The Incredible Hulk 419 - First appearance of Talos

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The Incredible Hulk #419 the first appearance of Talos

Welcome to a From the Vault this is a series of posts on the Toylab blog where we pull out comics from our Vault to find those hidden gems that many have forgotten about and draw attention to how awesome they are.

This comic is Incredible Hulk #419 and it features a battle between the Hulk and a new villain Talos the Tamed.  The book is not worth very much I picked up a good copy for a few dollars as is typical for a lot of the books printed in the 90s.  However, it is awesome and does have a historical importance being the first appearance and origin story of Talos.

Writer: Peter David

Value: ~$3-5

Notable: First Appearance of Talos the Tamed

Talos the Tamed - bio

Skrull Store:
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Year Published: - 1994

This book is awesome in a lot of ways that current books fail to be.  It really impresses me that it has a fully contained story in this one little book.  There are social interactions, humor, romance, action, and a beginning, middle and end all self contained in this one comic.  It is written by Peter David one of the top writers in the comics industry in terms of volume.  I think David is now in the top 10 of most proflific comic writers of all time.  What is good about that is, on top of being proflic he is also very good.  The dude knows how to tell a comic story, how to break it up, balance it and pull it altogether.  Incredible Hulk 419 is a very good example of Peter David in action.  Lets just take a moment to appreciate how many comics Peter David has written and how wealthy that makes us all that these books are out there.

This book does feature my least favorite version of the Hulk, aka Professor Hulk.  This Hulk stays in Hulk form but has the full mental capabilities of Bruce Banner.  This Hulk then to me becomes a bit like Super Man or even Beast from the X-Men.  This period represents Hulk at his Heroic functioning best and this story also finds a way to use that in a unique way.  This story is an example of using his mind to outsmart an opponent rather than beating them senseless.

Talos the Tamed is a character that appears and his origin told through this comic.  After appearing in the comic he has gone on to appear in the Annilation event and later made a villainious appearance in a Howard the Duck comic.  Not a major Skrull villain perse but he is still pretty cool with ties to Hulk, Nova, and Howard the Duck.  Talos here reveals his history as a Skrull with deformity of sorts.  He lacks the ability to shape change like other Skrulls.  He tells Hulk that if he was not noble of birth he would have been killed as a child.  However, he went on to become strong, martial and brutal despite his hardship.  He became one of the major Skrull warrior leaders in the Skrull Kree war.  However, during the war, he lost and was captured.  He was expected to kill himself but instead refused.  This brought shame upon himself.  Now wearing a mantle of shame calling him Talos the Tamed he seeks death in battle.  He has hunted down the Hulk in order for the Hulk to kill him in battle.  However, professor Hulk upon learning the aims of Talos refuses to fight him.  Instead, Professor Hulk begs for Talos to leave him alone.  The begging of Hulk shames Talos and Talos returns to his ship.  The Skrulls warriros on the ship had watched the battle and congratulate Talos as a hero.  It seems the battle had undone the shame of Talos.   Hulk smiles smiles knowingly, and pleased with himself that he outsmarted Talos and at the same preserved the Skrull warrior's life.

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