All Episodes of Ninjak Vs

All Episodes of Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe

Aeon River here I have been enjoying Ninjak Vs like the other Toylab bloggers.  I am not quite as sold on it as is Marvel Matt but still think its pretty good.  Bat in the Sun did a good job of getting the characters right, the special effects are on par with the CW.   One critique I will make is that from a story perspective it has a Superhero Beat Down quality to it.  The story is broken down into a series of vignette fights and more pains could have been taken to add some drama and story to make the battles more meaningful. 

Disappearing from

Warning the hosting of the videos is apparently temporary and they are all going to be taken down after ......4/26/2018?????  This sounds crazy but that is what I am reading.  I have read a few people who think that this is due to the other live action films coming out and Valiant not wanting competing versions available.  Still crazy for this not to be available somewhere.

Update on this - Some reports are saying that Ninjak will be allowed to stay up on for?  I have heard some say 6 months but I not seen that officially posted anywhere.

One thing I have been bugged with is the lack of organization on finding episodes.  I have created this page to lay them all out.  I will continue to organize them here each day a new one comes out.

Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Episode 1:
Ninjak is given a good reason to take on his own friends.
A battle between Livewire and Ninjak ensues.

Watch Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Episode Premiere!

Ninjak Vs Episode 2
Unity organizes itself to go after Ninjak.  Bloodshot finds Ninjak first and a bloody battle ensues.
Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe Episode 2

Ninjak Vs Episode 3
The 2nd episode features an all out battle between XO-Manowar and Ninjak.  This one reminded me some of the early battle between Thor and Iron Man.  However, in this case its more like if Hawkeye took on a hero with both Thor and Iron Man's powers.  Ninjak seems hopelessly outclassed but can he outmanuever the powerful XO-Manowar.

Watch Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe Episode 3

Ninjak Vs. Episode 4
Ninjak enters the Deadside and meets Shadowman.  How will this go down?  Unity begins to unravel the mystery of Ninjak's motivation but will Archer and Armstrong get the memo?
Watch Ninjak Vs. Episode 4

Ninjak Vs. Episode 5
This episode captures the fun and humor of Armstrong and Archer while sticking into the Valiant Universe.  The fight itself becomes its own unique story with Armstrong calling out combo moves to use against Ninjak.

Watch Episode 5 Armstrong and Archer team up against Ninjak

Ninjak Vs Episode 6

Watch Episode 6 of Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe the FINALE

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