The Quests begins with Cultist Assassins - Chapter1

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Welcome to our gaming table friends and to the first chapter of the Companions of the Silver Apple!  

The Toylab D&D group the Companions of the Silver Apple begins their quest to find the Lost Mine of Phandelver here on night 1.  Follow along with our heroes as they enter dungeons, undertake a heist for magical artifacts, court with gods and even......battle a dragon.
The heroes assembled are L'lyssa the Rogue, Anorak the Wizard, Percy the axe Fighter.

(Note: while our adventure is based of Lost Mine Phandelver you will notice a lot of material has been added to Lost Mine Phandelver materials.  For example this quest actually occurs prior to the beginning of the materials.  Instead of beginning on the road between Neverwinter and Phandelver we started with a short adventure in Neverwinter itself).

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The First Quest!  Companions of the Silver Apple - Chapter One

Neverwinter a city on the mend

The party enters the gates of Neverwinter with everyone being tired, and downtrodden.  The new adventurers want to become heroes and find quests worthy of their skills but have been stuck finding only mundane tasks. They enter Neverwinter in the hopes of regrouping and finding exciting quests and they are about to get their wish.

The quest begins in the metropolis of Neverwinter.  The city at this time has seen better days.  Years ago it was wracked by a cataclysmic event from a waking primordial that created a large chasm in the city.  The city went through a series of related disasters Earth Quakes, Fires, disease and many other dark portents.  While the city's population has decreased it remains a major city.

As the party enters the city they find it under the rule of Lord Neverember and see much of the city is still in various state of repair.  They enter a city made more dangerous due to the cult of Ashmadai that has steadily grown stronger and more brazen during the city's chaos.

The party enters a dirt road busy with a menagerie of people milling about.  As they walk to the nearest tavern they pass by a Tiefling dressed in noble clothes and rapier at his hip.  The Tiefling smirks at the party and says:
"Well arent you the most pitiful thing I have ever seen..  Let me give you a tip.  Do you see that Dwarf there". 
The Tiefling pointed his hand down the road.  The group's eyes followed to where the Tiefling is pointing and see a dwarf unloading a wagon.
"Those two men coming down the street are going to try to kill him. His name is Gunderen Rockseeker  If you save the Dwarf you may find yourselves a powerful patron."

 By the time Anorak looked back to see where the Tiefling was he realized he had slipped away.  As the oldest in the party he tried to assess the situation.  However, time was limited as the two men in black robes began making their way toward the dwarf.  The dwarf was busy working in his wagon and completely unaware of the men moving toward him.  However, the Tiefling had hardly seemed trustworthy.

"L'Lyssa can you slow down our two friends over there?  Lets see if they are trully as malicious as we have been told."

L'lyssa quickly intercepted the men and began flailing on the ground gasping if having a heart attack (She rolled an 15 performance check).  The two men, paused confused but almost immediately began to pull daggers.

And the DM asked for the players to.......ROLL for Initiative.

Percy started the game off right and rolled a 20 for initiative.  Anorak rolled a 16 and L'lyssa a 14.  All in all the players were rolling very well.

They would keep rolling well and this first combat session for the players would not last long.

 Before the cultists could begin their attack Percy jumped them swinging his battle axe down on one of the men and striking a hefty blow.  The other robed figure charged toward the Dwarf with his dagger drawn but he ran into a hail of magic missiles from Anorak,.  L'lyssa got up from acting and slit the first cultist throat.  As the cultist died his eyes bulged out and his body lit into flame and turned into ash.

The Dwarf who had been the target of the ambush produced a hefty battle axe and brought it down on the wounded remaining cultist smiting him into pieces that turned into ash.  He finished spitting on the pile of ruin saying:

"Bah the Asmodai are after me again."  He turned to the eye the group.   The dwarf was well dressed, had resiplendent armor, and a well forged axe that bore an array of exotic dwarven runes.  On his neck he work an expensive brooch.  Everything about the Dwarf spoke of skill and also wealth.

 "You lot are strangers to me, but thank you for the aid.  I suppose I owe you a bit of a reward but most of my money is tied up in a venture that is going south.  My name is Gunderen Rockseeker and I am looking for a famous Mine but this device I have built will only work with a one of Mystra's Silver Apples.  They used to be common in Neverwinter but now this town doesn't seem to have any."

Anorack thought he saw an opportunity there and spoke up.

"Perhaps we could help you with that".

The Dwarf eyed the wizard gruffly.

"Well you did help me with the cultists",  the dwarf grumbled in thought as he tugged his beard.
"Aye I will give you all a chance.  But I warn you it won't be easy."

"All we ask is for a chance to prove ourselves" Percy said confidently.

"Very well," Said the Dwarf.  "The only Silver Tree left I can find is the one in the Moon Stone Mask Inn.  A well to do, and very well protected establishment.  I have asked the proprietor for an apple but she has resolutely refused me.  She is not an evil person, she just does not see things my way in the matter."

Her tavern is heavily guarded, I don't think you will have a chance, but you will have a friend for life in me if you somehow manage it.

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