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Companions of the Silver Apple are the D&D adventuring group of the Toylab Blog.  Follow along with their adventure as they play through Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign (With a lot of homebrewed tweaks).

As the Companions have proven to be a popular set of posts on the site I have created this page to track both upcoming Companions events, breakdown of past quests, and perhaps even Tavern menus of recipes used at our play sessions (The companions eat well).

Traveling D&D Merchant
If you too would like to set up a group and play through the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign it comes with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition starter set that you can purchase below.  Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate program that allows to locate the best deals on items and post the links directly on our site.

Next Up - Feb 9th! 
The group continues to march toward Cragmaw Castle down the Path of Nightmares.

The group is being led by untrustworthy guide down the Path of Nightmares with the hope at arriving at Cragmaw Castle where they hope to rescue Gunderen Rockseeker.  The group has already faced off against a Displacer Beast and managed to set up camp on a small hill of ruins.  When night fell....

The Path of Nightmares!

Dungeon Master Matt wears a special short to hint at the doom being faced by the players.  This shirt is called SlumberRuin Lives!

Here is the shirt lined up for after the Companions leave the Path of the Nightmares.  WELL if they leave the Path of Nightmares.

A lot of sneaky DM stuff is hidden in the shirt.  I am actually proud how many sneaky things I hid in here.

Chapters so far in the Quest!
You can catch up with what the Companions have been up to right here.

Chapter 1: A battle with Cultist Assassins

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