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Avengers - Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War - News, Trailer, Pictures, Art

While the Avengers were torn apart after the events of Captain America Civil War old rivalrys and conflicts are forced to be set asside as a global and potentially universal threat comes to Earth in search of the powerful Infinity Stones.  Thanos, his powerful Black Order and his armies of brutal aliens will stand at nothing to see the Earth destroyed.

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man: 
  • Josh Brolin as Thanos:
  • An intergalactic despot who longs to collect all of the Infinity Stones in order to inflict his will on all of reality. 
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk: 
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki 
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers: 
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor: 
  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye 
  • Chris Pratt as Peter Quill / Star-Lord 
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch 
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier 
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange: 
  • Paul Bettany as Vision 
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury 
  • Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill 
  • Benedict Wong as Wong 
  • Zoe Saldana as Gamora 
  • Karen Gillan as Nebula 
  • Vin Diesel as Groot 
  • Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer 
  • Rocket 
  • Pom Klementieff as Mantis 
  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow 
  • Benicio del Toro as Taneleer Tivan / The Collecto 
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man 
  • Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson / Falcon 
  • Additionally, Terry Notary appears as one of Thanos' henchman - Corvus Glaive
Critical and Box Office Results:
Avengers Infinity War had the largest Box Office opening ever.

Avengers Infinity War boasts an A rating as a cinema score.  Some thought the film that houses some punishing moments for fans may be hurt in its rating but that has not happened yet.

As of 4/25/2018 Avengers Infinity War has a "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average score of 7.6/10 and is 87% Fresh on the Tomato Meter.  This is likely a little under where Marvel/Disney wanted the film especially after the recent successes with critics with the films of Thor and Black Panther.  That said it makes perfect sense to me as this film has the largest, most encompassing story to date and that can be hard to pull off.

The Critics Consensus on the site says:
"Avengers: Infinity War ably juggles a dizzying array of MCU heroes in the fight against their gravest threat yet, and the result is a thrilling, emotionally resonant blockbuster that (mostly) realizes its gargantuan ambitions."

A few Critics from Rotten Tomatoes I will highlight.

Be sure to stick around, empty popcorn bag in hand, for the post-credits scene, which left me wanting another sequel. Preferably tomorrow.
Moira MacDonald From Seattle Times

Infinity War is so gargantuan in scope, it almost becomes too much to digest. The smaller moments that have made the Marvel Cinematic Universe so enjoyable are lost in the spectacle.
Julian Roman From Movie Web

The high doesn't last, but it's dizzying all the same.
Hannah Woodhead  from Little White Lies

Star Lord reacts to an offer from Thor

Thanos has all the Infinity Stones?

Captain America VS THANOS in new Trailer

Avengers Infinity War Trailer #1 

This trailer features a lot of locations, a lot of characters, it is a very full trailer with just tons of great stuff.

First lets go through a quick break down of what we see:
The trailer opens with alien world in a binary star system.  It seems that Tony Stark is on this planet.

Doctor Strange and Wong find Bruce Banner aka the Hulk has jumped into their Sanctum.

Vision and Wanda have a romantic moment.  Vision appears to be human here it is possible this is due to his use of the mind stone in his head.

Thor is staring out of port holes of a space ship.  This is likely a ship from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Next we see Black Widow standing next to Bruce Banner in Wakanda.  The severed arm of the Hulk buster arm rests nearby.

We go back to Bleeker Street's Sanctum Santorum where Doctor Strange, Wong, Banner and now Tony Stark look perturbed by an unknown disturbance.

Peter Parker is riding a train when his hair stands on end, he looks out to see a floating circle hoving above the NYC skyline.  The ring structure appears to be a portal that will be used by Thanos to transport himself, his agents and armies to Earth.

Tony Stark is now in the street with Doctor Strange, Wong, and Banner.  There appears to be alot of debris in the street.  Stark also appears to have reinstalled an arc reactor in his chest.

Loki is seen standing amongst many bodies and handing the Tesseract to a large shadowy figutre.  This is likely Thanos.

Next we see Thanos himself walking through a portal.  This portal does not seem to be from the rings so its quite possible that he is using the Tesseract.

Spider-Man is shown in a cool new high tech suit on the giant Ring.

Thor is shown struggling against some other large ring like device in space.

On of the members of Black Order, Proxima Midnight is shown throwing a spear at a shadowy figure who appears to be Steve Rogers.  Black Panther goes on to give orders to call up the Wakandan defenses and to get Steve a shield.  Scarlet Witch is also shown here looking distrought.  Presumably this occures after Vision and Witch are attacked and they may be protecting Vision and his stone.

The Hulkbuster is seen jumping out in a field of Wakanda.  Some have thought that Banner could be piloting this suit and not Tony.  This may make sense as Tony is shown primarily in NYC and not in Wakanda.

