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Companions of the Silver Apple are the D&D adventuring group of the Toylab Blog.  Follow along with their adventure as they play through Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign (With a lot of homebrewed tweaks).

As the Companions have proven to be a popular set of posts on the site I have created this page to track both upcoming Companions events, breakdown of past quests, and perhaps even Tavern menus of recipes used at our play sessions (The companions eat well).

Traveling D&D Merchant
If you too would like to set up a group and play through the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign it comes with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition starter set that you can purchase below.  Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate program that allows to locate the best deals on items and post the links directly on our site.

Next Up - July 4th! 
An Independence Day themed D&D Extravaganza.

The group is going to face the fireworks with the Independence of Phandalin!

While returning from a quest they find Phandalin battling for its life as various forces attack the town.  The Red coats errr Red Brands are out to teach the town of Phandalin a lesson and they have enlisted help.  Can the Companions turn away these forces or will they die trying?  This will be a game with very high stakes and lethal potential.

Update: The group survived and did well but they still have not finished off the opposing forces.  The full breakdown of what happened will come out soon.

Chapters so far in the Quest!
You can catch up with what the Companions have been up to right here.

Chapter 1: A battle with Cultist Assassins

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