Characters in Luke Cage on Netflix

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Characters in Luke Cage on Netflix

The show Luke Cage is preparing to be filmed and already we know many characters who will appear in the series.  The following characters have been confirmed.

New Characters in Luke Cage Season 2
A couple of new villains will appear in Season 2 including the nearly indestructible Bushmaster and the nefarious mastermind Nightshade.  Black Mariah will also continue to be a thorn in the side of Luke Cage and Harlem as a whole.



Characters in Luke Cage Season 1

Who is Luke Cage aka Power Man? 

Misty Knight
A private detective with as powerful bionic arm..
Who is Misty Knight? 

Black Mariah
 A savy and brutal crime lord in NYC.  Her group has a special scheme to make money.

 Who is Black Mariah?

Cornell Cottonmouth
A super strong drug dealer who crosses paths with Luke Cage early in his career as a hero.
Who is Cornell Cottonmouth?

Willis Stryker
The former best freind of Cage becomes his bitter enemy as they battle on the roof tops above New York City.
Who is Willis Stryker AKA Diamondback?

Former fellow member of the Rivals now foe.
 Who is Shades?

Harlem in the Marvel Universe

Potential Characters:

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is Luke Cage's girl friend and eventual wife.  We know that Luke Cage appears in the Jessica Jones series and it is very possible that she appears in his series as well.
Jessica Jones

More Luke Cage and Defneders News:

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Who is Misty Knight?

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Who is Misty Knight?

Misty Knight is a Marvel hero known for being a detective and having a cybernetic arm.  She is a regular in the Heroes for Hire comic series.  Misty Knight will appear in the Luke Cage Netflix series and be played by Simone Missick.

First Appearance:  Marvel Premiere #21 (1975)

Alias(es): Mercedes, Maya Corday, Control

Misty Knight News:
Who is Iron Fist?

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Misty Knight Bio:

Misty Knight is a police officer with NYPD who is injured in a bomb attack.  Her right arm is amputated but she refuses to take a desk job.  A meeting with Tony Stark ends with her receiving a fully bionic arm, which gives her superhuman strength.
Her first meetings are with Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and for a time she is the roomie of the X-Man Jean Grey.
Eventually, she forms a private detective agency with friend Colleen Wing called Nightwing Restorations Inc.

Iron Fist and Misty fall in love after meeting each other.  The two have numerous adventures with each other including fighting against Davos the Steel Serpent.  The Nightwing Restorations Inc often works closely with Iron Fist and Luke Cage's Heroes For Hire operation.  They helped Cage clear his name from crimes committed by the Bushmaster.

For a time Misty is involved with a man named Tyrone King.  During this time her relationships with Iron Fist and Colleen Wing are heavily strained.  However, she ends the relationship and reconciles with Iron Fist.  She also at one point dated Power Man/ Luke Cage which strained the relationship of the two Heroes for Hire.

Secret Invasion
Iron Fist is presumed dead for a period ending relationship.  During Secret Invasion Misty hunts down a Skrull pretending to be Iron Fist (A good way to make Misty angry).

Civil War
Misty joined the initiative during Civil War after being contacted by Iron Man and Mister Fantastic.  She creates a reformed Heroes for Hire that has the task of hunting down unregistered super powered individuals.
Iron Fist returns and is shocked that Misty sided with initiative.   He joins the New Avengers an Anti-Registration group led by Captain America.  Despite, their disagreement, Misty rushes to Danny defense with the 7 cities are threatened by Hydra and the Steel Serpent.  After the battle Iron Fist says to Misty, "I love you Misty, but I make a lousy boyfriend".  Shortly thereafter the two resume their relationship.

World War Hulk
Misty Knight captures and trades Moonboy to Paladin in order to save Colleen Wing.  Wing is traumatized by the torture and disagrees with Moonboy being used to save her.  This breaks up the iteration of Heroes for Hire.

False Pregnancy
Iron Fist and Misty Knight have a series of great surprises.  He proposes to her, and she reveals that she is pregnant with his child.  However, the pregnancy was a false pregnancy and that puts strain on their relationship.  They continue the relationship but live separately.

Shadowland + Heroes for Hire
Daredevil takes over the hells Kitchen and a group of heroes including Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Misty Knight move in to confront him.  A new Heroes of Hire is born after this event.

Black Panther & The Crew

Misty Knight is part of the Black Panther and Crew group that begins to fight crime in NYC.