We get a brief glimpse of Doctor Strange, the a quick image of Black Widow lunging with a spear.  The scene with Widow could be the battle with Proxima Midnight.

There is a clip of spires crashing to the ground around Wakanda that seem to be transport ships for some large four armed aliens.  It seems likely that the aliens are being sent to Wakanda for an infinity stone.  The stone would either be that of Vision who might be protected there, or Wakanda itself may have the so far unseen Soul stone.

We then get a clip of Thanos slamming Spider-Man to the ground like a baby.  We also see Stark look backward.  Both of these clips seem to be on the alien planet featured in the beginning of the trailer.

There is a really interesting seen where Vision is on the ground and getting the mind stone ripped out of his head.  There are at least two assailants here.  One is using what appears to be Loki's scepter but this is likely the Glaive of Corvus Glaive.  The other weapon looks like a staff may be another member of the Black Order.

Thanos is shown on the alien world dropping in the blue stone to the infinity gauntlet.  At this point he has already acquired the purple Power stone that was featured in Guardians of the Galaxy.  This means that Thanos first visits the planet of Xandar to get the Power stone from Nova Prime.  After dropping in the blue stone he is shown landing a powerful blow that drops Iron Man to the ground.

We then see the shape of a mega battle on Wakanda.  It looks like the heroes there are the Black Panther and is Wakandan forces, as well as Captain America, Falcon, Buckey, Black Widow, the Hulk and someone in a Iron Man suit who I think is War Machine.  Hulk here is not in the Hulkbuster armor.

Finally the movie ends with an eye patched Thor on a spaceship asking who a group is.  When the camera pans we see this is the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Alien Planet - This might be Xandar.  Thanos seems to acquire the Power gem first and its possible he wipes out all of Xandar with it.  Some how Stark and Spider-Man seem to make it on the world as well.

NYC - Spider-Man, Tony, Banner, Doctor Strange and Wong all seem to be active for a time on NYC battling a giant ring and who knows what comes out of it.  Vision and Scarlet Witch are also likely in NYC when they have their romantic moment and when Vision is attacked by the Black Order.

Wakanda - We see a few scenes here.  There is a scene where Captain America comes out of the shadows.  There is also what appears to be a few battles against aliens between the heroes / Wakandans.  It is also possible that the scene with Proxima Midnight occures in Wakanda.

Space - Thor is shown in space a few times and is shown meeting up with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Infinity Stones:

Thanos is shown having the Power Stone and Tesseract "Space Stone".  He gets the Tesseract from Loki and must also take down Nova Corps to get the Power Stone.  It appears he acquires the Power Stone first.

Stones With Thanos
Thanos  Space Stone   Blue       Formerly held in Odin's Vault/ Loki
Thanos   Power Stone  Purple   Formerly held by Nova Prime on Xandar

The other stones are held at:
Doctor Strange         Time Stone      Green        NYC, Earth
Vision                       Mind Stone      Yellow      NYC, Earth
Collector                   Reality Stone   Red           Knowwhere Station, Edge of Universe
Black Panther           Soul Stone       Orange?    Wakanda, Earth   - This is speculation on my part.

While picking off the Collector may seem easy keep in mind that the Collector is a Elder of the Universe and can use the Reality Stone.  Thanos may see the stones on Earth as the easy pickings before pursuing that stone.

It looks like the Black Order goes out to pursue the Vision and likely Doctor Strange to try to acquire their stones prior to large attack on Wakanda.

Fan Art

The Last Shwarma
I think this picture is brilliant.

Image result for avengers infinity war

Official Posters:

Love these posters.  Each one features a different group of of new and old Avengers.  Pretty much all of the heroes of the Marvel Universe.

New Infinity War Poster 

Marvel is releasing a new Infinity War Poster at San Diego Comic Con.  The Poster has Iron Man in forefront backed up immediatly by a group of Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora, Nebula and Mantis.  Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man are next.  War Machine, Winter Soldier and Hawkeye are seen farther back.  Thanos then looms over them all.

Curiousily not seen are the main Avengers Hulk, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Captain America.  Also not seen are the other Guardians being Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Groot.  Does this mean these characters will not be seen in the film.  Who knows it already has a ton of characters.

The poster definetly makes the point though of connecting various of the films together in this poster. This is where a lot of these new guys and the old guys are getting together.

Mark Ruffalo says, "In the next one everybody dies".
A video making waves right now has Mark Ruffalo saying that all of the heroes die in Avengers Infinity War. Don Cheadle looks at him and says "Dude!". Its hard for me to tell if they are being serious here or joking around.  I know this sounds crazy but I don't find the idea of all, or at least a lot of heroes dieing in Infinity War to be surprising.  That is A) What Thanos does he kills everybody.  Also the MCU will need some kind of reset.  Its going to be a weird reset because some of the films will be going forward after Infinity War like Guardians but its a pretty well known fact that many of the actors are close to filling out their MCU contracts.

