Victoria (Earth-616) 001
Starlord's sister Victoria Captain of the Royal Guard

The Spartoi are an alien race in the Marvel Cosmic Universe.

Galaxy:  Shi'ar Galaxy  (Likely M33 Triangulum)
Star System:
Planet:  Spartax is the throne world.  Empire spread over hundred of planets.

Marvel Alien Races and Cosmic Maps

Empire with an Emperor and council of ministers.  The current Emperor is J'son of Spartax.  The title of Emperor is passed down by heredity.  The previous Emperor was E'son who was the father of J'son.

Advanced.  Includes warpdrive space ships, advanced power centers, shields, blasters etc.

Racial Make Up:
The Spartoi are said to have splintered off from the Shi'ar.  However, they appear to be humans.  They are different than humans on some level in that they have much longer lives.  J'son for example is middle aged and is over a 100 years old.  They do not appear to be stronger, or faster than humans.

Not much is known other than they have an affiliation with the Shi'ar Empire and at one point splintered off.

Line of Spartoi Emperors
E'son --> J'son --> Starlord (Has not taken up right to rule)

Famous members
J'son of Spartax - Emperor of Spartoi Empire
Starlord Peter Quill - Hybrid Spartoi and Human - heir to throne of Spartoi Empire
Victoria - Current Captain of the Spartoi Royal Guard - Adopted Sister of Peter Quill

Spartax concept art

The planet Spartax recieved some concept art for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  As Starlord's father is brought up multiple times in the movie it can be suspected it will play a part in the 2nd film.   However,  James Gunn has said that Starlord's father will not be the same character as in the comics.

Gamora also speculates on what in Quill's blood  allowed him to hold the Power gem longer than a normal human.  He could be Spartoi or something else.  Though the Spartoi do not appear very different than humans they do live much longer lives in the comics.

Who is J'son - Father of Starlord?
Marvel Alien Races and Cosmic Maps

Marvel Covers by Milo Manara

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Below is a sample of some of the amazing covers by artist Milo Manara who has found himself under siege due to a Spiderwoman variant cover. 

At one point Marvel created a massive controversy by canceling numerous Milo Manara covers due to his previous work in erotic art.  Below is a sample of his covers and work that he has done for Marvel comics over the years.

For more on Manara please read:
Marvel bows down to mob and throws Manara covers into the fire
Weak update from Marvel on Manara's canceled covers

Valiant acquired by DMG Entertainment

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Some big news out of Valiant the company has been purchased by Film Maker Dan Mintz the owner of DMG entertainment.  DMG entertainment is mostly known as a film company and have had a part in films such as Iron Man 3, Point Break, and Looper.  The goal of DMG in the acquisition is to push the film end of the business in a similar way as Marvel has done with the MCU.  It has also been announced that  Valiant Chairrman Peter Cuneo, CEO/COO Dinesh Shamdasani, and CCO Gavin Cuneo are resigning as part of the deal.  Both Dinesh and Gavin will have a consultant role going forward with Valiant.

Not sure how I feel about this move.  While I do find the idea of Valiant films and TV shows to be awesome, I also have loved the comics this year.  Really I have found Valiant comics to be the best comics of all the publishers this past year.  My hope is that the quality of books that the company puts out will not be diminished by the moves here.

From the Valiant Voice:

Filmmaker Dan Mintz Acquires Valiant Entertainment—The World’s Largest Independently Owned Library of Comic Book-Based IP
Posted on January 29, 2018 by The Valiant Voice

Mintz to Integrate Award-Winning Intellectual Properties into the Vast Resources of His Beverly Hills-Based DMG Entertainment, Providing Capital and Filmmaking Expertise to Create the Ultimate in Global Cinematic Franchises

(Beverly Hills, CA, January 29)–Filmmaker and DMG Entertainment Founder Dan Mintz announced today that the company has acquired Valiant Entertainment, the third largest universe of superhero characters in entertainment, sitting alongside Warner Bros.’ DC Comics and Disney’s Marvel.

Mintz has held a significant stake in Valiant since 2014. By taking complete ownership of Valiant’s library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak, Faith and more, Mintz looks to further secure his filmmaker-run studio with a treasure trove of world-class intellectual properties and establish DMG as one of the most valuable and innovative media companies in Hollywood.

