What is the Lighthouse in Marvel?

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 has Marvel's elite agents sent into a bizarre future where the Earth has been destroyed.   What bit of humanity survives exists on a space station called Lighthouse.  What exactly is this station and did it ever exist in the comics?

First Appearance Comics: Secret Avengers #22

First Appearance MCU:  Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 1

Lighthouse is said to be an old base that was built beneath Lake Ontario beneath a real Lighthouse.  The base was designed to be high technological bunker that could be used in the event of a global cataclysmic event.  At some point in the MCU AOS Season 5 timeline the Earth is shattered by an unknown cataclysim.  It is rumored by some that Quake Daisy Johnson caused the Earth to shatter using her super power.  A small amount of humans survived the event by seeking shelter in the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse and its survivors were found by the Kree who converted the shelter into a space station.  The Kree wiped out any historical records held on the station and enslaved the humans there.  Inhumans born from the station were used as soldiers or gladiators for the Kree elite.

Around 2090-92 a SHIELD team from 74 years in the past was transported into the station.  This team led by Phil Coulson has been prophesized to return to the Lighthourse to save humanity by a crazy man named Virgil.  Virgil dies before he can tell the SHIELD team how they were meant to save the world.

Comics 616 Universe:
The Lighthouse is a space station base used by the team the Secret Avengers.  The Lighthouse was created as a special project of Hank Pym (Giant Man) and Hank McCoy (Beast).  Captain America had joked that he assigned the two genius heroes the task of building the base as a means of keeping them busy and out of trouble, he is very surprised at the elaborate and well designed station the two manage to create.

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