Brie Larson delivers SKRULLtember action!

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Captain Marvel promises to break the internet

Brie Larson the actrress who will play Marvel powerhouse Carol Danvers in the upcoming film Captain Marvel reached out on twitter yesterday to Entertainment Weekly to ask if the company wanted to break the internet tomorrow.

It would seem today is the day some Captain Marvel goodies are going to drop.  Is this a surprise to Toylab bloggers? Hell no, we had a feeling Captain Marvel was getting ready to come out and even started SKRULLtember as a way of hyping it up even further.  Captain Marvel will be battling a mixture of Kree and Skrulls in the film.

Here is what was promised. EW has official shots of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

And we have SKRULLS!

We can also see Carol Danvers with a squad of Kree. Looks like Minn-Erva (Played by Gemma Chan) is a sniper!

I think Minn-Erva could become a longterm villain for Captain Marvel in the same way that Baron Mordo was set up to have a longrun relationship with Doctor Strange.  Check out here Doctor Minerva's comic bio at:

Who is Doctor Minerva?

Also check it out a Nick Fury as a younger two eyed agent.

Here is the tease from yesterday.

So step back to this post at Noon Today for an update!

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