That Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Premiere Twist was......

That Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Premiere Twist was......

Toylabbers (What I call our bloggers here at Toylab) all have one thing in common.  They all love Agents of SHIELD.  There are times where the show has disapointed us, and there are times where it blows us away.  The show manages to surprise us and that is very cool 5 seasons into a show.  Last night's Season 5 premiere was nuts in a good way.

Agents of SHIELD is at its best when it can keep its knowledgable comic audience guessing with where its going.  The show manages to dangle comic tidbits in front of its audience teasing various things only to dramatically veer off in a completly unexpected direction.  The 2 hour Season 5 premiere of Agents of SHIELD did not dissapoint.
The show had been teasing that the agents would be in space and would facing off against aliens.  However, they left one major twist of this season unrevealed.

STOP wait have you seen the Premiere yet?  Go watch it first goof ball.  This discussion is not going anywhere.  Go watch it and enjoy then come back to Toylab.  This is your Spoiler Warning!




Agents of SHIELD wasted no time giving us a wow moment.  Yes the Agents are in space but that really is the least of their problems as the Agents soon learn they are also in the future.  The twists keep coming though, the Agents are in a future where the Earth they know has been completly obliterated.  Not to stop with the Earth is gone twist the show took things a step further.  The Earth was destroyed not by aliens but by Daisy (Skye) Johnson played by Chloe Bennet herself.

Daisy and company are obviousily shocked at implication that she was the cause of the Earth's destruction and initially do not believe it.

Actress Chloe Bennet spoke about the reveal and what it means for here character to TVLine saying
"I think that, at first, she doesn't believe it...She's just genuinely, 'No, I'm literally not powerful enough, I don't know what you're talking about.'"
It is fun when the viewers of a show can share a moment of shock with the characters on the screen and that was definetly the case last night.

The Agents must deal with reality of this future where humanity is literally on the brink of extinction being hunted by various aliens including the Vrellnexians.  They must all try to find a way to go back to their own time and try to prevent this future from occuring.

Another mystery is that Fitz is missing but has seemingly left a post card to the group from the future.  Where is Fitz?  Does the group's resident brainiac have a plan?

That is a lot of mystery for one premiere episode and it really started the season off with a bang.

Comic Tie Ins:
The idea of a hero traveling to a dystopian future and then try to prevent it has been done in a variety of comics.  The most notable story is Days of Future Past from the X-Men however this story in particular is very similar to the story found in the original Guardians of The Galaxy.   The 41st Century Guardians come from a world where Earth the planets that humanity settled have long been conquered by the alien race of the Badoon.  The Guardians are created by an person named Starhawk (Sylvester Stallone's character in Guardians of the Galaxy 2) who has relived his life multiple times and thus knows a great deal about the future.  Also in the 41st century Guardians is the character  Vance Astro who is a mutant Astronaut who transported in the future from the 21st Century.  Vance Astro helps the Guardians of the Galaxy in the 41st Centruy while aslo trying to get back to his time to make things better.

Another comic that could be sprinkled into the current story is Thor 212 in which the Vrellnexians first appeared.  Toylab will have a full review of that comic up shortly so watch out for that.

Looming large over this whole season is the possibility for items related to SWORD, the space focused version of SHIELD.  Certainly, all comic fans need to watch for tie ins to that agency and the characters that come with it.

Did you see the premiere?  What did you think?

Warning: Classified SHIELD Files below:

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