The Pokemon War Journal

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The Pokemon War is an event that has been hinted at in Pokemon since the very first game, but no game has given us more information about what the War was about than Pokemon Go.  This is because Pokemon Go occures prior to the events of Pokemon Red and Blue the very first games.  Pokemon Go is thus on a collision course with a major event that will pit trainer against trainer and Pokemon vs Pokemon in a high stakes battle that will change the world forever!

This is the Pokemon War Journal a guide for documenting the evidence of the Pokemon War and predicting how the event will occur.

Why will the different Teams of Pokemon Go tear each other apart?  What will the world look like afterwards?  Find out!

Pokemon War Journal Video Series:
Don't like reading?  No worries.  We are making Pokemon War Journal into a video series.Here is a quick teaser for the series.  It will serve as the opening for each episode.

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Looking for the Pokemon War...
The Bloggers of Toylab have been busy scouring Pokemon Games for evidence of the Pokemon War and we have chronicle that information here.  These are our notes to help trainers prepare for the coming battle.

What is the Pokemon War theory?

Why is the Pokemon War coming to Pokemon Go and what havoc will cause?  Here are the signs of the War that is coming to Pokemon Go.

Is the Pokemon War coming to Pokemon Go?

Spark is the leader of the Team Instinct.  Many think he has a happy leader but what if there is far more to him than people think.  What if Spark is a major clue for the Pokemon War.

Spark's secret in Pokemon Go and the Pokemon War

Professor Willow seems to be your friend.  Do you know that he appeared in a different game?  Only in that game he was no longer a professor so what happened?

Professor Willow's change to a new character?

Why is fresh water in the Pokemon World so rare?  What happened to it?

Fresh Water evidence of the Pokemon War

A critical item in Pokemon Go is candy.  You get Candy for capturing and transferring Pokemon.  One question is very important though.  What actually is CANDY?  Also why is Candy plentiful in Pokemon Go but rare in all of the other games?

Disturbing Truth about Candy? The cause of the War?

Now for the ultimate question!  How do you beat, kill, defeat Weavile.  What Pokemon is a counter Weavile?

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

More Pokemon GO! Tips, Tricks and More!

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Shadow Man #1 Out Today!

Art work has started to come out from Valiant on the Shadowman series that will start in March 2018.  Shadowman is my personal favorite character at Valiant though I have grown to love Livewire, XO-Manowar, Bloodshot and Ninja-K.  Something about Shadowman though strikes a deeper chord than all the others, he really feels like a product of the 90s of his era and the era I was a kid in.  I think that his birth in the 90s makes him automatically a bit different than characters from the 50s and 60s that make up the big pillar characters of the big 2 company's.  Shadowman was the dude of Valiant and he was in the 90s.

Shadowman is coming!  Shadowman is coming!  I am so excited I want to yell down and scream it like Paul Revere.   To put this in perspective this is like Valiant's Super Man series starting after a long hiatus.  Its a big deal.  Is Shadowman like Super Man in any other way No.  He is straight 90s! Dark, menacing, hints of a anti-hero, flawed and with awesome powers that kind of scare you.

Ok crap now I have that portlandia song stuck in my head "The 90s are alive in Portland"  Awww crap.  Seriously, though picking up a Shadowman comic for me is like being transported back into the time of Nirvana and Tupac.

Also since I already mentioned Portland I would remiss if I did not mention that Voodoo Donuts in Portland will be selling special Shadowman themed Donuts as a promo.  There is a Voodoo Donuts in Denver however I don't think the Denver location is participating.   These were created for the comicspro event on Feb 23, I am not sure if they are still being sold or not.  However, I think getting Voodoo Donuts on March 28th to go along with Shadowman #1 release is an awesome idea and I may just do that.  Stay tuned to the Toylab Instagram on that day!

