Man of Steel #1 is a great start for Bendis at DC

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Bendis's Man of Steel is an awesome Super Man story that takes Supes back to his roots

Comic Review by Aeon River

Brian Michael Bendis's first comic for DC is Man of Steel #1 is out right now.  There is a gold foil cover variant that I picked and it looks awesome.  The book itself is a solid Super Man story that really feels like a fundamentalist version of Super Man.  It really is not what I expected from Bendis but its really good.

Aeon River gives Man of Steel a 8.5/10 rating.

The type of edgy and lots of chatting characters that typically make up a Bendis story are absent.  This story is about both the external and internal power of Super Man that makes him the guardian for those that need help.  While I was curious about see Bendis'ism (Yes I made that up), in a Super Man story I still really liked what he did here.

Maybe the change has been good for Bendis because this is my favorite book he has done in quite some time maybe since his New Avengers run of 2005 and 2010.  It really is good.

Yes even the back is cool

The Gold Foil cover is cool.  I know some comic fans don't like to spend extra for gimmicks but I am sorry I am a sucker for these things and this one is really well done.  It is not cheap but I personally just had to have it.  On top of the effect on the front cover, the back is solid gold and shiny with the DC symbol.  Which makes me want to store it eventually in some kind of slab that has a clear back to it, where both the front and back can be seen.  If you have one of these and have a cool idea let me know because I would love to try it.  Trust me I need ideas, HELP AEON PEOPLE.

We need to talk about the interior art in this book as well.

The art throughout the book is amazing.  In particular the depictions of Super Man's powers in action are done in a way to sublimely add to their effect through art.  There is a three panel section that shows Super Man picking up speed in flight.  The first you see Super Man flying with a city background, then the 2nd his fist moves forward some, his cape tapers back and the background becomes blurred and then the final panel has Super Man with his fist thrust powerfully forward, his cape drawn fully back and the background is complete warp of air and blur.

Another where he uses X-Ray vision and the background goes white.
Very thoughtful and artistic ways of explaining what Super Man is.

These thoughtful artistic effects are what comics are all about.

I think when Super Man fans read the book they will also breathe a sigh of relief as I am sure many thought that Bendis would try to put an unusual spin on the iconic character and while that is likely to be true it will be subtle.  No nipples are going on to Super Man's suit here, trust me.  But this Super Man is beautiful in all of his iconic glory, his otherworldly humanness, his fundamental powerful hero, his steely eyes that are also kind.  They are all here.

Kudos to Bendis, Joe Prado and Ivan Reis this is a very solid start for the Man of Steel.  Like all good books it left me wanting more.

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