Super Strong Bionic Arm

Heavily trained martial artist with experience that includes training with heavy hitter friends like Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Also has Police, Detective, and Espionage training.  Has successfully gone undercover and infiltrated many criminal organizations.


Misty Knight will appear in the Luke Cage Netflix series and be played by Simone Missick.

Some images of Misty Knight in Luke Cage are coming out.   It appears she is a police officer in Harlem.  She is the one that tells Luke Cage, "You might be bullet proof but Harlem isn't".
She appears to have her arm still so I think the show takes place before receiving her bionic arm.  It is possible that Luke Cage will serve as an origin story of sorts for Misty.

Misty Knight appear in Defenders where she helps protect the loved ones of the Defenders from the Hand.  She comes to the aid of Colleen Wing and she battles Bakuto but loses her arm in the process.  At the end of the series she is in a hospital where Colleen tells Misty that she will recieve the best care possible due to Danny's connection in the hospitle.  She claries that Danny in effect owns the hospital.

Misty Knight will appear with a new cybernetic arm in Luke Cage Season 2.  It is unclear if she still will be a member of the NYPD.  The arm looks a little more realistic than the arm in the comics.

Image of Misty Knight with cybernetic arm

Misty's arm continues to change.

Here is an image of her arm in Season 2 of Luke Cage.  You can see that it is evolving and becoming more like the high tech arm of her comic counterpart.

Pictures of Misty Knight from Luke Cage:

It looks like Misty may be undercover in one scene and somehow runs into Luke Cage.

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Harlem in the Marvel Universe

Villains of Luke Cage:
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Who is Nightshade?  

Who is Daisy Johnson / Quake /Skye?

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Who is Daisy Johnson?

Daisy Johnson is a  hero and SHIELD agent in the Marvel Universe.  Daisy has super abilities due to the genetic manipulations of her father the super villain Calvin Zabo AKA Mister Hyde.  She has the ability to generate powerful seismic waves.  She occasionally goes by the name Quake, a reference to her seismic powers.

Daisy Johnson is a relatively new character created by Brian Michael Bendis.  She has had a prominent part of some of the big events that Bendis masterminded like Secret War, Civil War and Secret Invasion.

First Appearance:  Secret War #2

Daisy Johnson Multi-Media:


Daisy Johnson is the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Calvin Zabo and Jessica Johnson. Jessica Johnson was a prostitute frequented by Dr. Zabo. Dr. Zabo had begun using the Hyde formula prior to her conception and had already altered his DNA. Daisy inherits her father's mutated DNA and develops the power of creating and controlling seismic waves. After her power develops she is identified by SHIELD and is trained as an agent. Despite only being a high school graduate Daisy is remarkably intelligent and quickly learns the espionage trade. She is trained by Nick Fury himself and the two develop something of a father daughter relationship. She becomes one of his closest and most loyal supporters. Daisy eventually is given a Level 10 clearance, the highest clearance available at SHIELD. She is part of a very small group of Agents to have been given Level 10 clearance.
After the events of Secret War Nick Fury is kicked out of SHIELD but Daisy maintains contact with her mentor.  She is brought into a special mission by Fury to find hidden people with powers to make a team to battle the Skrulls.  

She has a romantic relationship with Hellfire one of her recruits.  He eventually killed for betrayal by Nick Fury.

She replaces Nick Fury at one point and is made Director of SHIELD but is rather quickly replaced by Maria Hill.

Fun Facts:
Has been a member of the Avengers.

Daisy is famous for defeating the powerful Mutant Magneto.  She caused a small tremor in his brain causing him to pass out.

Important Relationships:  Nick Fury, Hellfire and Calvin Zabo
Dr. Calvin Zabo is the biological father of Daisy Johnson.  They are estranged.
She does have something like a paternal relationship with Nick Fury.
She has a romantic relationship with the character Hellfire.


  • Can generate Seismic Waves:
  • Can control and manipulate vibrations
  • Can send the waves through the ground or use it to add force to a punch.
  • She can also make the waves inside of objects or people to various effect.
  • She once caused Magneto to pass out by causing a tremor in brain.

She is a highly trained SHIELD agent.

Skye from Agents of SHIELD?

Skye from Agents of SHIELD  is Daisy Johnson in the MCU.

Skye's father is Calvin Zabo and Skye is a tweaked version of Daisy Johnson.  While Daisy in the comics has no connection to the Inhumans like Skye does.

