Alamo Draft House's Black Panther Pints

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Alamo Draft House's Black Panther Pints

There are so many branded items for movies these days normally I am not going to take the time to highlight a cereal box, or glass that has a super hero on it.  However these new Black Panther Pint glasses from Alamo Draft House really stand out to me.
The glasses feature art from stand out Italian artist Francesco Francavilla who worked on Black Panther: Man With Out Fear (2010) with David Liss.  He also did the amazing artwork for the Archie Afterlife Series which merged the Archie universe in a zombie horror setting.

Black Panther: Man Without Fear

I don't really associate Black Panther with beer if there is a character that goes with Beer I tend to think of Wolverine/Logan but the colors work.   The art that Francesco Franvilla did has an array of orange and reddish hues that really seem to lend itself to drinking beer.  Something about it just make me want to drink a beer in it right now.

The glasses are available now for purchase at Alamo Draft House locations.  Black Panther tickets are also available so you can go to an Alamo Draft House buy tickets and beer glasses.

Black Panther Store:
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Here are some Tweets from Fransciso showing off the Pint Glass Art:

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