“I’ve been greatly impressed with Dan’s filmmaking expertise, his ability to monetize global markets, and his willingness to invest his own capital,” says Neal Moritz. “I look forward to working with him as we bring Valiant’s incredible IP to the screen.”

Valiant’s well-earned reputation as an influential, story-centric force in comic book publishing with one of the most impressive rosters of creative talent in the industry will be substantially broadened by DMG. DMG’s expertise in monetizing the global marketplace positions Valiant not only in the cinematic and publishing landscape, but far beyond, increasing the emotional touchpoints of Valiant’s A-list IP to an exponentially growing audience.

“Our priority is to build upon Valiant’s vast universe of characters from a filmmaker’s perspective,” says Mintz. “I’m excited to immerse Valiant’s fans well beyond the stories we tell cinematically — from publishing to gaming to theme parks and beyond.”

“As one of the most coveted and critically acclaimed contemporary libraries in the comic book medium, Valiant is poised to emerge as the global leader in multi-platform content under Mintz’s creative vision,” said Valiant Chairman Peter Cuneo.

Current Valiant movie and television projects in development include the previously announced “Bloodshot” and “Harbinger” feature films from Sony Pictures, to be produced in partnership with Original Film; the television show “Quantum and Woody,” produced in partnership with the Russo Brothers’ Getaway Productions; and a Dr. Mirage television series with CBS Studios and The CW Network. Additional feature film projects, including “Shadowman,” “Archer & Armstrong,” “Eternal Warrior,” “X-O Manowar” and others yet to be disclosed publicly, are also well underway.

The Valiant acquisition is the latest in a string of high-profile strategic moves from Mintz and DMG, the global entertainment powerhouse valued at more than $6 billion. In addition, the company has continued to expand its purview with new initiatives in intellectual property, virtual reality, e-sports and live attractions based on top-tier global franchises, including Hasbro’s “Transformers.”

Mintz has a strong track record when it comes to producing and financing global IP, including Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man 3” and the acclaimed sci-fi thriller “Looper.” Additionally, DMG has produced numerous major motion pictures, including its recent partnership with James Cameron and Studio Canal to reimagine “Terminator 2” in 3-D for global theatrical release. DMG’s upcoming feature films include “Chappaquiddick,” starring Jason Clarke and Kate Mara, and “Blockers,” starring Leslie Mann and John Cena; both films will hit screens worldwide in 2018.

About DMG Entertainment:

DMG Entertainment is a global media and entertainment company with diverse holdings and operations across motion pictures, television, comic book publishing, gaming, next-gen technology and location-based entertainment. An entertainment powerhouse valued at more than $6 billion, DMG Yinji is publicly listed in China. The studio’s films include the critically acclaimed sci-fi time travel hit LOOPER and the global blockbuster IRON MAN 3. Later this year, DMG and James Cameron will bring TERMINATOR 2 back to the big screen in an immersive 3D special edition. Other upcoming releases include BASTARDS with Owen Wilson and Ed Helms, John Curran’s CHAPPAQUIDDICK and THE PACT Starring Leslie Mann and John Cena.

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, DMG Entertainment boasts an impressive roster of world-class intellectual properties including Valiant’s comic book universe, featuring more than 2,000 iconic characters; Brandon Sanderson’s fictional universe Cosmere, a library of epic fantasies including the complete Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive: The Way of Kings; Ken Liu’s award-winning epic fantasy novel The Grace of Kings; and the original animated character Mini Marilyn® based on Marilyn Monroe. DMG Entertainment also partnered with Hasbro on the world’s first Transformers™-themed live-action entertainment project and recently launched DMG VR, a best-in-class immersive entertainment unit dedicated to the fast-growing medium of Virtual Reality. Arcturus is the first incubated company under the DMG VR umbrella. For more information, visit

About Valiant Entertainment:

Valiant Entertainment is a leading character-based entertainment company that owns and controls the largest independent superhero universe in comics. With more than 80 million issues sold and a library of over 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and many more, Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of the comic book medium. Today, the company’s characters continue to be forged in publishing, licensing, film, video games, and beyond. Valiant consistently produces some of the most critically acclaimed comics in the industry and has received numerous industry awards and accolades, including a Diamond Gem Award for Comic Book Publisher of the Year. Valiant also recently announced a multi-picture deal to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to the big screen as feature films. Visit them online at

Are Power Girl's Boobs important?