In Season 4: 

Skye now seems to use the name Quake and has gone off on her own.  It seems like she will likely encounter a man named Robbie Reyes who has special supernatural powers and goes by Ghost Rider.  Chloe Bennett has said she has spent most of her time away from the old SHIELD team actors.

Both are female orphans brought into SHIELD and are highly trained within the group.  Both also have a monstrous Doctor Father.

I initially believed Skye's father was an Inhuman but he does not seem capable of holding the the Inhuman device known as the Diviner.  This would indicate he is a human who some how gained super strength.  This sounds very much like Calvin Zabo.

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Is this the end of Rick Grimes?

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Who is Rick Grimes?

Rick Grimes is the main character and protagonist in the comic and TV show of The Walking Dead.  Rick is played by the actor Andrew Lincoln.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #1

Rick Grimes to die in Season 9?

Collider has reported that Rick Grimes is likely on his way out during Season 9 of the Walking Dead.  Apparently Andrew Lincoln is only signed for half of the season.  Likewise Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie may have a more limited role in the future of the series.  This would be a departure from the comic series in which Rick and Maggie are both alive and also still very much leaders of the survivors.  There have been a variety of differences between the comics and the show but this would be by far the largest change.
Collider also reports that Daryl Dixon the character played by Norman Reedus would move into the main role of the series.

Brandon Davis has confirmed the news:

One thing to note here is that Andrew Lincoln could leave the show and Rick could stay alive.  They could simply have the character played by a different actor.  They could also some how have Rick go MIA for a season or two and have Lincoln come back to play him down the road.  Lets face it though this is the Walking Dead and its a show that has no qualms with taking out its major characters.

So for now at least it seems Rick's time is nigh.

Rick Grimes Multimedia:
Toylab Cool Pix: Rick Grimes


Rick Grimes is a Sheriff in Georgia.  He has a small family with a wife Lori, and a son Carl.  Unknown to Rick his partner on the Police force, Shane has begun his sleeping with his wife.  While on duty Rick is shot and ends up in the hospital and was placed into a medically induced coma.  Rick awakens to a bizarre scene.   He is in the hospital in a bed and no one is around.   The machine that had been feeding his body medicines and fluids had long since stopped working.   Pulling himself up and stumbling into the hall he finds even more bizarreness, the halls are empty, there are mutilated corpses on the ground.  He finds a barred door that is being rattled by what sounds like groaning people.  Words written on the door read;

"Do not open.   Dead inside"

Thus begins the journey of Rick Grimes into the world of the Walking Dead.  He meets a father, Morgan who fills him in on the outbreak.  Morgan, Rick and Morgan's son Duane break into a Sherrif's office and procure guns for protection.  Rick then leaves the two so he can find his family.

  He goes on to find his family (Lori and Carl) and a group of survivors who to look at him as a leader.

As a leader of a group facing herds of zombies and other brutal bands of survivors Rick is forced to balance his morality with the requirements of survival.   He leads the group to multiple homes, through multiple wars and through a never ending sea of zombies.   New members join the group, and often die.   Rick develop trusted warriors and advisers but in this world death is always around the next corner.

He struggles with how to raise Carl in this new brutal world.  He wants his son to be strong so he can survive in it.  However, when Carl becomes cold and callous Rick worries that he has gone too far.  He tries to bring his son back so he can enjoy some of his childhood.  While not successful at returning his son's innocence he does manage to impart his values.

Despite the challenges of his world manages to keep his group alive with their humanity intact.

Rick first leads and creates a community in a prison.  This community is forced to flee after an attack by another group lead by a man called the Governor.  He eventually find and becomes the leader of another community called the Alexandria Safe Zone.  As the leader of the Safe Zone he begins to create a network of other communities that helps battle other aggressive groups like the Saviors.

When he defeats the Saviors he makes the controversial decision of keeping the violent leader of the group Negan alive in a cell.  The act while dangerous serves to show that Rick is meaningfully different than other tyrants that have cropped up around the world and leads an aura of morality to his actions.   A fact not lost on Negan himself, who resents being held like a trophy.  The communities create a loose network that is held together primarily under the leadership of Rick even if he does not hold an official title.  The communities begin to encounter a large group of people who live amongst the walkers.  This group is large and violent and call themselves the Whispers.  The Whispers and Rick have a meeting where they agree on a rough border between themselves.  The Whispers have already killed people who had inadvertently trespassed into their territory.  The deaths already caused by the Whispers begins to lead into the event known as the Whisper War.

