Betty and Veronica Vixens

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Betty and Veronica Vixens

Looking through the solicitations of upcoming comics the artwork for Betty & Veronica Vixens #7 really struck me.  It was edgy and cool yet mixing with the old school americana icons of Betty and Veronica.  In recent years the Archie characters have experienced a kind of revival with the show Riverdale focusing on a edgier noir version of the cast on TV through the CW.  The comics have also delved into interesting things like zombies and witch craft making for interesting alternative universes for the Archie gang.

I actually think what is going on in Archie comics right now is one of the most interesting things in the comic store.  The reason is that I think America has hit some interesting inflection points.  There are signs of greater polarity and political division, there are signs of losing power and control and yet there is still massive wealth and innovation.  I think a lot of the questions that are lurking in the subconscious of America can be explored in interesting ways through the Archie books.  They are a way for Americans to see them selves through a different angle of the prism.

I missed the launch of the Vixens series that started in Nov.

But its cool.  Its Betty and Veronica in a pulpy, motorcycle gang based off of grind house films.  Kind of a simple concept but made deeper symbolic by using Betty and Veronica.  These are not your typical Tarantino characters, these are the all american girls next door.  In this story they create their own biker gang and throw down with the Southside Serpents.

Artwork from Vixens #1

NEW STORY ARC! “Hunted,” Pt 2: The Vixens encounter a rival gang—but are these formidable foes or potential new members? Meanwhile, the girls struggle with trusting their new behind-the-scenes leader.
Script: Jamie Lee Rotante
Art: Jen Vaughn, Elaina Unger, Rachel Deering
Cover: Jen Vaughn
Variant Covers: Sanya Anwar, Audrey Mok
On Sale Date: 6/13
32-page, full color comic $3.99 U.S.

You can blame Aeon River for this Sh BEEP:
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