This particular version of Shadowman looks different than the last for a few reasons.  First the quality of Valiant has been top notch for the past couple of years.  Their books have freaking delivered in every way.  Each book has high quality art inside and out, with dramatic cohesive story telling.  The story telling at Valiant also has been unique in that their books have been allowed to start and finish arcs without being interrupted by giant Comic Events.  Its been a nice ride.  Each one has managed to be unique and tell its own story, with writers supplying their voice.  The art for each series has been well maintained by giving each artist enough time to supply their style of art.    I have handed Valiant books out to friends recently who were initially dismissive of Valiant and their reaction is always "Holy Sh#$#! this is F#$#ing great!" and I'm like yeah I know that is why I am telling you need to start reading them.

I want to share some art from it and also post some of the recent news that its been coming out from the Valiant Voice Newsletter.  On top of the series having impressive art, they also have plans for the series for the full year with a cool book planned for Halloween.  Basically fans can expect a regular monthly series with awesome art, cool story and with Valiant biggest character, Sign me up.

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC (JAN182001)
Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (JAN182002)
Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (JAN182003)
Shadowman Icon Variant by TRAVEL FOREMAN (JAN182004)
Glow-in-the-Dark Brushed Metal Variant by TONCI ZONJIC (JAN182005)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MARCH 28th (FOC – 3/5/18)

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC (FEB181885)
Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (FEB181886)
Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (FEB181888)
Shadowman Icon Variant by BEN TEMPLESMITH (FEB181889)
Blank Cover Also Available (FEB181887)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale APRIL 25th (FOC – 4/2/18)

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP
Shadowman Icon Variant by GREG SMALLWOOD
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MAY 23rd (FOC – 4/30/18)

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Interlocking Variant by DAVID LAFUENTE
Shadowman Icon Variant by DAVE JOHNSON
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JUNE 20th (FOC – 5/18/18)

Valiant Voice Post:
Extended Preview Debut: SHADOWMAN #1 – Andy Diggle & Stephen Segovia Storm into Valiant’s Biggest New Series Launch of 2018 on March 28th!
Posted on January 24, 2018 by The Valiant Voice

As first revealed at Newsweek’s Player One, Valiant is proud to reveal an extended look inside the pages of SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of A POWERFUL NEW ONGOING SERIES from acclaimed writer Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One, Daredevil) and explosive artist Stephen Segovia(NINJAK, Action Comics)! On March 28th, in the epic tradition of X-O MANOWAR and BLOODSHOT REBORN, Jack Boniface storms to the forefront of the Valiant Universe – more powerful, more terrifying, and more relentless than ever before – with the first step in an adrenaline-fueled odyssey that will redefine the Shadowman mythos once and for all time!

“Part of Jack’s journey of self-discovery will involve exploring this legacy across the past 150 years, uncovering hidden truths about his ancestors’ relationship with the loa, and learning the implications for his own untapped potential,” writer Andy Diggle told Player One. “You’ll finally get to see the ‘noir’ Shadowman of the 1940s in action, and I get to indulge my love of westerns with the post-Civil War Shadowman issue… Figuring out how it all works, defining the rules – though without necessarily spelling everything out… I’ve been having fun pulling on loose threads and seeing what unravels.”

Don’t fear your demons… Fight them! Orphaned as a child and raised on the margins of society, Jack Boniface never knew his place in the world. Until he discovered it waiting for him…in a darkness far older than the reign of men…

Unbeknownst to him, Jack was fated to become the next in a long lineage of Shadowmen – mortals bound to violent voodoo spirits of immense power – that could safeguard our world against incursions from realms beyond. For years, he struggled to control the loa’s murderous urges – a battle he eventually lost.

But now, after years of self-imposed exile, the man once known as Shadowman is returning home to sharpen the weapon within…and unleash a reckoning on the evils of our world that will soon send shockwaves through heaven and hell alike…

A staggering new beginning for Valiant’s nocturnal guardian starts here on March 28th with PART ONE of “FEAR OF THE DARK” – a tense and gripping three-issue introduction pushing Jack Boniface to the farthest edge of fear itself…and into a startling fight for survival…only in the all-new SHADOWMAN #1!