Walking Dead #163
"The Walking Dead #163" cover

Publisher: Image

Cost: 25 cents

Release Date: Feb 1, 2017

Image the company that produces the Walking Dead is selling #163 of the series for 25 cents.  The low price and heavy promotion of the series has made it the highest ordered comic in 20 years with pre orders from Diamond Distributors topping 730,000 preorders of the issue. The issue will begin a new arc in the series provocatively called "Conquered".  The series take up after the Whisper War is over and in the paradigm that exists between the communities and the Whispers.  There is a rumor that Rick Grimes could die in #163.

Family / Relatives:
  • Wife: Lori  - Status in comic (Deceased) Status in show (Deceased)
  • Son: Carl  - Status in comic (Alive) Status in show (Alive)
  • Daughter: Judith - Status in comic (Deceased) Status in show (Alive)
  • Girl Friend: Jessie Anderson - Status in comic (Deceased) Status in show (Deceased)
  • Girl Friend: Michonne in Show (Alive) 

Trusted Right Hands and Warriors:

Trusted Moral Guides :
  • Dale -
  • Hershell -
  • Glenn - Takes over as a source of hope after death of Hershell
  • Tyrese -
  • Michonne -

Other Leaders:

Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

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Solo puts the Cool back in Star Wars

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Solo: A Star War Story - News, Trailers and More

Solo is a movie focusing on the origins of Han Solo and how he ended up with the iconic starship the Millennium Falcon.  Other notable Star Wars characters appear in Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca.

Toylab Thoughts: Solo is Cool and that is Good

Rating 8.5 out of 10 (Translation = Watch It)

There is no hiding from the fact that Solo has done below expectations at the Box Office.  It is headed toward being one of the lowest Star Wars films at the Box Office.  The film generated the wrong kind of news with stories leaking about production problems and reshoots.  The low Box Office is going to force Disney to open the hood on the Star Wars franchise and decide which direction they will go in the future.  That said after watching the film I was pleasantly surprised.

For one thing, Han Solo is cool. That is what he does, that is who he is.  He is the guy that shoots first, smirks at danger and flies fast.  He is cool.  Star Wars needed to find the cool swagger factor again and here it is.

This was a Star Wars film that was actually undersold and over delivered.  The film has crisp action sequences and intriguing characters.  In many ways Solo was a better film than the much  more anticipated Last Jedi.  The tale was less grandiose and less vital to the overall Star Wars Universe but also far more personal.  There are no political hijinks here, its a simplified story of scoundrels, and an impossible mission for a rag tag group of wanton characters.

One issue I thought I would have was seeing a replacement of Harrison Ford playing Han Solo.  However, it was generally less distracting than I thought.  This is definitely not Harrison's Solo its a different take and I found that absolutely ok.  Solo here is a little younger, little more arrogant, seedier and yet his true heart of gold has moments to shine.   I did not see any true Harrison Ford-issisms this is not an impressionists portrayal of the character.  It is something new.

 There was also great consternation about the film's reshoots and similar to Rogue One I can't say they were noticed.  If there were any problems with the film is that I think I would have liked more Lando.  However, that does leave room for a Lando based film and one that I would fully support.  Also the surprise cameo at the end opens many interesting doors that I generally find more interesting than anything I have seen come out of the new films.  One of my favorite characters returns and the promise of an interesting battle looms large as I left the theater.

My positive view of the film is obviously not held by everyone:

I found it somewhat ironic and maybe sad that in parting the film that this was not the film going gangbusters at the box office.  In many ways this seems the better way to go creatively for the franchise.  The Last Jedi left me feeling somewhat dour on the franchise, while this one provided a shot of life of what these films can be.  It was cool, it was fun, it was a ride and kept you guessing even though you knew where it was going.   I will definitely cover where Disney goes from here.  I personally hope they will pursue more contained films like Solo and less like Last Jedi's.

---Film Review by Marvel Matt

Toylab Rating 8.5 out of 10.  
Marvel Matt gave Last Jedi a 6 out of 10.

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes. Solo: A Star Wars Story releases in U.S. Theaters on May 25, 2018.

