Greg Land's Domino Covers

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Greg Land's Domino Covers

In a recent post about Domino's upcoming Annual I mentioned how much I have enjoyed the Domino covers by Greg Land.  There are some artists who really manage to capture or even set the tone of the series through their art. Greg Land's Domino covers seem to do just that.   There are also times when an artist's take on a character reveals a whole other side of  a character.  Artists are trying a lot of different things with female characters.  Characters like Domino used to have highly sexualized appearances (Which was pretty typical) but artists now are trying to tone it down and humanize them more.  Sometimes I think artists overdue it and the characters they make are not even recognizable.  However, Land manages to hit a really nice balance with how he designs Domino.

Lets take a closer look.

Land first takes on the character of Domino in the series Weapon X.  This design here did catch my notice as it was much closer to the traditional Domino we had seen before.  This is not a bad version by any means.  What is really cool here is that by looking at these early designs we can track the evolution of the design from Weapon X to the Domino solo series.

This design here I think is where he began to change her design some.  You can see added expression on her face.  However, her hair is still pretty short and her outfit is still all black.  The facial expression has greater depth and in particular her eyes are made larger and more expressive.

While his Weapon X Domino was absolutely fine and traditional.  Its hard to not be struck how his design of Domino changed once her own series began.  The black around her eye became less opaque and her eyes become larger and more expressive.  Her hair also becomes longer.  Her overall face became more expressive, she has a hint of a smile now.  She looked less cold killer assassin and much more like a real human being.

He also found a way to add some subtle blue hues to her costume.  Generally, he is really good at exaggerating colors around her that works well with her monochromatic costume.  Its not a full redesign but it really makes her pop.

And of course there is the recent Domino Annual I mentioned.

The results here are pretty interesting.  This Domino is still plenty sexy.  He did not make her ugly, or masculinity her.  However, she has a lot of depth, color, and personality.  So far the character's run has been popular with both male and female comic fans and I am excited to see where it goes from here.

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