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Are Power Girl's Boobs important?

People have started to talk about casting Power Girl and as part of that discussion her two most un-ignorable attributes are likely to come up, her brains and her invulnerability.......just joking.  Everyone knows which two I am talking about.  We're talking about her giant Boobs.  As we get into casting I think it is an interesting question to ask, how important are big boobs to the character of Power Girl.

Different characters have different attributes both mentally and physically that their stories are told around.   Sometimes these attributes are important, sometimes they can be changed and people won't really notice.  Almost all comic characters are ridiculously fit and have Olympian level physiques that often are far beyond that of any normal human beings.  Feminists have been highly critical of how female super heroes bodies are drawn and designed.  While male heroes operate on idealistic level its usually based around strength, while as female characters are often hyper sexualized.  The comic company's have taken this to heart (To varied extents) and more realistic female portrayals have appeared on shelves though there are still plenty examples of "Cheesecake" characters.   Cheesecake being a style of art that is built exclusively around hyper sexualized visuals.  There is one character though that sticks out at as entirely ignoring this trend and that is Power Girl.  Power Girl is known for having the same powers as Superman, having a high powered career, and also having massive boobs and a revealing outfit.  Power Girl's costume actually has a novelty referred to as the "Boob Window" in which her massive cleavage can be seen bursting out.  Ironically, Power Girl has also been one of the most popular comic characters with female audiences, and yes even self described feminists.  During this period of time Power Girls boobs have not shrunk, if anything they have actually gotten bigger.  Amanda Connor the artist (A female artist) who has become famous for her work on Harley Quinn and Power Girl has not skimped at all on Power Girl's bustyness.

In my totally non scientific, anecdotal tally of the most popular DC heroes with female comic fans I would say the following is the top 3:
  • Harley Quinn
  • Nightwing
  • Power Girl

Yes, many female fans do read Batman but hell everybody reads Batman.  Also Batgirl has bouts of popularity but really those 3 stick out to me.  When I go to comic conventions and get in lines for artist signatures the lines for Nightwing, Power Girl, and Harley Quinn artists tend to become heavily female.  The comic company's have long tried to woo female fans and at DC I would say these are the titles that have had the most success.   While I understood and even expected the Harley fans I was initially puzzled by the Power Girl female fans.  I wrote off Power Girl as a Cheese Cake character with little appeal beyond middle school boys.  However, I was wrong.  When I actually sat down and read a Power Girl I realized there was a lot in the comic that all people could relate to.  The comic while making fun of itself had also gone meta  in its own way.  It was beginning to comment not just on comics but also on society and how someone like Power Girl is viewed.  It was not Cheese Cake so much as it was funneling and using Cheese Cake to tell a unique story.  Its not something I would have guessed, but who cares about what I or anyone thought.  Girls like Power Girl and that is what matters.

One thing that should also be noticed on my list is that Nightwing is a case of a sexualized male.  While there is more to the character than his butt.  His butt is very important to his female fans.  The comic is full of pictures of his behind and in every take down he does some how finds a way to show his butt in a similar way that female characters often are strained into revealing poses.  There are actually whole tumblrs devoted to the backside of Nightwing.  When Brenton Thwaites was cast as Nightwing in the Teen Titans Live Action film the internet lit up with people asking if he had the legendary butt of Dick Grayson.   Searches for his butt lit up Google and trended on Twitter.  Much like Power Girl, Nightwing has both male and female fans but those fans all seemed to feel that his butt was important.

Its easy to laugh at these things, and its also easy to over analyze them.  As we go forward in our society in the aftermath of the #MeToo moments troubling revelations I do think its important to take the time and look at characters like Power Girl and ask what they reveal about us.

What do Power Girls huge boobs, and her female popularity tell us?

Here is my conclusion:

Women comic fans don't want all their characters to be sexpots, but they also don't want them to be all nuns.  If you are creating a universe whether as a novel, comicbook, videogame or in film instead of creating a bunch of female characters that you think females want to see, instead create a bunch of diverse, and interesting characters.  Power Girl has big boobs but there is more to her than her rack, part of her appeal is her constant struggle at dealing with men who oogle her, or fail to take her seriously.   While she is both one of the strongest and most intelligent characters she can often face objectifying stares and  lewd comments from men.  While other characters ask her why she doesn't cover up, she often points out that she shouldn't have to.  Other woman also treat Power Girl differently, sometimes they criticize her, other times like Harley Quinn they adore her.  Many women face this everyday and they find aspects of Power Girl they can related to.  This makes her story unique, and worth telling.