Plus: Valiant is rewarding fans who reserve the first arc of Valiant’s next essential monthly series with specially expanded, limited editions of each issue in the SHADOWMAN #1-3 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE – available only as a pre-order set! Released monthly from March through May 2018, each Valiant PRE-ORDER EDITION comes packed with trade paperback-style extras and bonus content, including creator commentary, behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the comics, process character designs and artwork, and first looks at upcoming issues – plus an exclusive cover by visionary artist Raúl Allén (SECRET WEAPONS) that can’t be found anywhere else!

Fans and retailers, take note: the only way to obtain the SHADOWMAN #1-3 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE is to reserve this limited item with your local comic shop by the initial order date (IOD) of January 25th, 2018! No more copies will be made available beyond that date and subsequent issues will not be offered in later solicitations!

Then: Valiant will also be combining the debut issue’s ultra-limited, glow-in-the-dark variant cover with the publisher’s highly sought-after metal printing process to produce a true first in the history of the Valiant Universe: the SHADOWMAN #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Brushed Metal Variant – featuring cover art by Eisner Award-nominated artist Tonci Zonjic (Who is Jake Ellis?) recast in hauntingly luminescent glow-in-the-dark ink!

Attention retailers: One copy of the SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Brushed Metal Variant can be ordered by retailers who place a qualifying order of 250 copies or more. The SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Glow-In-The-Dark Brushed Metal Variant is strictly limited to one copy per qualifying storefront. For instructions on how to qualify for the SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Brushed Metal Variant, please see the Diamond Retailer Site under order code: JAN182005.

On March 28th, “FEAR OF THE DARK” grips the Valiant Universe with the must-read first issue of 2018 as high-octane storytellers Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia present a stunning introduction in SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 – featuring an astounding slate of covers by Tonci Zonjic (Who is Jake Ellis?), Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT SALVATION, Wolverine), Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA), and Travel Foreman (Animal Man, The Ultimates)!

SHADOWMAN (2018) #1
Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC (JAN182001)
Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (JAN182002)
Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (JAN182003)
Shadowman Icon Variant by TRAVEL FOREMAN (JAN182004)
Glow-in-the-Dark Brushed Metal Variant by TONCI ZONJIC (JAN182005)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MARCH 28th (FOC – 3/5/18)

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Covers by RAÚL ALLÉN (JAN182006)
$11.97 [3 issues] | 40 pgs. each | T+ | Issue #1 On Sale MARCH 28th (IOD – 1/25/18)

Valiant Store:

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Taskmaster - Marvel villains

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Who is Taskmaster?
Taskmaster is a villain in the Marvel Universe known for his run ins with the Avengers, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Deadpool.  He is considered to be one of the top fighters in the MCU due to his ability to mimic other people's movements and fighting styles.

First Appearance: Avengers #195 (1980)

Real Name: Anthony "Tony" Masters

Taskmaster news and media:

Taskmaster Store
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program which allows to seek out and find these amazing deals on awesome Marvel merchandise.  There are some really fun Taskmaster toys out there I really like his Funko Pop! figure.

Taskmaster Bio:

The Taskmaster is a greatly feared combatant that is often hired out as a mercenary.  He has the unique ability of copying another person's physical movement.  This allows him to copy the fighting moves of heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine and Shang Chi.  The Taskmaster has a mysterious history due in part to his weak memory.  His mimicry power causes a flood of new memories to entrench themselves into his mind and this forces out old memories.

He has said that his power began as a child.  He was watching a cowboy tv show and was immediatly able to duplicate the complicated rope tricks the cowboys were using on the show.  His mother was disturbed at her sons sudden mastery of the complicated skill and took him to a psychologist.  The psychologist found that Tony had an ability that he dubbed Photographic Memory.  What Tony is able to see another do he is immediately able to copy.

