Which Marvel Hero could eat the most on Thanksgiving?

Which Marvel Hero could eat the most on Thanksgiving?

It is that time again, Thanksgiving also known as National Over Eating day.  Familes across the country will be meeting throughout the country sit at tables with 10x the amount of food they should eat and then eat it. Then people stumble around and eventually collapse to watch Football.  OF course everyone feels very thankful afterwards.

The question remains which Marvel Character could throw down the best and eat the most on Thanksgiving?

Here are some top candidates!

Wilson Fisk the Kingpin. 

 The Kingpin is not typically shown wolfing down food but he is a really big dude.  You have to guess that all that girth comes from somewhere.
Despite being extremely physically fit the Kingpin looks pretty chunky and thats something that Spider-Man lets Wilson know everytime they fight.

Hercules keeps a nice figure but the son of Zeus has been known to put down a lot of food when celebrating.

Fat Cobra
Fat Cobra is both huge and gluttonous.  He has never seen a meal he didn't like.    Plus he got some eating lessons from Elvis.......and or taught Elvis how to eat.

Volstagg is a massive Asgardian with the appetite of a hungry god.

The Blob - The X-Men villain 
The Blob is a huge mutant who has a mutant power that helps him absorb matter.  An eating contest against this would just not even be fair.

Finally the Marvel character I think who could eat the aboslute most.

Galactus eats planets.
Does that disqualify him?  Not sure but if he is allowed into an eating contest Galactus wins!

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