Bringing VR intelligent Art to Dungeons & Dragons

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Bringing VR intelligent Art to Dungeons and Dragons

The official Dungeons & Dragons crew of the Toylab blog is called Companions of the Silver Apple.  You can follow along on their adventures with our Silver Apple updates.  One of the things we are doing differently with the Companions is that we are integrating some unique types of technology into the group for their quests.  For starters the group encounters a type of currency called Bolas that is actual cryptocurrency so that it can be used on top of the typical Gold.   We will talk more about Bolas later as that is becoming a major project all on its own.  The other thing we are playing with is integrating VR Intelligent art on the Blockchain.    This is art that is algorithmically created based off a word and then can be used to represent that word.  This art can then be stored on a blockchain and can be used in a variety of forms.

Our plan with the VR art immediatly is to simply begin using it in recaps to highlight a characters actions or quotes.

For example without VR art we might say:
Anorak cast a Fireball at the zombies.

With VR Intelligent Art becomes:
Anorak cast a Fireball at the zombies.

The art acts as an ID of sorts for the characters to help highlight who is doing what.  Additionally, the players can take the art and begin to integrate a  symbol of their character in other forms, in their notes.

There are variety crazy future possibities of this art.  It could be use in augmented reality style format similar to something like Pokemon Go.  You could create a real life Dungeons and Dragons Scavenger hunt where people use VR or augmented reality to find clues.

The fact that the art can be stored on a Blockchain also acts as way to register the art and also recall it for use.  I know I am throwing out some crazy words but if you visit the sites involved in this technology you will find out that A) This is really easy, and B) It is free.

You can learn more about this art from our sister site Dark Street at

Make your own art at:

Here are some of the examples of VR intelligent art created for Companions of the Silver Apple.

Companions of the Silver Apple:

Bitmark Registry

We have also created pictures for all of the main heroes.  The heroes in the Companions of the Silver Apple Include Anorak the Elf Wizard, L'lyssa the halfling rogue, Percy the human fighter, Kalissia the Bard, Kat the human fighter, and two newcombers Freya the Dragonborn Druid, and Therin the Elf Ranger.

All the characters have their own VR Tags and we also create one for each Adventure:



Anorak the Wizard


Percy FighterPaladin

Percy the Warrior




Llyssa Rogue





Bitmark Registry

Freya Dragonborn Druid

Bitmark Registry

Theren or Therin

Therin GloomRanger
Therin Gloom Ranger


Theren Elf Ranger

Kattie Brie

Kattie Brie

Galen Moonblade

Galen Moonblade

Galen Moonblade Tiefling

If you make any VR art yourself be sure to share them with us.  We are very interested in creations and also if you have cool ideas on how to use this in the future.
Stay tuned in the future for my VR art as well explanations of the Bolas Coin and how that will be integrated into the Companions of the Silver Apple Campaign.

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