Van Sciver's Cyberfrog: Blood Honey is successful but why?

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While the major Comic Companies struggle to find direction and tone that fans will purchase and IndieGoGo is a grave yard of pitched comics that never found a dime a  comic about a frog hero from the 90s that most have never heard of has hit the comic world like a freight train.

We are talking about Ethan van Sciver's Cyber Frog!

The financial power of Ethan Van Sciver continue to surprise.
The first campaign for Cyber Frog hit $538 thousand.  Two days ago, Ethan Van Sciver created a 2nd campaign using a Variant cover.  Van Sciver states that if this campaign crosses over $50,000 then 10,000 would be donated to a Men's Cancer Charity.  After the 2nd day the campaign is at $40,000.  As of currently checking this campaign it is sitting over 42k.

From Indiegogo site.
I am thrilled to relaunch this campaign for those who missed out on the limited time funding of CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY, with an exclusive new variant cover for the first part of an EPIC CyberFrog story. I am pouring my heart into this. Having worked at DC COMICS as the artist of GREEN LANTERN, FLASH:REBIRTH, SINESTRO CORPS WAR, and DCU REBIRTH, I can promise the highest quality, and a lot of fun! Did you miss out the first time? Here’s one more chance to hop on board!
Link to 2nd Campaign:

Want CyberFrog now? Well here is what is available now on Amazon:

Ethan Van Sciver the well known Green Lantern artist has launched the project to bring back one his own characters and his IndieGoGo is now up to astonishing $430,000 and growing.  That is phenomenal amount of money for a comic like this to generate.

On top of the success of the Kickstarter the original 90s.CyberFrog has been listed as the top increase in value of all comics by Invest Comics.

Cyber Frog Video:


There is nothing overtly political about Cyber Frog or  his IndieGoGo campaign.  Also Ethan Van Sciver's sales pitch with the hero is to simply make it feel like a 90s comic.  Back when comics were highly collectible and by that he has a cover of using a foil cover.


Ethan Van Sciver's is often associated with the ComicsGate crowd a group that often is shown lamenting the rise of Political Propaganda being forced into comics by comic creators.  The movement often takes pot shots at the new Star Wars film The Last Jedi.  They also often have critical comments directed at comic book creators for either supporting Social Justice Warriors "SJWs" or for being SJWs themselves.  They also claim that the comics industry has silenced creators and artists who hold dissenting opinions.  I would post tweets or extended arguments about them or their opponents but the reality of it is this.  It lives on Twitter and therefore is a complete mess of trolls on both sides and its impossible to sort who is who  and what is what.  I really don't want to wade into that.

The major point of the movement though is that comic sales are going down because comic book creators have lost touch with their market and their political agenda is not only not shared by the customers but rejected by them.  They point toward massive sales declines at Marvel over the past year and claim the losses were due to this political factor.  Another major claim is that there is a lot of money on the sidelines that is not entering the industry because of politics.

When Cyber Frog is viewed from this light it could be seen that this movement is putting its money where its mouth is.  Does this prove the movement right?  I would not go that far but it does validate the position that there is money on the sidelines.  Either that or the market for Sci Fi Frog heroes is much higher than I initially expected.  It might be a bit both.  The controversy around Sciver might be drawing attention but the character of Cyber Frog is also reeling them in.  You can laugh but look at the Cyber Frog art.  It has an undeniable cool factor to it.  The success of the comic will no doubt be a major topic of retail discussions this year.

One thing is for certain Ethan Van Sciver is extremely talented, and whether his art is for Green Lantern or for Cyber Frog it is sleek and cool.  The new comic he created is going to be one that is going to closely watched in a comics community that in many ways is searching for direction.

More pictures from Cyber Frog:

While a Sci Fi Frog super hero may sound silly you have to admit that Sciver's art looks very cool.  You can check out more of the art work at:

You can blame Aeon River for this Sh BEEP:
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