It is also worth noting that Power Girl seems to be immune to the various tropes of the Women in Refrigerators.  She is her own woman and not used as a plot line to advance a male character.  Also while she is oogled she stands up for herself and is never sexually attacked.

What if girls shockingly want the same thing male fans want.  Different characters who are struggling with different problems and using different strengths to solve those problems.

Are Power Girl's boobs important to the character........I would argue yes.  I am not saying an actress should have as big of boobs as Power Girl but certainly I think she should have a something there.  Just like Nightwing's butt, her chest is going to be important.  I would say that ideally they would find an actress with descent sized breasts and also a fit/ muscular physique.

It seems that fans have already begun casting Power Girl.  Recently artwork was done of Gemma Atkinson in Power Girl garb.

Who do you want to see as Power Girl?  Do you think her boobs are important?  Maybe the real question is will Hollywood take the time to understand why her boobs are important and have the courage to hire an actress with them.

GH 325

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What is GH325?

Update Jan 29 2018 - Season 5 has introduced the GH 325 again.  Interestingly this is another reference from Season 5 that goes all the way back to Agents of SHIELD Season 1.  In Season 1 Agent Coulson has been brought back to life after being killed by Loki during the events of Avengers.   Coulson has memories of being in Tahiti which turns out were fake memories implanted likely to cover up how painful his resurrection was.   The actual resurrection was due to an experimental chemical based off Kree alien blood called Gh 325.

In Season 5 we see the villain Kasius used some form of what is believed to be Kree blood or GH 325 to bring Tess back to life.  Tess describes a horrific painful experience of being brought back to life.  Kasius wants the humans to believe that he is a god and has control over life and death.  The agents however have experience with the Kree blood properties and thus are not dazzled but rather angered by his display.  Kasius did not seem to bother with anything like TAHITI which was a psychological process to cover up how painful the biological process was and reduce mental strain.  Tess appears to be under severe mental strain.

There is one other possibility in the case of Tess.  She may not have been revived by Kree blood but by Vampire blood.  This would link her into the Space Vampire theory.  See below:

Space vampires coming to Agents of SHIELD?

Update 4-7-2015
This post has good information in it so I will leave it up.  However, for confirmation of the Big Blue body is go to:
Chloe Bennet Confirms Identity of Blue Corpse

GH325 is the serum that brought Coulson back to life.  Apparently, it is derived from the blood/DNA of some type of alien.  GH apparently stands for Guest House which is the code name of the facility that housed the alien's body.  The legs of the alien corpse were gone, so the body could have either been half grown or half missing.  The code name of the room where the alien was being kept was a room labeled T.A.H.I.T.I.   Tahiti is of course the place where Coulson thought he was recuperating, when he was in fact being brought back to life.

What is the Blue alien?

Tubes seem to be feeding blood to make GH325 serum

The alien look like a Kree.  Kree are similar to humans but generally a little bigger and stronger.  Certainly, that alien looks pretty big.  It could be leading to bringing in characters like the Kree superhero Mar-Vell. There is also the thought by some that the reason why Coulson was so important to bring back is that he was Mar-Vell.  Perhaps, he only knows this on a subconscious level.  If Coulson is Mar Vel then Skye could be....Phyla Vel, Ms Marvel, Mantis, or Abigail Brand.  If She is Phyla Vel than Caulson is in a way her father.

GH could stand for guest house the facility where the alien was stored, however it could also stand for initials of Mar Vel's full name in the Ultimate Universe, which was  Geheneris Hala´son Mahr Vehl

Are Kree blue?
Some Kree are blue the old pure Kree.  Kree were effectively cursed a long time ago and were prevented from evolving.  In an attempt to make up for this many Kree began interbreeding with other species creating the Pink Kree.  The Pink Kree make up a bulk of the population however the pure Blue Kree tend to be ones in power.  Djimon Hounsou is also a Kree however he is neither blue nor pink so it is safe to say there will be multiple variants of Kree in the Marvel film universe.

