Preview: Legenderry Red Sonja #5

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Preview of Legenderry Red Sonja #5

Dynamite's steam punk themed Red Sonja saga continues.  How will she defeat the evil Gath and his plan to use the dark gods to reach ascendancy?

I was some what skeptical of a Steam Punk version of Red Sonja but I have to say its working as both an artistic perspective and as a theme for her stories.  In particular I think there is a bit of a lack of Steam Punk stories and that makes this title a nice addition to comic book shelves.

Joe Benitez of Lady Mechanica fame also leads the stellar cover to the series which is amazing.

Legenderry Red Sonja #5
writer: Marc Andreyko
artist: Rodney Buchemi
covers: Joe Benitez (A)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen+
Gath’s explosive plan to bring about hell on earth is well on its way to completion and Red Sonja is the only one with any chance of stopping it! It all leads up to this! And after the (possibly radioactive) dust settles, where will Sonja be?


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