Now one thing to keep in mind here the dream sequence of Iron Man in Age of Ultron showed what appeared to be the entire Avengers team dead.  The Scarlet Witch seems startled by what she unlocked in his head like it did not all come from her.  It seems likely this was something of a prophesy or a vision into the future.

The landscape resembles where we see the throne of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Likewise the Chitauri forces clearly make up his army and are seen in the distance.  All the Avengers are dead.  Hulk has has many spears jabbed into him.  Captain America's Shield is cracked.  Captain America utters the words... "You could have saved us, you could have done more." and then he dies.

This sequeunce is pretty important to the film as this dream seems to inspire Tony Stark's study of the mind infinity stone and then his creation of Ultron.

After this dream it does not seem all that crazy for ALL of the Avengers to die.


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West Coast Avengers Roster

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West Coast Avengers Roster

First Appearance of this team was in: West Coast Avengers #1

Vision receives permission to create a new Avengers team from the government.  Hawkeye takes up the challenge to chair the new team and goes about recruiting its first members.

In the teams first bit of action they make fools of themselves battling the Shroud.  The Shroud is there to simply talk to Tigra when they attack him.  Only Wonderman is able to capture him.

Roster of the Third Avengers Team includes:

Hawkeye is the first Chair of the team but struggles to live up to the leadership of Captain America. 

Iron Man 
Iron Man joins but the man beneath the mask would later turn out not to be Tony Stark but actually Tony's friend, Rhodey Rhodes. 

Mockingbird joins her husband on the team and becomes his most stalwart support, and bitter foe.

Tigra joins reluctantly.  She really did not feel that she had what it took to be an Avenger.   She also must deal with her attraction to men, who also tend to be attracted to her.  Iron Man notices early on that Tigra wears a lot less clothes than any other Avenger he has been around before.

Wonder Man
Wonder Man joins and is the rosters most powerful hero but he is also its biggest mental basket case.

Panels from the first Mini Series West Coast Avengers #1 the teams very first appearance:


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Avengers who served on the West Coast Team include:
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Eisner Nominations for 2018

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Eisner Nominations for 2018

Eisner nominations have been released for the 2018 awards.  The Eisner is the comic book equivalent of the Oscars and like the Oscars I like to look through nominations to see who made it that I liked and also to determine what I missed.

A couple of Toylab Thoughts:
Perusing through the list I was happy to see that  Jeff Lemire was recognized for his Black Hammer seires, Matt Kindt for XO Manowar and Tom King for both Batman and Mister Miracle.  I still think XO-Manowar was the best book of 2017.

A couple of comic books that I have not read that I need to check out are Tea Dragon Society and Monstress.

One sad / amusing thing I noticed  is that Marvel received awards primarily for two comics that no longer are active with Black Bolt and Hawkeye showing up here.  It would be nice if some of these series were maintained to the point that fans could still check them out after the Eisner was announced.  The Black Bolt series that received awards does deserve to be on the list.  While overall I have felt that the Inhumans overstayed their there welcome and were pushed too heavily the Black Bolt series was very good and went in a very different direction.  I'd say it was the all around best Inhumans based work ever and I'd put it above the War of Kings Cosmic stories that I loved.

Press Release

Comic-Con (Comic-Con International) is proud to announce the nominations for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards 2018. The nominees are for works published between January 1 and December 31, 2017 and were chosen by a blue-ribbon panel of judges.

Once again, this year’s nominees in 31 categories reflect the wide range of material being published in the U.S. today in comics and graphic novel form, representing over 120 print and online titles from more than 50 publishers and produced by creators from all over the world.

Topping the nominations are two works done by women. My Favorite Thing Is Monsters(Fantagraphics) by first-time graphic novelist Emil Ferris is nominated in 5 categories: Best Graphic Album–New, Best Writer/Artist, Best Coloring, Best Lettering, and Best Publication Design. Image’s Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda is nominated for Best Continuing Series and Best Publication for Teens, Liu is nominated for Best Writer, and Takeda is nominated for Best Painter and Best Cover Artist.

Other works with multiple nominations include DC’s Mister Miracle with 3 (Best Limited Series, Best Penciller/Inker and Best Coloring for Mitch Gerads) plus 2 shared (Best Writer for Tom King, Best Cover Artist for Nick Derrington);The Flinstones (another DC title) with 3 (Best Limited Series, Best Humor Publication, and Best Writer for Mark Russell); and Groundwood Books’ Louis Undercover by French creators Fanny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault (Best Publication for Teens, Best Penciller/Inker and Best Lettering for Arsenault). Dark Horse’s Black Hammer, by Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, and David Rubín has 1 sole nomination (Best Continuing Series) as well as 4 shared (Best Writer, Best Penciller/Inker for Rubín, and Best Coloring for Dave Stewart and Rubín). Another 16 publications have 2 nominations.