A reader, OliKarna had some great ideas (See comments).  One he mentioned that the scar/markings on the body are similar to those of Ronan the accuser action figure (Who is a Kree).
Also he had an idea on T.A.H.I.T.I. which I think is the best translation I have heard so far.

Olikarna's translation - TAHITI - Thought And Human Intellect Transference Initiative (or Interface)

This would really lend itself to the hypothesis where Mar-Vel's consciousness was moved into either a human/or an advanced LMD android that would be Coulson.

Also the hands of alien look similar to the blue kree below.  See for yourself below:

Compare the markings

Here is Korath who is obviously not a Blue Kree

Roger Wardell, the supposed spy inside Marvel has claimed that Coulson is in fact  the Kree character Mar-Vel.  This would strongly indicate that the big blue alien is a Kree.  Keep in mind however that many sources think Roger Wardell is not a good source.  I for one think he is full of BS but he is kind of fun  He has said numerous silly things.  Anyways one of his tweets is below:

TCN: Why was Agent Coulson important enough for Fury to resurrect? Perhaps he has ties to the Kree?

Roger Wardell: If you are referring to Coulson, I’ve said this already…His subconscious mind is Mar-Vell BUT his conscious mind is that of an agent who once called himself Coulson

TCN: and based on what you indicated, it sure sounds like Coulson is indeed Captain Mar-Vell. Or at least a variation of him

Roger Wardell: Yes…

Marvels Agent of Shield speculation HUB
Agents of Shield growing Rogue gallery
Will the Overkill Mind be a villain in Agents of Shield?
Will Ward become Wonderman? 
Who is Mantis? 

Chris Claremont's X-Men Documentary

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Chris Claremont's X-Men

When people discuss titles and ideas they most often talk about the original creator.  The guy who founded it, started it.  However, when you look at things that span generations they often have more than just a founder, they have someone who steps in and makes that idea their own.

In the case of the X-Men they were created by Stan Lee but at the end of the 1960s they were floundering and on the verge of being canceled.  In walked Chris Claremont who took over, brought new ideas, new styles, and brought the X-Men from obscurity to become one of the most popular titles in comic book history.

It was Chris Claremont who ultimately evolved the character of Wolverine to being one of Marvel most popular characters.  He also wrote some of the most popular X-Men stories including Inferno, Days of Future Past, Dark Phoenix Saga, End Game, Men, Psi War, Wounded Wolf, Broodfall, A Green and Pleasant Land.  Hopefully you have heard of some of those, and hopefully a few of those are new.  You should check them all out.

A new documentary is coming out to explore the rise of Claremont's X-Men.  How he took them over, how he changed them and grew them and ultimately how his tenure on the title ended.



Marvel - News, Characters, Reviews, Movies, and Comics 

Comic Con News and Pictures

Who is Reader?

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Who is Reader?
Reader is an Inhuman character that first appeared in the 2014 Marvel series "Inhuman."  He is a powerful Inhuman mercenary that lives on Earth amongst humans.  Reader is a character that is rumored to be the identity of the blind man who appeared at the end of Agents of SHIELD season 2 mid season finale.

Top 5 Questions after AoS S2 Midseason Finale?
Agents of SHIELD theories and speculation HQ

First Appearance:
Reader's first appearance is in Inhuman #4.
His only other appearance is in Inhuman #9

Reader is an Inhuman who lives amongst humans.  He is a mercenary without loyalty to the Royal family or other Inhuman groups.  He his hired by the Inhuman corporation called Ennilux to bring a new Inhuman girl to them.  He goes back on this contract when he finds out what Ennilux has planned for her.  The girl is named Xioyi and she is a new Chinese born Inhuman.  In the Inhuman fashion she has been given a new name that relates to her power Iso.  Currently, Reader and Xioyi / Iso are on the run and searching for refuge.

Reader has gauged out eyes and a large scar on the right side of his head.  This was likely done to him to prevent his power going off when ever he read something.
Reader and his dog Forey
Reader has the power to turn anything he reads into reality.  Due to the danger of his power his eyes were gauged out.  This did not get rid of his power however.  He can read braile and that activates his power just like reading with his eyes would.  He is also capable of seeing through his dogs eyes by touching it.  It is not clear if he can see through other people or creatures with this power as well.

