Who is Requiem? REVEALED

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Who is Requiem? Marvel Wiki

Requiem is a mysterious new Marvel character who appeared on the cover of the comic Infinity Wars Prime #1.  Marvel then released a teaser with a closer look of the character but not revealing much about the character's motivations or identity.  However, the Toylab bloggers have some theories.

Real Name:  ?????

Alias:  Requiem

First Appearance: Infinity Wars Prime

Variant Cover by RON LIM
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SPOILER NOTE: Requiem's Identity is now known.  The Identity is revealed in Infinity Wars #1.  I don't want the identity spoiled for those who have not read it. So I have posted the actual identity of the character at the very bottom of this post.

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    Requiem is mysterious but is called in promotion an Incarnate of Death.  In previous Infinity War stories Thanos has had the aim of impressing Death so it seems likely Requiem and Thanos will have some kind of relationship.

    Requiem is not simply called Death but rather seems to be another character from the past that has now undertaken the mantle of Death.

    The appearance of Requiem reveals that the character has a kind of Armor, with a cowl coverd face and a  lightning sword.  The face of Requiem is covered by a black mask, whose eyes are called out with the infinity symbol.

    Identity Mystery:

    The word Requiem means a song, act, ritual or token used remember or respect the dead.

    The true identity of the character is unknown here are some theories:
    • Gamora - Gamora is an assassin and certainly can be tied to death.  
    • Magus - The evil doppelganger of Infinity War was killed and replaced by Ultron in the Original Infinity War.  Tying a character back to the other Infinity War series would seem to make sense.
    • Terraxia - When Death snubbed Thanos he created a female version of himself called Terraxia.  Terraxia is technically dead (You know Comic Book dead).  She was teleported into space by Nebula where she couldn't breath and died.
    • Punisher - The Punisher has been mentioned a few times primarily due to his affinity for killing.
    • Hela - Hela was last seen losing her role as Queen of Hel to Angela.  She then joined forces with Thanos.  The deal was to be that Thanos would help her gain control of her Kingdom and then she would grant him his desired death.
    • Balder/Angela - After Angela took over Hel from Hela she became the Queen of the land of the Dead of the Asgard Pantheon.  She then gave the rule to Balder.  Requiem does use a Sword which both Angela and Balder have been prone to use.
    • Loki - As Requiem is shown next Loki he does not seem like a possibility.
    Finally my number 1 theory..........
    • Nebula - Nebula was featured in the 2017 Thanos run and she could have accepted the role of Defender or Avatar of Death after Thanos decided forfeit his fight for death.


    Lets Go into the Nebula Theory a little more.  The reason I like this Theory goes into the fact that a lot of what is happening is a continuation of 2017's superb Thanos series.  In that series written by Jeff Lemire, Thanos is weakened.with illness.  Seeking to advantage of his state Thane creates a team of Nebula, Tryco, Slatterus and Starfox to kill Thanos once and for all.

    However Thane is corrupted by Lady Death and she tempts Thane with the Phoenix force.  The rest of the team must then try to stop Thane.  In the end this means helping Thanos and they take him to a place called the god Quarry where he ends up gaining great cosmic powers enough to battle the Phoenix imbued Thane with.

    A few critical things happen here.

    For one thing right before the battle with Thane, Nebula sees Lady Death.

    She tells Nebula.......I am Everywhere Nebula. I am in Everyone,. Even You.  This occures in Thanos #10

    After this event the battle with Thane and Thanos begins and the two begin an epic cosmic slug fest.  When the battle ends we get the very interesting events of Thanos #12.   He ends up defeating Thane and chooses to punish him with a fate worse than death.  Lady Death then appears and tells Thanos that she set in motion all of these events so that he would be worthy of her again.  This is where things do not go to her plan.

    Thanos however for once, is not having it.  He now sees his infatuation with Lady Death as a weakness.  He scorns her.  In so doing this, it means that Lady Death has no purpose on the planet.  The Witches of Infinity then judge her and seemingly kill her.

    After she is destroyed, Thanos takes off and leaves.  He does not help Nebula, and Tryco who are still stranded on the planet.

    They are basically stuck on the planet where Lady Death was destroyed.  OR was she?  Maybe Lady Death's essence simply moved into someone else.....like Nebula?
    It seems that Lady Death is primarily interested in Thanos and his offspring.  Thane is now gone, Thanos has spurned her, and that would seem to leave Nebula as a successor.   Nebula is on the same planet she is taken out on.  Also Nebula's fate is left with a question mark.

    One other curious thing in the Thanos series is that after Thanos 12, Thanos is brought into the future to take part in an epic battle alongside his future self and the future Ghost Rider.  During this story, present day Thanos is disappointed to learn that his future self still pines after Lady Death.  He even makes fun of his older self for this.  However, his future self chastises him and tells him that he will never really be over Lady Death.  That he will forever be her fool.

    Who ever Requiem is I think the character's origin ties back to this moment when Lady Death is destroyed.  Some how she comes back and that story is likely heavily tied with Requiem.  Requiem means a token used to respect the dead, I think in this Requiem literally fights as a token to the fallen the dead, Lady Death herself.  It could also be that Death's essence is actually in the sword and who is carrying it has the powers of death like a Hexblade Warlock from D&D.

    More Requiem Posters:


    Requiem's Identity is revealed in Infinity Wars #1

    Doctor Stranger calls a meeting of the Infinity Watch to ensure that the Stones are protected from Thanos. We see Peter Quill and Gamora fighting about whether they should go to the Infinity Watch meeting. Gamora wants to use the Power Stone to take away the Soul Stone and release the part of her own soul that is held there.  They fight, kiss and then go their own ways.

    The Infinity Watch then use the Reality and Time stone to locate Thanos.  They find him beheaded.  This event occurs in Infinity Countdown Prime.  

    Turk Barrett a criminal who currently holds the mindstone attacks the group with a group of Super Villains.  He also reveals that Quill is not holding the true Power stone.  Shocked the group asks if he knows where it is.  Turk replies "Up".   The group looks up to see Requiem whose sword is embedded with the Power Stone descends upon them.

    Requiem demands all the stones be turned over.  She says she does not want to take them by force.  A fight kicks off and Rocket shoots Requiem's mask off and reveals her identity to the shocked group.  

    --- Requiem is Gamora.  She stole the real Power Stone from Quill in the beginning of the issue.  She once again demands the stones.  Quill tries to intercede and tells Gamora "You won't kill me."

    She then kills Quill by impaling him on the sword.  As she kills him she says "Nothing ever dies Peter".

    Boom Thanos is dead, Quill is dead, and Gamora has gone off the rails.  This all continues in August with Infinity Wars #2.

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