Among publishers, Fantagraphics and Image top the list with the most nominations. Fantagraphics’ 16 nominations include the 5 for My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, plus 2 for Cathy Malkasian’s Eartha. Fantagraphics can boast 2 out of the 5 nominees for Best Graphic Album–New, Best U.S. Edition of International Material, Best Writer/Artist, and Best Comics-Related Book. Image has 13 nominations plus 5 shared. In addition to Monstress, nominated Image titles include The Wicked + The Divine (Best Continuing Series), 3 of the 5 nominated Limited Series (Extremity, Maestros, and Royal City), and Beowulf, by Spanish creators Santiago García and David Rubín (Best Adaption from Another Medium, plus shared nominations for Rubín for Penciller/Inker and Coloring).

DC, IDW, Dark Horse, and Marvel have numerous shared nominations each (mostly in the writing, coloring, and lettering categories), making totals difficult to pin down. DC has 9 nominations and 2 shared, Dark Horse has 7 nominations and 6 shared, while IDW and Marvel both have 7 nominations and 1 shared. The majority of DC’s nominations are for The Flintstones and Mister Miracle. Dark Horse nominees besides Black Hammer include 2 in the Adaptation category (H. P. Lovecraft’s The Hound and Other Stories and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick) and 2 for Will Eisner: The Centennial Celebration 1917–2017 (published in conjunction with Kitchen Sink). IDW has nominees in the Kids, Reality-Based, International, and Archival categories. Its 2 Reality-Based nominees are Calamity Jane: The Calamitous Life of Martha Jane Cannary, 1852–1903and Lennon: The New York Years, both from European creators. In addition,Flight of the Raven by Jean-Pierre Gibrat (published by EuroComics/IDW) is nominated for Best U.S. Edition of International Material and Best Painter. Marvel has 2 Limited Series nominees: Black Panther: World of Wakanda and Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design. Other Marvel nominees include Hawkeye for Best Continuing Series and Black Bolt for Best New Series.

Additional publishers with multiple nominations include BOOM! with 6 nominations plus 1 shared, Nobrow with 5, and Andrews McMeel with 4 (2 each for the kids/humor book Wallace the Braveby Will Henry and the archival collection Celebrating Snoopy). Five companies have 3 nominations each: Drawn & Quarterly, First Second, Groundwood Books, Lion Forge/Magnetic, and Short Box. Twelve publishers have 2 nominations each, and another 39 companies or individuals have 1 nomination each.

Along with Emil Ferris and Sana Takeda, Beowulf and Black Hammer artist David Rubínhas 4 nominations (Adaptation, Continuing Series, Penciller/Inker, Coloring).

Five creators have 3 nominations each: Marjorie Liu, Mark Russell, Tom King, Mitch Gerads, andIsabelle Arsenault. Eleven individuals are nominated for 2 Eisners, among them the late Jiro Taniguchi (Best U.S. Edition of International Material–Asia, Best Writer/Artist), Colombia-born Lorena Alvarezfor Night Lights (Publication for Kids, Writer/Artist),French artist Chabouté(Adaptation, Writer/Artist), writers Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Descender) and Matt Kindt (Grass Kings, Ether, Eternity, X-O Manowar), artist Ramón K. Perez for Jane (Publication for Teens, Penciller/Inker), and writer/artist Tillie Walden for her graphic novel Spinning (Publication for Teens, Reality-Based Work).

Named for acclaimed comics creator Will Eisner, the awards are celebrating their 30th year of bringing attention to and highlighting the best publications and creators in comics and graphic novels. The 2018 Eisner Awards judging panel consists of librarian Candice Mack (Los Angeles Public Library), comics reviewer/journalist Graeme McMillan (i09, Wired, Hollywood Reporter), comics retailer Tate Ottati (Tate’s Comics, Lauderhill, FL), comics scholar Nhora Serrano (Hamilton College, Clinton, NY), writer/artist/educator Alexander Simmons (Blackjack, Scooby Doo, Archie; Kids Comic Con), and longtime Comic-Con volunteer William Wilson (anime/manga expert).

Voting for the awards is held online, and the ballot is available at www.eisnervote.com. All professionals in the comic book industry are eligible to vote. The deadline for voting is June 15. The results of the voting will be announced in a gala awards ceremony on the evening of Friday, July 20 at Comic-Con in San Diego.

The voting in one Eisner Awards category, the Hall of Fame, is already completed. The judges chose the nominees earlier this year, and voting was conducted online.