Actions he is able to do with his power include making a flying pack, and stopping time.

Agents of SHIELD:

In Agents of SHIELD there is an eyeless Inhuman Who can teleport named Gordon.
With his eyeless face thischaracter on the show bears a strong resemblance to the character Reader.
He is killed when Mack swings a fire axe at him during a battle with the agents.

Meet the new characters from the series Inhuman
Top 5 Questions after AoS S2 Midseason Finale?
Agents of SHIELD theories and speculation HQ

Who is Flint?

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Who is Flint?

Flint is a new Inhuman created as a result of the T-Bomb (Terrigen Bomb).  Flint will appear in the Agents of SHIELD season 5 and will be played by actor Coy Stewart.

First appearance:
Inhuman #3

Name:  Jason ??????
Orollan Name:  Korvostax
Attilan Name:  Flint

Jason is a teen who was adopted from Africa by a white family in rural Minnesota.  He often feels out of place being the only African American in the entire town.  He is hoping to move from the town and go to college elsewhere when the Terrigen cloud is released by the T-Bomb.  Jason had just had a major fight with his adopted father.  The two were apart and Jason was stewing his room.  His father then burst through the door saying it was emergency and they had to go away.  The entire town evacuates in an attempt to outrun the Terrigen cloud.  Jason asks his Dad what is going on.  His father replies cryptically that the entire town is from a special tribe, and that Jason came from a similar tribe in Africa.  Members of their tribe will be changed by the cloud that is headed their way and he does not think any of them will survive.   The cloud hits the towns caravan and they all become encased in cocoons.  When Jason emerges from his cocoon he finds he is the only one from the town left alive.

Shortly after emerging from the Cocoon an older and powerful Inhuman named Lash appears and takes Jason to his city OrollanLash is recruiting new Inhumans to repopulate the Inhuman city.  Not long after arriving in Orollan the city is attacked by Queen Medusa and her forces.  The armies of Inhumans collide and quickly Medusa gains the upper hand.  She does not hurt any of the Orollans but instead bring forward the Inhuman Lineage to explain the motivations of Blackbolt to Lash.   Lash then relents and agrees not to kill any more Inhumans for the time being.  Jason decides to leave and go to New Attilan.

In New Attilan Jason studies beneath the Inhuman trainer Gorgon on how to use his powers.  He takes the name of Flint as his NuMan name.  When the Unspoken manages to take over New Attilan, Flint is instrumental in retaking back control of city.  He uses his power to fly the Terrigen crystals away from the Unspoken depleting his power.

Flint has become close friends with the other NuMans Dante AKA Inferno and Naja.

Geokinesis - Flint can control / move rocks with his mind.   He also has some stone in his body which makes him heavy.


Flint appears in Agents of SHIELD Season 5 and is played by actor Coy Stewart.  Coy Stewart is most known for his role in Bella and the Bulldogs.

70 years into the future Earth is destroyed and The Lighthouse space-station houses what is left of humanity.  The station is controlled by ruthless alien Kree aliens who use their human population to create Inhumans whom they sell to various nefarious alien powers.  One of the Inhumans created on the station is Flint who has the ability to control Earth.

In the episode "The Last Day" it revealed that Flint is important to the prophesy in which Earth is saved from destruction.

Meet the new characters from the series Inhuman
Who are the Inhumans? 
Top 5 Questions after AoS S2 Midseason Finale?
Agents of SHIELD theories and speculation HQ

Space Vampires and Blade coming to Agents of SHIELD season 5?

There are some mysterious things going on in Agents of SHIELD and a small bit of evidence has surfaced leading some to believe that Blade could be appearing in the show.

Blade is among the rights that Marvel has managed to bring back in house.  About 2 years ago at SDCC 2016 there were some interesting things said by Wesley Snipes that talks were being had between himself and Marvel about the future of Blade.  2 years later and one mysteriously scrapped Blade comic later and there still is no word at all about Blade.  Marvel has been completly mum about the character.

That might be about to change.  Lorraine Cink was interviewing Jeff Ward the actor who plays Deke on Agents of SHIELD and she tweeted out something pretty interesting:

Got a chance to meet the very charming @JeffWard1230 AKA Deke from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. today. I can’t wait for you to see the cool things we are cooking up. Keep an eye out in 2018! #AgentsofSHIELD #Blade.

