Dynasty Warrior 9 releases 7 Character action trailers

Dynasty Warrior 9 releases 7 Character action trailers

There has been a growing enthuisiasm for Dynasty Warrior 9 especially as it seems that the developer is going to try to add depth and richness to what has been traditionally a fun button smash game.  Part of the fun of each Dynasty Warrior's game is the characters.  Developer Koei Tecmo has now released 7 promotion videos each highlighting one of the games Generals.  I was pretty pumped to see my dude Zang Fei highlighted (Btw he looks awesome).

Each trailer is less than 30 seconds but combined they make for a kind of an awesome trailer.

I would not call these videos long but they do showcase a lot of the moves of each character and provide a good idea of how their fight style will work in the game.

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