Tony immediately put his powers to use becoming the star quarterback of his High School football team after watching one game.

Debating what to due as a career he decides to use his power as a villain as it seems more lucrative.  He created a video archive of super heroes fighting and moving and found that he could copy much of their moves.  He also learned that he could mimic to an extent kung moves that were sped up from real speed. While he could not mimic the actual strength or speed of the heroes he could use all of their moves provided they did not depend on the heroes's super powers.  In a fight his power also had the effect of allowing him to predict the next more of his adversary creating a kind of super reflex.

Using his new super moves he committed a series of robberies.  Finding that robbing was more risky than he anticipated he used the money to create a large training center for other villains.  He became a well known trainer that would work for the highest bidder.  He created the name and costume of Task Master and began training villains and henchmen all over the world.

The Avengers raided his base and he managed to defeat Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Ant-Man but was confounded by Jacosta who he had never seen fight before.  He fled and escaped.  He would go around the country creating various training centers and escaping when Super Heroes came to close.

Students of the Taskmaster include: The Spymaster, John Walker, Spider-Woman, Agent X, Crossbones, Cutthroat, U.S. Agent, Diamondback and Hauptmann Deutschland (Captain Germany).

It is revealed that much of Task Master's work is done by a group called Org and handled by a woman named Mercedes Merced.  It is revealed that Mercedes is Task Master's wife who he has forgotten due to his memory loss.  Mercedes continues to run Org as the means of keeping an eye on her former husband who she still loves.  Additionally, Org is a front of SHIELD and uses it as the means of gathering intel on the criminal underworld.

Taskmaster Powers:

Taskmaster has a special kind of memory that is the equivalent of a super power.  Additionally he is in peak physical conditioning.  His memory ability allows him to:

Memorize and perfectly mimic the moves of anyone he watches.
Predict the moves of opponents
Tactically outsmart opponents whose strategies he has memorized.

Additionally: He is considered to be top level martial artist, gymnast, marksman, master of wide range of weapons,  espionage expert and is a master of disguise.

The Task Master carries a specialized array of weaponry that allows to better use the moves of super heroes whose moves he has memorized.  This equipment includes:

  • Wide assortment of fire arms
  • Sword
  • A replica of Captain America's SHIELD
  • Bow and Quiver
  • Billy club
  • Lasso
  • Nunchaku
  • Throwing Darts
  • He also once possessed energy manipulator that allowed him to create a variety of weapons based off of energy.

MCU Taskmaster

The Taskmaster has not yet appear in the MCU.

Taskmaster Toys:

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Who is Livewire? (Valiant Comics)

Who is Livewire?

Livewire is a character in the Valiant Comics universe who has acted both as a villain and as a hero.  She became one of the most powerful agents of the Harbinger Foundation and loyally served its leader Toyo Harada before learning his dark secrets. Actress Ciera Foster will play Livewire in the live action Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe web series.

Real Name: Amanda McKee

Alias: Livewire

First Appearance: Harbinger #14 (1993)

Update we have an interview with Livewire herself Ciera Foster!
We are excited to bring Valiant fans an exclusive interview with Livewire herself actress Ciera Foster! She is really cool check out this interview to learn how she has gone from a basketball player to a super hero also her connection with Chuck Norris.


Livewire is a powerful psionic teletechnopath who has the ability to control machines simply using her will. She can also mentally link and extract data out of them. She is known for being the powerful enforcer of Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation's elite commandos the Unity Squad.