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards are presented under the auspices of Comic-Con, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for comics and related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contributions of comics to art and culture. Jackie Estrada has been administrator of the Awards since 1990. She can be reached at jackie@comic-con.org.

More information about the Eisner Awards can be found at http://www.comic-con.org/awards/eisner-awards-current-info

Best Short Story

“Ethel Byrne,” by Cecil Castelluci and Scott Chantler, in Mine: A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All Benefiting Planned Parenthood (ComicMix)

“Forgotten Princess,” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Antonio Sandoval, in Adventure Time Comics #13 (kaboom!)

”A Life in Comics: The Graphic Adventures of Karen Green,” by Nick Sousanis, in Columbia Magazine (Summer 2017), http://magazine.columbia.edu/features/summer-2017/life-comics?page=0,0

“Small Mistakes Make Big Problems,” by Sophia Foster-Dimino, in Comics for Choice (Hazel Newlevant)

“Trans Plant,” by Megan Rose Gedris, in Enough Space for Everyone Else (Bedside Press)

Best Single Issue/One-Shot

Barbara,by Nicole Miles (ShortBox)

Hellboy: Krampusnacht,by Mike Mignola and Adam Hughes (Dark Horse)

Pope Hats #5, by Ethan Rilly (AdHouse Books)

The Spotted Stone, by Rick Veitch (Sun Comics)

What Is Left,by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (ShortBox)

Best Continuing Series

Black Hammer,by Jeff Lemire, Dean Ormston, and David Rubín (Dark Horse)

Giant Days,by John Allison, Max Sarin, and Liz Fleming(BOOM! Box)

Hawkeye,by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and Mike Walsh (Marvel)

Monstress, by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda (Image)

The Wicked + The Divine,by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie (Image)

Best Limited Series

Black Panther: World of Wakanda,by Roxane Gay, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Alitha E. Martinez (Marvel)

Extremity,by Daniel Warren Johnson (Image/Skybound)

The Flintstones,by Mark Russell, Steve Pugh, Rick Leonardi, and Scott Hanna (DC)

Mister Miracle,by Tom King and Mitch Gerads (DC)

X-Men: Grand Design, by Ed Piskor (Marvel)

Best New Series

Black Bolt,by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward (Marvel)

Grass Kings,by Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins (BOOM! Studios)

Maestros,by Steve Skroce (Image)

Redlands,by Jordie Belaire and Vanesa Del Rey (Image)

Royal City,by Jeff Lemire (Image)

Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8)

Adele in Sand Land,by Claude Ponti, translated by Skeeter Grant and Françoise Mouly (Toon Books)

Arthur and the Golden Rope,by Joe Todd-Stanton (Flying Eye/Nobrow)

Egg,by Kevin Henkes (Greenwillow Books)

Good Night, Planet,by Liniers (Toon Books)

Little Tails in the Savannah,by Frederic Brrémaud and Federico Bertolucci, translated by Mike Kennedy (Lion Forge/Magnetic)

Best Publication for Kids (ages 9–12)

Bolivar,by Sean Rubin (Archaia)

Home Time (Book One): Under the River, by Campbell Whyte (Top Shelf)

Nightlights,by Lorena Alvarez (Nobrow)

The Tea Dragon Society,by Katie O’Neill (Oni)

Wallace the Brave,by Will Henry (Andrews McMeel)

Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17)

The Dam Keeper, by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi (First Second/Tonko House)

Jane,by Aline Brosh McKenna and Ramón K. Pérez (Archaia)

Louis Undercover,by Fanny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault, translated by Christelle Morelli and Susan Ouriou (Groundwood Books/House of Anansi)

Monstress, by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda (Image)

Spinning, by Tillie Walden (First Second)

Best Humor Publication

Baking with Kafka,by Tom Gauld (Drawn & Quarterly)

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special#1, by Tom King, Lee Weeks, and Byron Vaughn (DC)

The Flintstones,by Mark Russell, Steve Pugh, Rick Leonardi, and Scott Hanna (DC)

Rock Candy Mountain,by Kyle Starks (Image)

Wallace the Brave,by Will Henry (Andrews McMeel)

Best Anthology

A Bunch of Jews (and Other Stuff): A Minyen Yidn,by Max B. Perlson, Trina Robbins et al. (Bedside Press)

A Castle in England,by Jamie Rhodes et al. (Nobrow)

Elements: Fire, A Comic Anthology by Creators of Color,edited by Taneka Stotts (Beyond Press)

Now#1, edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)

The Spiritanthology, edited by Sean Phillips (Lakes International Comic Art Festival)

Best Reality-Based Work

Audubon: On the Wings of the World,by Fabien Grolleau and Jerémie Royer, translated by Etienne Gilfillan (Nobrow)

The Best We Could Do,by Thi Bui (Abrams ComicArts)