Lorraine went on to claim that the Blade reference was only meant because it is Jeff Ward's favorite character but.........?  The show did manage to get appearances of Deathlok and Ghost Rider so maybe its possible that they could also get at least a version of Blade to appear on the show.

While the show is currently dealing with a science fiction and time travel story that seems like an odd fit for Blade the show is still toying with some elements of the supernatural. In particular the Framework program that was created by the dark magic book the Dark Hold still exists. Beyond the framework there is one element in particular that makes me believe that the show could be headed toward Blade.  What could be happening in a space environment that would lead me to this conclusion.  Well how about Space Vampires.

What about Space Vampires? 

Is Lady Basha and her red eyed people actually space Vampires?

The show also has introduced a group that seem to be red eyed aliens who like blood sports.  This group of aliens is led by Lady Basha who continually does not show up to invited dinner of the Kree overlord  Kasius of the Lighthouse station.  Could Lady Basha actually not be an alien but instead be a vampire?  I have been trying to determine what alien Lady Basha could be but have been coming up with blanks however one group in Marvel that is humanoid with red eyes are vampires.

Maybe she is not showing up to dinner because does not want to reveal what she eats...........blood?

I think the race or species of Lady Basha has cleverly been omitted.  No one has said who they are.  This is peculiar because the aliens Vrellnexians and the Kree were named very quickly in the show.  Why would the show hold out on the name of Lady Dasha's people?  It seems that her species whatever it is a piece of the puzzle of where the show will go.  Nothing would lead fans more than the revelation that Lady Basha is not an alien but a vampire.  This would also explain why the show does not want to show her eating as that would give her secret away.

Facts supporting Lady Basha being a Vampire:

  • Humanoid
  • Red Eyes
  • Species Unnamed - Why not named if it does not reveal something
  • Sees humans as lessers / cattle
  • Not shown eating / drinking this would be a give away if she is a vampire

What do you think could Season 5 be headed toward Space Vampires and Blade?  That is a pretty awesome combination if you ask me.  Am I crazy or does this theory make sense.

Warning: Classified SHIELD Files below:

Marvels Agent of Shield speculation HUB

The secret of Spark in Pokemon Go

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When the gym leaders were first introduced in Pokemon Go the one that caught most people's eye was Spark.  Spark was really different than the other two gym leaders.  First he was the only boy and 2nd he seemed to have a carefree attitude while the other two were very serious.  This reveal created a frenzy of fan art and comics depicting Spark as a carefree and sometimes simple person.   Some fans were drawn to instinct because they liked him, others left because they hated him.  In all that frenzy one very important thing was missed.  Spark is outlier in terms of Pokemon Go but he infact bares a striking simularity to character from the Pokemon Video Games.  This is because Spark is a clue of major Pokemon Event that occures between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Red/Blue.  The secret of Spark is simple.


Surge is one of the first gym trainer faced by the player in Pokemon Red/Blue also known as Generation 1.  Surge stands out in the game as he is one of the only American and Blonde characters in the Generation 1.  Surge is also the character that first mentions a Pokemon War.  Surge is also one of the few middle aged men encountered in the Pokemon series and the fact that he claims to have survived a war likely means that most of the other middle aged men were not so fortunate.

Image result for professor willow pokemon silver pryce

What makes Surge an interesting choice as a character is that he is THE character that mentions the Pokemon War:

LT. Surge:

“Hey kid! What do you think you’re doing here? You won’t live long in combat!

That’s for sure! I tell you what kid, electric Pokèmon saved me during the war!”

Why is Spark really Surge?
Surge looks like an older Spark.  Many fans have noticed this as the two are the most prominent blonde characters in Pokemon lore.  The two may actually be the only blonde characters?

Both characters like Electric Pokemon.

Both are kind of meat heads but also not evil.   They both show a natural or instinctual form of battling.

Both are leaders one of a Team and the other of the Electric Gym.

Team Instinct is yellow and their mascot is an electric pokemon.

Spark's name is another way of saying electricity. While Surge (also an electric name) is leader of the Electric Pokemon Gym.

