Christmas ideas for the D&D / Tabletop Fan - Check out Dog Might

Alright a friend just showed me this Kickstarter.  He said something to the effect of "There goes your wallet" and "Don't let your wife kill me".  Well my friend was right I opened that thing up and was like "Yup I am getting this".  Sorry wallet, sorry wife this just looks way too fun!

The Kickstarter is for a customized transportable Dice Tower.  The wood design has sculpted design on the back along with a engraved symbol on the front.  The boxes have felt inside to help control dice rolls and a piece inside the tower so the dice hits it and spins.  The towers can roll up to 7 dice at once and when converted into storage mode can hold up to 20 dice.

The big thing that catches is your eye is how cool the engravings, sculps and color options all are.  Is very apparent that the guys and girls that make these love gaming and love what they do.  These products just kind of ooz a love for table top gaming.

Dogmight - Dice Tower Kickstarter
From left to right: Sapphire with Cogs Design, Crimson with Fire Dragon design, Royal Purple with Police Box Design, Kickstarter Green with Arcane Design.

Beyond the Dice Tower Kick Starter there are a ton of other cool products on their site.  I really dig everything they have from their customized dice to their component collector there is a lot of cool items in here that could keep a gamer busy gawking at for days.

If you are looking for something for the Holiday I would careful that you will be able to get it in time.  However, if it does take longer you might just print up a picture of what you got and stick in an envelope.  They also have really cool wood gift cards.

Who is Dog Might?
Dog Might is a Michigan based wood working company that specialize in making customized gaming equipment.  They did not pay me for this review, I just genuinly think their products and their company are cool.  Their website is slick and includes a variety of videos and clear pictures of their p

Check out the Dog Might video below and tell me that you would not want to work here!  Well I'd likely lose a finger working their and would be forced to grow some extra chest hairs but damn this place is just cool.

So what did I get?

I purchased into the Kickstarter at the  Demon Blood colored Dice Tower level.  I want to get one with a scupted fire breathing dragon.  It should look similar to the Dragon box picture I have on top of the page.  I think its just going to be awesome to pull out for D&D games and really be something that is fun for everyone.  I can't review it yet as the Kickstarter has not even finished much less shipped but when I get it I will be sure to do a video review and show everyone.

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