Gorochu - A mysterious Evolution of Pikachu?

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A Pokemon Go resurgence?

Pokemon Go was huge over the summer of 2016.  The Toylab site that normally gets between 50k and 100k views a month at that time was getting a full 100k views just from posts on Pokemon Go.  In effect Pokemon doubled the amount of people coming into our blog.  That is crazy.  Now it became a challenge as to how we balanced our usual comic focused content along with Pokemon content.  Do you do 1 comic post and 1 Pokemon post.  How do you keep both group attracted.  The one thing in particular we did not want to do was lose our bread and butter fans.   At Toylab we had a lot of conversations on this issue but in the end it was good for us.  We opened ourselves to some new content and to an extent that has continued.  Now we have even begun adding other things whether it be cosplay or D&D.

Pokemon Go for us kept going strong.

When Pokemon Go hit in 2016, it was a phenomenon. A good reason to get out and walking, all wrapped up in a worthwhile Pokemon themed loop took over the mainstream in a huge way. It was everywhere and it wasn’t rare to see large groups of people hanging around on street corners to catch their favourite characters. That was until it wasn’t. The app seemingly faded, leaving only an impassioned, dedicated fanbase.
Well, it seems that base is growing once again. While some may have perceived the game as a flash in the pan, constant updates and improvements have seemingly brought people back and according to analysts, the game is doing as well as ever. Superdata (via VentureBeat) has published a report saying the game is enjoying its best spell of players since its launch in Summer 2016. More than that, the game reportedly made $104 million in May, up 174% year-over-year. It’s clear that the app is still going strong and is a huge cash cow for everyone involved.
What’s interesting is that these numbers are from before summer break hit, so with schools out over the next few weeks, this number could only rise in the coming month or so. It’s clear that the game has gone past just being a quick success, and that the support the developers have given the app is paying off in a big way. With continued support, it could be around for a while longer.

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