Amanda Mckee is orphaned at a very young and is raised in a group home. The home is implied to be abusive. Toyo Harada the billionaire behind Harbinger Foundation discovers that Amanda is latent Psiot. He takes her into his care and awakens her ability. Due to being rescued from her former life Amanda feels strongly loyal to Harada and becomes both his prodigal student and most trusted agent. She takes on the name Livewire.
Harada discovers another Psiot named Peter Stanchek whose powers rival his own.  Never having faced another Omega level Psiot Harada begins to become overly controlling and sensitive.  Despite, his tyranical tendencies he is often forgiven by Livewire who is still grateful for what he has done for her.  When Peter Stanchek attempts to escape the Harbinger Foundation she makes the fateful choice of aiding him, and leaves Harbinger in the process.
Unity Squad:
Livewire is not gone from Harbinger for long.  Aric of Dacia aka X-O Manowar returns from space and demands control of Romania for his people the Vine slaves.  Harada decides to take action against Aric and convinces Livewire to join his elite strike force, Unity.  
Unity attacks the forces of Aric and Livewire is almost immediatly able to take down the powerful soldier by stripping him of his X-O Manowar armor.  She puts on the powerful armor herself and uses it to crush Aric's other forces.  She also is able to stop nuclear strikes by other nations that were being aimed at X-O Manowar. 
Joining with the armor had the uninttended consequence of increasing Livewire psionic potential and she gained access to all of the hidden records of the Harbinger Foundation and Harada's darkest secrets.  Seeing how vile his true intentions were she convinces the Unity team to take on her former mentor.
Later, Livewire joins Ninjak in England's MI-6 as they travel to Asia to investigate the enigmatic Dr. Silk.

Valiant Store:

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Powers and Skills:
Through her psionic skills Livewire can connect to nearby machines granting her various powers.

  • Extract data from machines
  • Control machines
  • Energy projection
Livewire has also been highly trained in martial arts and weapons by the Harbinger Foundation.


Livewire will be a character in the live action web series called Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe.
Actress Ciera Foster will play Livewire in the series.

Who is Lash?
Who is Lash?

 Lash is a villain who is the primary antagonist to Queen Medusa in the early part of the series Inhuman.  He represents an alternative Inhuman philosophy and leader to that of the Attilan Royal Family.  Lash appears in Agents of SHIELD season 3 and is played by Matthew Willig.

First Appearance: Inhuman #1

 Lash News:
Lash coming to Agents of SHIELD Season 3!

Lash Multimedia:


Lash comes from a hidden elder group of the Inhumans called the Lor tribe. that live in the city of Orollan in Greenland.  The Lor do not believe that every member of their group should undergo terregenesis (the process that gives Inhumans powers) but only those who are considered worthy.  Lash is a zealot of this, "Powers for the worthy only" philosophy.
When Blackbolt unleashes  a bomb that causes many descendants of Inhumans across Earth to undergo Terregensis, Lash is infuriated.  He sets out to meet the new Inhumans and decide for himself whether they are worthy or whether they should be destroyed.

He begins pulling together his chosen Inhumans and rebuilding the ruins of Orollan.  His group is attacked by Queen Medusa and her followers.  Medusa does not kill Lash but tells him he must stop killing Inhumans.  She brings for the Inhuman Lineage who reveals that the reason Blackbolt created more Inhumans was to fight off a coming calamity.

It is unclear if Lash will abide by the terms set forth by Medusa.

Part of me thinks of Lash a bit like Thor's Hammer.  Thor's Hammer will only be used by those it deems worthy.  It cares about little else.
Lash cares that new Inhumans are worthy of the powers they are given.  He cares about little else.

Lash can absorb and release energy.  When it is released he can use it to distingrate people or objects.  He can also create energy shields.

He is also has been showing teleporting.  Though this could be from using a device or another Inhuman's power.

In Inhuman #3 he was able to gain some precognition that someone was going to attack Orollan by meditating.  The exact nature of the ability is not clear.

Agents of SHIELD Lash
Appears in Agents of Shield Season 3 and is played by Matthew Willig.
Willig is a former NFL offensive line man that has done work on the shows Grimm, Chuck, Brooklyn Nine Nine and NCIS.

Pictures of Lash in Agents of SHIELD:

Lash coming to Agents of SHIELD Season 3!
Meet the new characters from the series Inhuman
What is Orollan? 
Who are the Inhumans? 
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Hawkeye Cosplays
Hawkeye by Saturday Morning Cosplay

Hawkeye Cosplay

There are some really fun takes on Hawkeye that I have seen at a variety of cons.  Some do the traditional costume, some go for the Renner MCU look.

