Unbound Vision brings Takeshi to life

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Unbound Vision brings Takeshi to life

Ryan Lai is working on a new Anime Webseries called Takeshi about a dark hero superhero story.  The art looks really awesome check out its Patreon at the link below!

You can find out more Takeshi on the patreon page.

From Unbound Vision:
Are you having a hard time finding something great to watch? Are you tired of seeing the same overused themes in anime and cartoons? Then you're in luck! 

I'm Ryan Lai from animation studio Unbound Vision. Right now we're creating a new anime web series called, TAKESHI; a dark superhero story set in Osaka, Japan. Our show will feature intense action and human drama that will leave you breathless! We believe in the power of stories to change the world for the better and with your help we can accomplish that. Consider becoming a patron and you can join us on this epic saga. You'll also be in for some amazing rewards straight from the studio to you!

If you'd like to become a patron we'll send you a Googledrive folder with your benefits and artwork. We keep updating your folder every year! Thanks for being so awesome guys and we sincerely hope you continue to stay inspired!

If you ever have questions you can contact us at our email: UnboundVisionStudios@gmail.com

You can also look us up on our official website: http://unboundvision.weebly.com/

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