pose.

The companions began questioning the prisoners.  They quickly became sure that the family was ok and set about freeing them.  The Companions were less than sure about the Tiefling however.  The Tiefling claimed to be an adventurer and explorer named Galen Moonblade.  He claimed to have been captured by the Red Brands while exploring Netherese ruins.  Upon intensive question he revealed to have seen a Dwarven Prisoner at place called Cragmaw Castle.  Mentioning a Patron he was hesitant to reveal that identity but gave away the name, "Narthy".  He seemed slighly offended that the party had nver heard of him.   However, as the family began to leave the Tiefling chimed in.

"Guys, guys that is not seem smart.  If the family leaves unprotected  that creature out there will eat them?"

 "What would you have us do then" asked Freya.

"I think the solution is obvious.  Free me.  I will go out and do my thing make sure the family is safe and you guys can go on your way."

The group continued to debate about Galen sensing that he could be more dangerous than he let on.  Galen the began asking for a butter knife that had been left behind by on of the guards.  

"Surely, you can trust me with a simple butter knife.  What am I going to do spread you heh heh"

The group though remained unconvinced sensing that Galen could somehow do something terrible with the butter knife.

"Just because I am a Tiefling does not make me evil!  Thats, Thats discrimination" Galen protested but the group continued to not trust him.

"I did not want to say this.  However, I have infernal blood and the Devil in me is rather big on promises.  If I promise something, I really can not break it.  How about I promise to get the family out of the manor safely in exchange for that rusted old butter knife."

The companions began discussing that and seemed rather positive on the idea.  However they told Galen he must also insert the clause "You will not kill us."  Galen was offended by this and asked if it was necessary and the group all unanimousily exclaimed "YES!"

Glummly Galen looked upon the group seemingly very dissapointed at his fate.  "Very well," he muttered.
"I Galen Moonblade in exchange for that butter knife, promise to lead that family out of the manor, safely, AND not to kill any of you 5."  He glared at the group but became quite estatic when handed the butter knife.  The group stepped back still unsure what the Tiefling rogue planned to do with the butter knife.  He began muttering in a strange tongue and the butter knife began to glow.  With a pop sound it expanded into a huge white great sword covered in an array of intricate glyphs.  The large blade seemed to have white dust gently snowing from its white glow.  With the huge blade in hand he the bar holding the door and freed himself from the cage.  Galen then turned to the group who seemed astonished at what he had done with the butter knife.  "I am a Hex Blade", he shrugged.  

"Wonderful family please wait here until I have a cleared out a path.  I have a promise to keep."  

"What do you plan to do with that creature?" Asked Therin

"That creature my dear Wizard is a Nothic, and I plan to kill it.  Make Way Make Way Great Adventurer coming through.  With that Galen plowed into the Cavern.  There were loud noises of struggle.  He then appeared somewhat tattered but still whole.  "Alright, the way is clear.  Follow me."  He then led the family out of the cave.  

The group still not trusting the Galen followed him out.  Once he was gone Therin returned to the chest opened it and found a Sword with the inscribed word of Talon on it and a small bit of gold and silver coins.

Holding up and admiring the blade Therin said, "Now lets go after this Glass Staff!"

Look for the next chapter "Rumble with the Glass Staff!"

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