More Cosplay 
Who is Hawkeye?
Hawkeye and Black Widow by Oniakako
Hawkeye and Black Widow by Oniakako
Hawkeye and Black Widow by Oniakako
Hawkeye Cosplay by Edukiss
Not sure who this is but I love it

More Cosplay 
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Simonson to do cover for Thor #706

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This June 13th, Jane Foster's version of Thor known as the mighty Thor is going to die soon. Jane has been dying from cancer ever since she took on the mantle / name of Thor 3 years ago. While Jane took over his name Thor has been using the name Odinson or Unworthy Thor.

The story that will lead Odinson back into the role of Thor is going on now.
Jane's version is set to die as Thor during Mighty Thor #706 on April 18th. Walter Simonson the legendary writer /artist of Thor during the 80s is returning to do a cover for the book.   This will Simonson's first time drawing the iconic Thor villain Mangog.  Series editor Wil Moss pointed this fact out saying, “This is actually his first time drawing Jane Thor and the Mangog, a classic Thor villain from the Jack Kirby and Stan Lee era that he never go the chance to draw before.”

The Mighty Thor #706 coming out April 18th.
• The battle against the Mangog is finished. And the losses have been profound.
• So what – if anything – remains of the story of Jane Foster, Goddess of Thunder?• And where do the other gods possibly go from here? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Thor Odinson will then go back to the name of Thor in a relaunched series launching in June as Thor #1.

Thor will get a Hammer back however it is not expected to be Mjolnir. He will also still have his prosthetic arm but it will change from dark colored arm to a gold one. While Thor may not get his own Hammer or arm back he is expected to get his name back so he can stop going by Odinson.The plot line of Thor losing his hammer and his mantle was started about 3 years ago.
Thor 1 release date: June 13, 2018

Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo take the helm!
This June, the Odinson regains his mantle. 
THOR #1, written by Jason Aaron with art by Mike Del Mundo, sees the start of a new mission for the God of Thunder. The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the Earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths…Like the production cost of hundreds of new hammers! And he’ll need every last one of them if he’s going to stop the unstoppable when none other than the Juggernaut joins the fray.
Emerging from his landmark run on MIGHTY THOR, Jason Aaron is ready for this fresh take: “On the one hand, I still feel like I’m writing the same Thor story that began six years ago in the pages of THOR GOD OF THUNDER #1. But at the same time, GOD OF THUNDER had a very different look and feel and focus than Jane Foster’s story,” he explains. “And even though Thor Odinson is now reclaiming his mantle, this new volume will also be going in a very different direction. Thor has a completely new status-quo. Actually the entire landscape of his corner of the Marvel Universe has been changed in the wake of the ‘Death of the Mighty Thor’ arc in MIGHTY THOR. But there’s still a War of the Realms raging, and Thor isn’t looking to stand on the sidelines.”

The writer continues, “The thing I’m most excited about though is getting to work with Mike Del Mundo again. I loved the beautiful craziness he brought to the page when we did WEIRDWORLD together, and things are even wilder and more beautiful here. There just aren’t many artists in comics today whose work I love and admire more than Mike’s, so I feel incredibly fortunate to be launching this new direction for Thor with Mike by my side.”
And Del Mundo is ready for the action as well: “I’m super excited about this new journey! Working with Jason on WEIRDWORLD was so much fun and badassery and I’m getting that same excitedness and feels with this new THOR series—with added thunder!”
Prepare for THOR #1, by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo, on June 13! 

Googam - Marvel Monster

Who is Googam?

Googam is a monster that appeared in early Marvel comics in the early 1960s. Googam is actually a baby monster who was left behind on Earth by his father Goom. This post is part of the Toylab Marvel Monster series that focuses on old Marvel Monsters in preparation for the 2017 Marvel Comic event Monsters Unleashed.