Calamity Jane: The Calamitous Life of Martha Jane Cannary, 1852–1903,by Christian Perrissin and Matthieu Blanchin, translated by Diana Schutz and Brandon Kander (IDW)

Lennon: The New York Years, by David Foenkinos, Corbeyran, and Horne, translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger (IDW)

Spinning,by Tillie Walden (First Second)

Best Graphic Album—New

Crawl Space,by Jesse Jacobs (Koyama Press)

Eartha,by Cathy Malkasian (Fantagraphics)

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters,by Emil Ferris (Fantagraphics)

Stages of Rot,by Linnea Sterte (Peow)

The Story of Jezebel,by Elijah Brubaker (Uncivilized Books)

Best Graphic Album—Reprint

Boundless,by Jillian Tamaki (Drawn & Quarterly)

Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Black Hole by Charles Burns,edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics)

Small Favors: The Definitive Girly Porno Collection,by Colleen Coover (Oni/Limerence)

Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero,by Michael DeForge (Drawn & Quarterly)

Unreal City,by D. J. Bryant (Fantagraphics)

Best Adaptation from Another Medium

Beowulf,adapted by Santiago García and David Rubín (Image)

H. P. Lovecraft’s The Hound and Other Stories,adapted by Gou Tanabe, translated by Zack Davisson (Dark Horse)

Herman Melville’s Moby Dick,adapted by Christophe Chabouté, translated by Laure Dupont (Dark Horse)

Kindred,by Octavia Butler, adapted by Damian Duffy and John Jennings (Abrams ComicArts)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material

Audubon: On the Wings of the World,by Fabien Grolleau and Jerémie Royer, translated by Etienne Gilfillan (Nobrow)

Flight of the Raven,by Jean-Pierre Gibrat, translated by Diana Schutz and Brandon Kander (EuroComics/IDW)

FUN,by Paolo Bacilieri, translated by Jamie Richards (SelfMadeHero)

Ghost of Gaudi,by El Torres and Jesús Alonso Iglesias, translated by Esther Villardón Grande (Lion Forge/Magnetic)

The Ladies-in-Waiting,by Santiago García and Javier Olivares, translated by Erica Mena (Fantagraphics)

Run for It: Stories of Slaves Who Fought for the Freedom,by Marcelo D’Salete, translated by Andrea Rosenberg (Fantagraphics)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia

Furari,by Jiro Taniguchi, translated by Kumar Sivasubramanian (Fanfare/Ponent Mon)

Golden Kamuy,by Satoru Noda, translated by Eiji Yasuda (VIZ Media)

My Brother’s Husband,vol. 1, by Gengoroh Tagame, translated by Anne Ishii (Pantheon)

Otherworld Barbara,vol. 2, by Moto Hagio, translated by Matt Thorn (Fantagraphics)

Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories,by Junji Itotranslated by Jocelyne Allen(VIZ Media)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips

Celebrating Snoopy,by Charles M. Shulz, edited by Alexis E. Fajardo and Dorothy O’Brien(Andrews McMeel)

Crazy Quilt: Scraps and Panels on the Way to Gasoline Alley,by Frank King, edited by Peter Maresca (Sunday Press)

Foolish Questions and Other Odd Observations,by Rube Goldberg, edited by Peter Maresca and Paul C. Tumey (Sunday Press Books)

Sky Masters of the Space Force: The Complete Dailies,by Jack Kirby, Wally Wood et al., edited byDaniel Herman(Hermes Press)

Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Strips,vol. 1, by Russ Manning et al., edited by Dean Mullaney (LOAC/IDW)

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books

Akira 35th Anniversary Edition,by Katsuhiro Otomo, edited by Haruko Hashimoto, Ajani Oloye, and Lauren Scanlan(Kodansha)

Behaving MADly,edited by Craig Yoe (Yoe Books/IDW)

The Collected Neil the Horse,by Arn Saba/Katherine Collins, edited by Andy Brown (Conundrum)

Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Jaime Hernandez,edited by Gary Groth (Fantagraphics)

Will Eisner: The Centennial Celebration, 1917-2017,by Paul Gravett, Denis Kitchen, and John Lind(Kitchen Sink/Dark Horse)

Best Writer

Tom King, Batman, Batman Annual #2, Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1, Mister Miracle (DC)

Matt Kindt, Grass Kings (BOOM! Studios); Ether(Dark Horse);Eternity, X-O Manowar (Valiant)

Jeff Lemire, Black Hammer (Dark Horse);Descender (Image)

Marjorie Liu, Monstress (Image)

Mark Russell, The Flintstones (DC)

Best Writer/Artist

Lorena Alvarez, Night Lights (Nobrow)

Chabouté, Moby Dick (Dark Horse);Alone, The Park Bench (Gallery 13/Simon & Schuster)

