The characters from Companions of the Silver Apple

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Introduction to the Companions of the Silver Apple!

My D&D group have been having a good ol' time slashing its way through Faerun.

The group has been going through a version of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, which is the first adventure in the D&D 5e starter set.  We have made some tweaks and added subplots so it is not exactly the same.  I am going to provide updates on the Companions Quest that will serve as both online notes for me as well as a place for fans to follow along.

The party was united by a quest to retrieve a Magical Silver Apple and so gave themselves the name of the Companions of the Silver Apple.

Chapters so far in the Quest!

Chapter 1: A battle with Cultist Assassins

Chapter 8: The Nine Eyes Cult

Ch 9: The battle of Phandalin

Meet the characters of the Companions of the Silver Apple

Each of the characters of the Companions of the Silver Apple has their own VR Intelligent Art tag that can be used as signature or representation for that character.

Let me introduce you to the characters from The Companions of the Silver Apple.

Kalisia -The Bard

Class: Bard
Occupation: Flutist / Thief
Race: Human / Luskan

Background:  A bard who seemingly fled from Luskan.  She is quiet about her past and carries a mysterious flute made of a metal no one seems to recognize.  Calisia;s former group was hunted down by a mysterious group of assassins seeking her flute.  She does not know why the flute is special but fled south to the land of Neverwinter and a new start at life.

L'lyssa - The Rogue

Class:  Rogue
Occupation: Criminal
Race: Halfling

Background:  A former member of a group called the Red Brands, Mortimer was betrayed in their ranks and nearly killed.  He escaped south to Neverwinter and vowed vengeance on his old comrades.

More L'lyssa Art:

Anorak - Elven Wizard

Class: Wizard
Occupation: Acoylte
Race: High Elf

Background: An Acolyte of the god of knowledge Oogma Annerack has spent years in cloistered studies when a vision beckoned him to go forth into the world.

 Percy - Fighter / Folk Hero

Class: Fighter
Occupation: Noble
Race: Human

A noble who was always better with weapons than with words has decided to look for a way to rebuild the family fortune through adventuring.  A flamboyant dresser his looks can be disarming before he literally disarms you.

Katti - Fighter Archer

Class: Fighter
Occupation: Folk Hero / Ranger
Race: Human

Background:  As a child her village was attacked by a mysterious force of Drow.  All she has left of her village is a mysterious tome than none seem to be able to read.  She has joined the adventuring life to find the group that killed her village of Ione and get vengeance.

Freya - Dragonborn Druid

Class: Druid
Race: Dragonborn

Freya was recruited into the Harper, by Eliminster of Shadowvale himself.  She is said to be very loyal to the Harpers cause.

Therin - Elven Ranger

Class: Ranger - Gloom Stalker
Occupation: Entertainer
Race: Wood Elf

Therin is a Gloom Ranger a trusted new member of the Harpers.

More Therin Art:

Galen the Moonblade

Class: Hexblade
Occupation: Historian
Race: Tiefling

Background: Galen is a historian who claims to be researching the ruins near Old Owl Well.  He is highly charismatic but not necessarily truthful.  He is freed by the party from Red Brands hideout.  He says that the Glass Spider was interested in Netherese artifacts.  He claims to be writing on the definitive book on the fall of the ancient Netherese Empire.  When asked about his sword he claims that it is an ancient weapon of Netherese Origin called the Moon Blade.

Milo Honeypot

Race: Halfling
Occupation: Merchant
Faction: Harpers
Class: Cleric of Tymora

Milo is a merchant of the Harpers that has set up shop in Phandalin.  He is a useful source for goods, information, as well as laughs for the group.  Milo calls his store Honeypot's Traveling Emporium of Awesomeness.  Milo loves adventurers, jokes, and good stories along with brightlights and shiny thingyjiggys.

He is a traveling merchant who carries a few magic satchel bags on his Donkey Hibisicus.  Milo calls a Hibisicus an Ultra Rare Super Special Halfling Stallion Unicorn.  He really is just a donkey with a special horn made by Milo.  The horn hat is rainbow colored in a swirl like pattern.  Hibisicus also wears a special pouch that can fire off fireworks either for dramatic or defensive effect.

The Satchel Bags that Milo carries are magical and when opened a series of large display shelves float out and arrange themselves into a shop.  The source of his goods is a mystery.

While Honeypot will never have a complete assortment of items I will give him an ever changing mix of some special items, some mundane items and also a few special items only he will carry such as Honeypots bag of Awesomness and Honeypot's Harper Potions.

Some halflings consider Honeypot to be holy and blessed figure in the cult of Tymora.

In Nhil

A Drow Assassin serving House Freth

Companions News 
Learn about the current events and past chapters of Toylab's famous (Perhaps Infamous) Dungeons and Dragons adventuring crew.  We may even post list of music and recipes we use during our adventuring session.

Companions of the Silver Apple News!

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