Director: Ron Howard

  • Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo
  • Woody Harrelson as Beckett
  • Emilia Clarke as Kira
  • Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian
  • Thandie Newton in an undisclosed role
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge in an undisclosed role
  • Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca
  • Warwick Davis in an undisclosed role
  • Paul Bettany in an undisclosed role
  • Toby Hefferman in an undisclosed role

Release Date:  May 25th

The Ron Howard-directed feature will premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival on May 15th before making its worldwide debut on May 25th.

Solo Store
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Solo Trailers:


Clip of Chewie and Han's first flight together:

Solo Trailer 2 - Official Trailer

Solo Official Teaser

Millennium Falcon Trailer

Lando Trailer

Solo Pictures:

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Professor Willow's dark secret in Pokemon Go

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Professor Willow by RoadCCan

Professor Willow's dark secret

Professor Willow is the first person you meet in Pokemon Go.  He is your teacher and mentor and you trust him. He seems nice and helpful.  You immediately trust Professor Willow.  What if there is more to Professor Willow though than meets the eye.  What if he wasnt as trust worthy as you think?  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question.

What is Professor Willow doing with all those Pokemon you are transfering to him?

Or how about an equally disturbing question.

Where does Pokemon Candy actually come from?

The answers to these questions have not yet been revealed.  However  there is one very interesting thing about Professor Willow that is factual.   Professor Willow is not the first Pokemon character in the series with the name Willow.  Yes, Willow is actually another character that has appeared in other games.  What is interesting is that the other characteer bears a striking resemblance to Willow only he appears older.  However, if Pokemon Go occures prior to the other games as many people think then the other character could infact be Professor Willow.

Professor Willow is Pryce the Winter Trainer
Image result for professor willow pokemon silver pryce

Professor Willow is a key character in the Pokemon Go game he is actually the first person who you meet.  You also continually contact him anytime you transfer a Pokemon.  Professor Willow bears a striking similarity to a character named Pryce who appears in the games (Gold, Silver, SoulSilver, Heart Gold, Black, White and Pokemon Puzzle Challenge).

Reasons why Willow is Pryce.

First, the two look alike provided you assume that Pryce is the older version of Professor Willow.
The two even strike a similar pose in their images with each holding up a Pokeball.

Second, Pryce tells a weird and out of place fact about himself in Soul Silver / Heart Gold.  In this game he reveals that his middle name is actually Willow.  Not only does he reveal this once but he later reiterates it.  This is pretty interesting because the tree based names like Oak / Willow are used for Professors in the Pokemon Games.  At the time gamers took this line to strongly hint at Pryce being a former Poke Professor in the game.  This was something never really followed up in later Pokemon games until......Pokemon Go where a Professor Willow appears.

Quotes from Pryce In Soul Silver and Heart Gold
  • When last Pokémon is at critical health
"Willow is my middle name. Willow is flexible and not easily broken. I'm not giving up yet."

Later if you call Pryce he will say:
  • "Yes, this is Pryce. How are you doing? Do you know why they call me the winter Trainer? Do you recall that my middle name is “Willow”? The willow tree looks like it withers in winter’s cold. But really, it sprouts dozens of new buds. My fighting style is also strong just like that... It’s written in old books, you know. You should look it up sometime."

Pryce also indicates that he has undergone a hard life with lots of trauma.  He says he has suffered much in life.  He does not elaborate on what caused this suffering but it is possible that he lived through a traumatic war.  It also appears that whatever caused Pryce to have suffered it has not yet happened to his younger Professor Willow self.  Professor Willow seems very optimistic and happy.

Pokemon Gold and Silver before battling Pryce says:
Pokémon have many experiences in their lives, just like we do. I, too, have seen and suffered much in my life. Since I am your elder, let me show you what I mean. I have been with Pokémon since before you were born. I do not lose easily. I,Pryce--the winter trainer-- shall demonstrate my power!"

Why did Professor Willow change professions?  Perhaps he became a leader in the war using Pokemon to battle and at that point could not go back to being academic.  Another thought is that he might be atoning for something he did during the war and as a gym leader is helping bring up a new generation of Pokemon leaders.

Pokemon Store!
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Pokemon WAR Pictures:
I love fun Pokemon art.  Here is some cool Christmas /Winter/ Holiday themed art I've stumbled upon. Some of these are very cool.