On top of looking a like both strike a similar pose in their main images:

Many fans have noticed the similarity between the two characters.   There is even a set of fan made comics depicting Surge as Spark's uncle.   This familial connection would assume that Surge is older than Spark.   However, if you take off 10 years from Surge to put in the time frame of Pokemon Go they would be the same age.

The Similarities exist because they are the same person.  What would Spark look like if he went through a war on the front lines.  Grew a few years older during the war and became a more beefy as soldier.

Answer - He would look like Surge.

Also consider that Spark represents an electrical beginning and Surge represents an electrical continuation.   Maybe he changes his name during the war to the more serious sounding Surge.

The fact that Spark was selected, and his connection to Surge is a major piece of evidence that a Pokemon War is coming to Pokemon Go.  If you don't know about the Pokemon War it is time for you to catch up.  Click on the link to the Pokemon War Journal below where we have all of the content on our site collected on the Pokemon War.

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Pokemon WAR Pictures:
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Pokemon War Journal
What is the Pokemon War? Why is Pokemon Go head directly toward it.  What are the clues we look at all of these things in the Pokemon War Journal!  Click on the link to learn more!

The Pokemon War Journal

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What is the Pokemon War theory?

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How to beat Entei? Pokemon Go

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How to beat Entei? some Pokemon Go trainer tips

Entei is one of the most powerful Fire Pokemon said to be as hot as Lava and capable of making Volcanoes with its barks.

Entei is part of the trio of Legendary dogs with the others being Suicune and Raikou.  The Legendary dogs are closely tied to the Legendary bird Ho-Oh.  Ho-Oh is said to have resurrected the Legendary dogs when the mystical Brass Tower they lived in once was burned down.  It is said only Ho-Oh can stop a battle between the three Legendary Dogs.  Entei is said to have come from the fire that burned the tower down.  It is brawny and destructive.
Pokemon Gold Description: 
Volcanoes erupt when it barks. Unable to restrain its extreme power, it races headlong around the land.

Pokemon Silver Description:
A Pokémon that races across the land. It is said that one is born every time a new volcano appears.

          Pokemon Crystal Description:
This brawny Pokémon courses around the earth, spouting flames hotter than a volcano's magma.

As a Legendary Pokemon Go Entei is battled in Raids and has extremely high CP.

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Catching the legendary dogs-
There were many rumors early on in Pokemon Go on ways to catch Legendary Pokemon.  One rumor was that they were in hard to reach areas like on top of Mount Everest or inside of Area 51.  These rumors are NOT true.

Legendary Pokemon like Entei can be caught when you battle in a Legendary Raid.  A raid will appear with a 5 Rhydon symbol that denotes a Legendary Raid.  Once the Raid pokemon appears it will be one of the Legendary Pokemon, if it is Entei then this is your chance to battle it and catch it.  If you successfully beat Entei you will then get an opportunity to catch it.  To beat Entei you will need to make a team of multiple people to help you.  No matter how powerful you think you are, the Legendary Pokemon in Raids are very powerful (Very high CP) and require a large group of people with high level Pokemon.

That said we do have some tips to help you out!

Time to answer and the important questions!
HOW TO FIGHT A ENTEI or should I say...

Battle with Entei: 

Remember that Pokemon Types are very IMPORTANT 
Read this --->  Pokemon Types Explained

You look up to a loud roar and see a giant dog running toward lit aflame with power you have entered battle with the  Legendary Pokemon Entei!

Alright strategy time well lets start with this Entei is a Fire  type hybrid pokemon.

 Rock, Ground and Water Pokemon work well against Fire Pokemon.

Top Counters vs Entei:

Omnastar - Omnastar is a great pokemon to use against Entei because it recieves a double defensive bonus against Entei Fire moves.  It also has highly effective move sets against Entei.  For these reason Omnastar is the best counter against Entei.

Golem - (Rock Throw, Stone Edge) this pokemon works very well against most Legendary Pokemon and Entei is included in this.  One of the best pieces of advice to get ready for Legendary raids is to build up a few all rock move Golems.  They will come very much in handy.

List of top counters:

  • Golem - Rock moves are optimal
  • Vaporeon - 
  • Rhydon -
  • Other pokemon with Water moves
Defensive recommendations:
Most of Entei's moves are Fire based so having a Rock or Water pokemon works best.
As with all Legendary/ Raid Bosses you will want to try to avoid Entei's special attacks.

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