Super Skrull Cosplay

Cosplay by Mark Meer photo by Jarod Kearney

Super Skrull Cosplay

No Skrull is more popular than the feared and powerful Super Skrull.  When the Skrulls became tired of getting beaten up by the Fantastic Four they created the ultimate weapon to defeat them, the Super Skrull.  Using one of their best warriors the Skrull genetically modified him to have all of the powers of the Fantastic Four.

Mark Meer - Dragon Con 2014.  I really liked Mark's cosplay of Super Skrull I think is my personal favorite.  The cosplay captures the foreboding and intimidating  nature of Super Skrull.  You really can see this is an alien with powers that I do not want to fight.  Also some of the pictures that have done of this cosplay are great. 

Here was a cool gender bend version of Super Skrull from Comikaze Expo 2013.

I also really liked this version of Super Skrull.  The team shots of Super Skrull with the other cosmic Marvel characters are a lot of fun.  You can see Super Skrull with Ronan with Geni Vell etc.  This Cosmic Marvel photos were taken at Dragon Con in 2013 by Alternative Life Photography.

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