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The Pokemon War Journal

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Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Series 2017

The Sandman Marvel Legends figure series

Marvel Legends are a premium toy figure series made by Hasbro that focus on Marvel characters.  This Marvel Legends figure set features a lot of Spider-Man related figures and each figure comes with a component for a large Build-A-Figure of Sandman.  The Build-A-Figure is popular component of the Marvel Legends figures.

The figures available in the series are:

  • Ms Marvel
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Green Goblin
  • Jackal
  • Symbiote Spider-Man
  • Spider-UK
  • Shocker

Each figure comes with one component of the Sandman BAF (build-a-figure) which is a pretty massive figure once you have all of the pieces.

Video Review of the Juggernaut Marvel Legends series by Shartimus Prime

Sandman is pretty huge, maybe a bit too big?  One cool aspect of this build a figure is that you have a variety of ways of customizing his hands.  In this way you can make his hands change shape into the various weapons and shapes that Sandman uses.

My favorite figures in the set are Ms Marvel, Shocker and Spider-Man 2099.

Marvel Shop:
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A closer look at the figures:

Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel is the Kamala Khan version of the character.  I don't think I've seen many (any?) Kamala figures before and this is a really great one.  She comes with changable arms that allow you to give her either normal arms or to show case her powers with hyper long arms with huge hands.  There are no interchangeable legs to give her the stilt like legs she uses in the comics.  This is a minor qualm though because she otherwise looks very good.

Alternate enlarged hands- These showcase Kamala's powers

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Torso piece

Spider-Man 2099

This is the new Spider-Man 2099 suit and I really love it.  I think the suit is a really bad ass upgrade of the old traditional Spider-Man 2099 costume.  I loved the cover of when this suit recently debuted and can't believe there is already a figure for it.

The figure is very sleek with bold colors that have a high contract.  He does have solid articulation.

He does not feature the Spider-Man 2099 talons on either his hands or feet.  Which I have heard has caused some consternation.  Some have also said that they think the figure is too big and that the head is too large for his body.  I tend to see the head's size having to do with articulation used on the kneck and his meant to help pose the figure.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Right Arm piece

Green Goblin

Green Goblin with his traditional suit.  He has his glider and pumpkin bomb and a pouch to pull the bomb out of.  His face, eyes and teeth all look really cool.  His body and green scale really pop with the paint used.

Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bomb

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Head piece


Jackal is not my favorite Spider-Man villain but this is a really solid figure.  Lots of detail throughout that shows the Jackal's hair and skin.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Right Leg piece

Symbiote Spider-Man

The Black Symbiote Spider-Man from when Peter Parker wore the infamous black suit that would later go on to become the villain Venom.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Arm piece


Spider-UK was a main character in the event Spider-Verse and has since then appeared in a few different Spider-Man titles.  He is basically the combination of Spider-Man and Captain Britain.  You can see the Captain Britain flag costume on his chest.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Arm piece


I actually like the Shocker figure best of all in the series.  I think he looks very cool.  Similar to the Havok figure he has the energy blast rings that go on his hands.  I really dig those rings and the colors they use to make them look organic.  They really pop.

The Shocker mask and costume are painted really well.  His face is cool in that features asymmetric eyes, where one is much bigger than the other.  This makes him look more villainous, or perhaps surprised.  I've also heard someone say that it looks like he is aiming and squinting one eye.

His gauntlets look like real metal with lots of divots and other wear and tear like details added. Accessories:
Vibration Blast Effects

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Left Leg piece

Check out the Marvel shop up above.  It is designed to pull Marvel Legend figure deals directly from Amazon.


Monsters Unleashed - 2017 

Marvel - News, Characters, Reviews, Movies, and Comics 

Who is Carina - The Collector's Daugher

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Who is Carina

Who is Carina

The red / fusia woman in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is named Carina.  Who is she?

In the Comics:
Carina is the daughter of the Collector Taneleer Tivan.  Taneleer is an Elder of The Universe the most ancient and immortal race that began with Big Bang.  Very little is clear about Carina, other than she is in some way the daughter of the Collector.   In the Korvac saga she took a prominent role taking on the role of a spy.  She became a double agent by becoming a lover to the dangerous cyborg Korvac.  During this mission she was given extra powers by her father.

It is not clear if Carina is an immortal Elder of the Universe like her father.  She does appear to be extremely long lived.

Carina appears as an assistant to the Collector in the after credit scene of Thor 2.  She escorts Sif and Volstagg back to see the Collector so they can give him the Aether.  Volstagg remarks that it seems unsafe to keep 2 infinity gems in Asgard.  When the Asgardians leave the Collector says "5 more to go."

