Jim Butcher's Christmas Eve Story crashed his site and is awesome

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Jim Butcher's Christmas Eve Story crashed his site and is awesome

Jim Butcher posted the following short story of Christmas Eve on his site for its fans to enjoy.  Its a short tale that has Harry Dresden trying to be a good dad on Christmas.  Its a sweet tale about Christmas, Fatherhood and also manages to combine all of great Dresden characters together.

The Story was so popular on Jim's site that it crashed.  He then moved the story to the following google doc:

(I would post it all here but I don't want to take Jim's story.  You can find it on the link above or you can try Jim's website at: http://www.jim-butcher.com/ )

Is the story good?

Yes.  Most definetly yes.  Its organized to be similar to a Christmas Carol but with the natural flair of Jim Butcher's writing that makes you feel that your sitting in the room with his characters.   It made me laugh with silly pop cultural references, and it made me cry a little in only the way that a grumpy wizard assembling a bike for his daughter can.  It made me think about being a dad myself.  It generally just warmed by heart to be with all the Dresden characters celebrating Christmas.

It also held a pretty heavy spoiler for what is coming in Peace Talks.
The Spoiler if you want to read it is that Peace Talks is not going to be peaceful.  If will be anything but that.
I picked up the piece of paper. If you left off the decimal points, it was a prime number. It represented the costs of medical care for tens of thousands, and funerals for thousands more. On a rational level, I knew Molly was right. It could have been worse. Much worse.
Upon reading that bombshell my mouth dropped a little.  You begin to wonder about the characters that do not appear in the story and are left to ponder their predicatment.  Jim Butcher never fails tease us as to what is coming.  He can make you smile even as he fills you full of fear.  I am having trouble waiting for Peace Talks but everyone give Jim a thank you.  Reads like this freely given to ones fans are rare treats.

Thank you Jim, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

This story is a Christmas present to all Dresden fans!  Read it and enjoy!  and.......Merry Christmas to all of you as well!

Dresden Store:
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I also have to highlight this coffee mug with one of my favorite lines from the series: The Polka Will Never Die!

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