Preview: Solo #1 Road Warrior meet Rat Warrior

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A dystopian tail with a furry twist.

Oscar Martin's Solo #1 (of 2)
Writer/Artist  Oscar Martin
Publisher: Titan Comics 
Imprint: Statix Press
FC, 56pp, $5.99 
Road warrior, meet rat warrior! The perfect fusion of Zootopia and Mad Max: Fury Road!
On an Earth ravaged by nuclear war, an array of mutant animals have repopulated the land. But these survivors of chaos are far from peaceful – when Solo’s family faces starvation, the young rat wanders the cannibal wastes to become a warrior. 
The Statix Press debut of Oscar Martin, Warner Bros Lifetime Achievement Award-winning writer-artist of Tom & Jerry. Brutal action and engrossing detail populate his post-apocalypse!
COVER A: Sean Galloway 
COVER B: Oscar Martin 


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