I have had trouble determining if it is Carina in the background of the warehouse appearing to be in a cell or someone else.    For up close picture See Post --> What is in the Collector's museum?
UPDATE: The other former girl is the Collector's former assistant. Who is being punished by being locked in a cell.

In Guardians of the Galaxy the character will once again appear.  The Collector will ask Gamora to retrieve an orb, which can be presumed to be an infinity gem.
Carina is played by Opehellia Lovibond in Thor 2 and the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the cinema universe Carina does not appear to be a daughter to the Collector and is only his assistant.  He treats callously like a slave.  I think racially she is simply a Krylorian like Bereet that shows up in Starlord's ship.  I think all of the people with fusia skin and little indents on their cheeks are part of the Krylorian race. 

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Who is the Owl aka Leland Owlsley

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Who is the Owl aka Leland Owlsley?

The Owl is a Marvel villain, who is a crime lord within New York City, and is known for battling the hero Daredevil.  The Owl is expected to be a villain in the Daredevil netflix series.  Leland Owlsley will be played by actor Bob Gunton.

Real Name: Leland Owlsley

Alias: The Owl

First Appearance: Daredevil #3

Leland Owlsley maintains a facade of being a respectable financier and honest businessman.  The reality is that behind the scenes he has created a side business of money laundering for various criminals and organizations.  When an audit reveals he is doing underside dealings he decides to fully embrace crime and creates the persona of The Owl.  As the Owl he creates his own gang and seeks to control the criminal underworld of New York City.  He quickly creates a reputation as both a gang leader and a ruthless financier.

 He builds a large headquarters which is designed as an Aerie hanging over the Palisades cliffs.  The building is full of exotic birds, many owls and also is heavily booby trapped.   He begins taking a serum that seems to make him stronger and gives him the ability to glide.  The serum makes him more owl-like increasing the size of his eyes and reducing the size of his ears.  Surgical enhancements to his neck and spine allow him to turn his head 180 degrees like an owl.

Owlsley sets up an accountant George Grey to be the fall guy on all of his illegal transactions.  The IRS is investigating Grey and closing in on arresting him.  Realizing his predicament Grey goes to Owlsley to beg him to save him.  Owlsley only laughs at him.  Grey shortly thereafter dies in an apparent suicide by car.  As the IRS goes through the transactions they uncover a link Owlsely and warn him to get a lawyer.  Owlsely hires one of the best lawyers in town, Matthew Murdock.
Not believing that Murdock can get him off Owlsley decides to up his game by bringing in superpowered henchmen.  He hires a strongman Ape Horgon and gunslinger Sad Sam Simms.  The two henchmen are set out to kidnap Murdock in an attempt to retain the services of the lawyer.  The two henchmen are beaten senseless by Daredevil.

Owlsley comes up with a new dastardly scheme. He believes that if he can defeat Daredevil the rest of the criminals of NYC will follow him. He kidnaps Daredevil, but is dismayed when the hero quickly escapes.  Daredevil is now running around the Owls headquarters and an epic battle transpires.   While Daredevil is more martially skilled, Owlsely is on his home turf.   Owlsley is able to lead Daredevil into various traps within his Aerie.  Police begin to descend upon the Aerie and  Owlsley realizes he must escape.  As he tries to escape, Daredevil strikes tipping over his boat.  Owlsey is soon apprehended and sent to Prison.

Owlsley vows to get revenge on Daredevil and Judge Lewis that sent him to Prison.  At one point he holds a mock trial with criminals as jurors seeking to get an execution of the Judge Lewis.  In another episode he joins with a Mr Kline to restore his criminal organization.  Another bizarre scheme had  Owlsley tape recording the mind of waves of humans allowing to hold their skills for ransom.

Skills / Powers:
Highly skilled financier
Takes an Owl serum that makes him more owl like
Enhanced vision - Has larger owl-like eyes and ability to turn his head 180 degrees
Flight -Can glide, and fly over small distances.

Has used a wide variety of technological contraptions as weapons and traps, including claw like razors, cages, cold guns, robots, laser beams, and various poisons.


The Owl is expected to be a villain in the Daredevil netflix series.  He will be played by actor Bob Gunton.
 Bob Gunton is most known for playing authoritarian like characters including the warden in the Shawshank redemption and the Chief in Demolition Man.

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