Name/Alias: Googam, Son of Goom

First Appearance: Tales to Suspense #17 - Reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell

Planet of Origin:  Planet X - Same planet as Groot

Googam - News:


The Father of Googam was an alien monster named Goom.  Goom invaded Earth and fled the planet leaving behind his son Googam.  Goom had hidden Googam in a cave.  Lacking experience and maturity the 8 ft monster woke up knowing very little.  He attempts to befriend a little boy and follows him to his house.  The boy sees that Googam presents a monstrous threat to his home and family and quickly comes up with a plan.  He challenges Googam to game of tag.  During the game boy tricks Googam into going into quicksand.  Googam seemingly dies in the quicksand.

Googam is revealed to be alive and is brought by the Fantastic Four into the monster isles.

At one point in time Googam battles the Hulk using his powers to shrink the Hulk.

He is part of a group of monsters who goes through a Monster rehabilitation program led by Mister Fantastic and Fin Fang Foom.  He works for a time as a parking attendant at the Baxter Building.   Googam and his fellow monster rehabilitation team, the Fin Fang Four help defeat the microscopic monster Tim Boo Baa.

After the attack of Tim Boo Baa, Googam changes professions and becomes a script writer.  He is also mentioned as a candidate for the Government's Initiative as a potential fighting recruit during Civil War.

It is not clear if Googam will appear as part of the Marvel 2017 event Monsters Unleashed.


  • Super Strong - Not sure how strong relative to other monsters or heroes but was shown to have strength far surpassing a normal human.
  • Super Durable - 
  • Telekinesis
  • Ability to affect the size of people.  This is similar to Hank Pym's Pym particles.

Marvel Shop:
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Monsters Unleashed - 2017 

Marvel - News, Characters, Reviews, Movies, and Comics 

Constantine returns to TV!!!! Well kind of...

There are some shows that are just amazingly enthralling, they suck you in and then after you fallen in love with characters and the world on the show......The network brings down the cancel Axe OUCH!

This has happened to on many shows, certainly the show Firefly comes to mind as an infamous example. Another show that the cancelation axe hit after just 1 season despite being really good was Constantine. Constantine fans flooded twitter with a campaign using #saveconstantine. There movement was not enough to sway the networks to pick up the show.


Legends of Tomorrow:
Season 4
According to Hollywood Reporter if Legends of Tomorrow is renewed for a Season 4 actor Matt Ryan will be added to regular cast for the season playing John Constantine.  Ryan appeared in some episodes of the shows Season 3.

Season 3
Matt Ryan will appear as John Constantine in episodes 9 and 10 of the upcoming season of Legends of Tomorrow.  The episodes will involve Constantine performing an exorcism.
Legends of Tomorrow will begin airing on October 11th at 9 PM right after the Flash season premiere.  The next season is to have a magical focus to it.

Matt Ryan has begun to tease his appearance in the show which will be in episode 10.

Previous Constantine Apppearances by Matt Ryan.
Constantine has made guest appearances his in DC bretheren's shows like a cameo appearance in Arrow. That appearance while welcome to fans was not enough to delve into the story from Constantine's season 1. Fans may in fact be getting good news, perhaps not the news they wanted, or expected but good news all the same.

Constantine is going animated!

Constantine is coming back to TV but in an animated form. Hollywood Reporter has reported that Constantine actor Matt Ryan will lend his voice to Constantine to keep it more consistent with the TV series and the Animated series of Justice League Dark.  David S. Goyer, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter will produce the series. While we don't know what the series will focus on it would be cool if they could help tie up some of the loose ends left by Season One.

The Constantine series was fairly dark and mature and it is not clear how many fans from the show will follow the character to an animated format.  DC has been rolling out multiple more mature animated projects that includes Justice League Dark and Batman the Killing Joke so there is a precedent here for this kind of project.

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