Happy Dragon Appreciation Day

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Happy Dragon Appreciation Day!

It is Jan 16th Dragon Appreciation Day.  Dragon Appreciation day was made in 2004 to honor the release of the book DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul which was the first book in the Dragon Keeper saga.   For lovers of dragons and young adult/fantasy novels DragonSpell Book.

If you want to get your Dragon Day on you could always DragonSpell from your local library or buy it here.  Its a fun book and a delightful overall series.

Once a slave, Kale is given the unexpected opportunity to become a servant to Paladin. Yet this young girl has much to learn about the difference between slavery and service.
A small band of Paladin's servants rescue Kale from danger but turn her from her destination: The Hall, where she was to be trained. Feeling afraid and unprepared, Kale embarks on a perilous quest to find the meech dragon egg stolen by the foul wizard Risto. First, she and her comrades must find Wizard Fenworth. But their journey is threatened when a key member of the party is captured, leaving the remaining companions to find Fenworth, attempt an impossible rescue, and recover the egg whose true value they have not begun to suspect... 
Weaving together memorable characters, daring adventure, and a core of eternal truth, Dragonspell is a finely crafted and welcome addition to the corpus of fantasy fiction.

A couple more ideas to celebrate Dragon Day.
  • Wear a Dragon T-Shirt
  • Play a D&D adventure involving a Dragon (Which is not easy!)
  • Print out and color some Dragons
  • Watch a Fantasy Movie

Choose a dragon to honor on this day by coloring or writing about them.  Here are a few options:

Toylab's Dragon of Choice is FIN FANG FOOM!!!!

Fin Fang Foom!!!!!!!!

Tolkien's Dragons:
  • Smaug - From Hobbit
  • Ancalagon the Black - Biggest Dragon
  • Glaurung - Oldest Dragon
  • Scatha 

R.A. Salvatore / Forgetten Realms:
  • Ingeloakastimizilian / Icing Death
  • Shimmergloom
  • Hephaestus

Game Of Thrones:
  •  Drogon
  • Viserion
  • Rhaegal

  • Dragon Man - Marvel Comics
  • Fin Fang Foom - Marvel Comics
  • Dulcy - Sonic the Hedge Hog
  • Nid Hogg from Angel Sanctuary
  • Lock Heed - X-Men / Marvel Comics
  • Shenron - Dragon Ball
  • Wormy - From Wormy
  • Spyro - From Video Game series
  • Charizard - Pokemon
  • Dragonite - Pokemon
  • Puff the Magic Dragon

  • Beauwulf's Dragon
  • The Leviathan - Book of Job / Bible
  • Jabber Wocky - Lewis Carol

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