Emil Ferris, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters (Fantagraphics)

Cathy Malkasian, Eartha (Fantagraphics)

Jiro Taniguchi, Furari, Louis Vuitton Travel Guide: Venice (Fanfare/Ponent Mon)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team

Isabelle Arsenault, Louis Undercover (Groundwood Books/House of Anansi)

Mitch Gerads, Mister Miracle (DC)

Gary Gianni, Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea (Dark Horse)

Ramón K. Perez, Jane (Archaia)

David Rubín, Black Hammer #9 & #12, Ether, Sherlock Frankenstein #1–3(Dark Horse); Beowulf (Image)

Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art)

Federico Bertolucci, Love: The Dinosaur, Little Tails (Lion Forge/Magnetic)

EFA, Monet: Itinerant of Light (NBM)

Jean-Pierre Gibrat, Flight of the Raven (EuroComics/IDW)

Cyril Pedrosa, Portugal (NBM)

Sana Takeda, Monstress (Image)

Best Cover Artist

Jorge Corona,No. 1 with a Bullet (Image)

Nick Derington, Mister Miracle (DC); Doom Patrol (DC Young Animal)

Brian Stelfreeze, Black Panther(Marvel)

Sana Takeda, Monstress (Image)

Julian Totino Tedesco, Hawkeye (Marvel)

Best Coloring

Emil Ferris, My Favorite Thing Is

Monsters (Fantagraphics)Mitch Gerads, Mister Miracle (DC)

Ed Piskor, X-Men: Grand Design (Marvel)

David Rubín, Ether, Black Hammer, Sherlock Frankenstein (Dark Horse); Beowulf (Image)

Dave Stewart, Black Hammer, BPRD: Devil You Know, Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea, Sherlock Frankenstein, Shaolin Cowboy(Dark Horse); Maestros (Image)

Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, What Is Left (ShortBox)

Best Lettering

Isabelle Arsenault, Louis Undercover (Groundwood Books/House of Anansi)

Clayton Cowles, Bitch Planet: Triple Feature, Redlands,The Wicked + The Divine (Image); Black Bolt, Spider-Gwen, Astonishing X-Men, Star Wars(Marvel)

Emil Ferris, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters (Fantagraphics)

Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo, Groo: Slay of the Gods (Dark Horse)

John Workman, Mother Panic(DC Young Animal); Ragnorak (IDW)

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism

Alter Ego,edited by Roy Thomas (TwoMorrows)

The Comics Journal,edited by Dan Nadel, Timothy Hodler, and Tucker Stone,tcj.com(Fantagraphics)

Hogan’s Alley,edited by Tom Heintjes

Jack Kirby Collector,edited by John Morrow (TwoMorrows)

PanelXPanelmagazine, edited by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, panelxpanel.com

Best Comics-Related Book

Deconstructing the Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius,by Jean Annestay and Christophe Quillien(Humanoids)

How Comics Work,by Dave Gibbons and Tim Pilcher (Wellfleet Press/Quarto Group)

How to Read Nancy: The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels,by Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden (Fantagraphics)

Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini,by Richard Pini(Flesk)

Monograph, by Chris Ware (Rizzoli)

To Laugh That We May Not Weep: The Life and Times of Art Young,by Glenn Bray and Frank M. Young (Fantagraphics)

Best Academic/Scholarly Work

The Comics of Charles Schulz: The Good Grief of Modern Life,edited by Jared Gardner and Ian Gordon (University Press of Mississippi)

Ethics in the Gutter: Empathy and Historical Fiction in Comics,by Kate Polak (Ohio State University Press)

Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics,by Frederick Luis Aldama (University of Arizona Press)

Neon Visions: The Comics of Howard Chaykin,by Brannon Costello (LSU Press)

Picturing Childhood: Youth in Transnational Comics,edited by Mark Heimermann and Brittany Tullis (University of Texas Press)

Best Publication Design

Akira 35th Anniversary Edition,designed by Phil Balsman, Akira Saito (Veia), NORMA Editorial, and MASH•ROOM(Kodansha)

Celebrating Snoopy,designed by Spencer Williams and Julie Phillips (Andrews McMeel)

Monograph,designed by Chris Ware (Rizzoli)

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters,designed by Jacob Covey (Fantagraphics)

Will Eisner: The Centennial Celebration, 1917-2017, designed by John Lind (Kitchen Sink/Dark Horse)

Best Digital Comic

Bandette,by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover (Monkeybrain/comiXology)

Barrier,by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin (Panel Syndicate)

The Carpet Merchant of Konstaniniyya,by Reimena Yee (reimenayee.com/the-carpet-merchant)

Contact High,by James F. Wright and Josh Eckert (gumroad.com)

Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost, by Harvey Kurtzman, Josh O’Neill, Shannon Wheeler, and Gideo Kendall (comiXology Originals/Kitchen, Lind & Associates)

Quince,by Sebastian Kadlecik, Kit Steinkellner, and Emma Steinkellner, translated by Valeria Tranier (Fanbase Press/comiXology)

Best Webcomic

Awaiting a Wave, by Dale Carpenter and Nate Powell, features.weather.com/us-climate-change/arkansas (The Weather Channel Digital)

Brothers Bond, by Kevin Grevioux and Ryan Benjamin, www.webtoons.com/en/action/brothers-bond/list?title_no=1191 (LINE Webtoon)

Dispatch from a Sanctuary City, by Mike Dawson, https://thenib.com/dispatch-from-a-sanctuary-city (The Nib)

The Tea Dragon Society, by Katie O’Neill (teadragonsociety.com)

Welcome to the New World, by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan, www.michaelsloan.net/welcome-to-the-new-world/(New York Times Sunday Review)

Who is the Dark Order?

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What is the Dark Order? What does the Children of Thanos mean?

The Dark Order is a group of highly powerful beings assembled as a strike team by Thanos to take over planets and wreak havok on his enemies.  The Dark Order members have various power sets and abilities and are generally accompanied by various other armies into war including the Outriders or the Chitauri.  The Dark Order along with Thanos will be the primary villains of  the MCU film Avengers Infinity War.

Names: Dark Order, Thanos's Dark Order, Children of Thanos

First Appearance: New Avengers #8 (Vol 3 2013 )

Avengers Infinity War Store
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Corvus Glaive

Proxima Midnight

Cull Obsidian / Black Dwarf

Ebony Maw

Of course we must also add the ultimate leader of the Black Order.......Thanos himself.


Pictures of the Dark Order:


MORE MARVEL!!!!!! - News, Videos, Trailers

Xandar - Home of the Nova Corps

What is Xandar in the Marvel Universe?

Welcome to Xandar.

Xandar is a planet within the Andromeda Galaxy of the Marvel Universe.  Xandar has been described as Andromeda’s proudest planet with science far in the advance of any other planet.   It was also at peace.

Planet Name: Xandar
Galaxy: Andromeda - Full Map of Andromeda Galaxy in Marvel
Star System: Tranta

Nova Corps Headquarters on Xandar:
Xandar is well known for being the home and head quarters of the Nova Corps.  The Nova Corps are like the SHIELD of space.  They are empowered agents who go about trying to bring order and justice to the galaxy.  Each agent is given some Nova force based off their rank.  There are 5 ranks in the Nova Corps, Nova Prime (The highest Nova member), Centurians, Denarians, Millennians, and the lowly Corpsmen.  The lower two ranks the Millennians/Corpsman cannot fly or fire energy blast from their hands.  The top 3 ranks can.  The most well known Nova is Rich Rider who has the equivalent powers of a Centurian. The Nova Force originates on Xandar.  Nova corps is tasked with protecting Xandar and the Xandar Worldmind.
The Xandar Worldmind is the collective knowledge and culture of the Xandar people stored in a big abstract computer. That has a mind of its own.

Xandar is home to many species.  Many of its citizens appear human.  It is unknown whether Xandarian is its own race or a collection of races that are citizens.  My assumption is that the actual race Xandarian is human looking in appearance (I say this due to Queen Adora’s human looking appearance).  They have allowed a wide variety of other alien species to join their ranks as both Citizens of Xandar and as members of its Nova Corps Militia.

Xandar is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by Queen Adora.  Adora looks similar to a human.

Xandar Concept art from GotG movie

Concept Art from GotG movie

Concept art from GotG movie

Xandar is attacked a lot as time goes on.
At one point the planet is nearly destroyed but is saved by Uatu the Watcher.  He helps hold the major pieces of the planet together in a network of connected cities.  It is then attacked by Skrulls but survives.  Is attacked by Nebula and is destroyed.  Nova Rich Rider manages to restart the Xandarian World Mind, which brings back the Nova Corps.  The Worldmind also begins to clone old Xandarians bringing back Xandar at least partially.  Then Xandar is wiped out by the Annihilation Wave.
Bottom line Xandar may seem like a cool place but you might not want to live there.

Xandar will be featured in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  Below you can see citizens of Xandar, Nova Corpsmen, as well as Ronan’s ship attacking Xandar.  The planet does not appear to broken into domed city connected city states yet.  It is still a whole intact world and a very pretty one by the looks of it. 
 Its population appears to be diversely full of human looking Xandarians and other alien species.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ronan’s ship the Dark Aster descends upon Nova Corps on Xandar

Dark Aster releasing Necrocraft

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Nova Worldmind - Cosmic Races and Cosmic Map

Who is Richard Rider - Nova