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Harry Potter Wizards Unite / Harry Potter Go  (HPWU) News

At Toylab we have followed the Pokemon Go augmented game from Niantic very closely and with the news that Niantic is now developing a Harry Potter game we have decided to cover the new game closely.  The new game will be called Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU) and you can read about its announcement right HERE.  While dusting off our wands and practicing our patronus charms we came to the conclusion that we needed help.  We want to be the go to place Harry Potter Wizards Unite news and strategies and to do that we need a true wizarding talent.

To meet our extremely high standards it seemed the only option was to bring in a true wizarding expert to become Toylab's very own Dark Arts instructor.  We sent our owl (His name is Cyberhawk) to the ministry of magic for an Auror but unfortunetly they were all preoccupied.  New tactics and twists and turns after a few tips from a shadowy character named Mundugus in Diagon Alley led us to uncovering a startling truth.  Some how through a quantum time spell unleashed by the ministry of magic to contain a muggle science experiment gone wrong in Cern Switzerland a duplicate version of the famous Auror Mad-Eye Mooney had been created in our time as a time displaced, magical clone.  As the previous one had been killed in the line of duty at the Battle of 7 Potters ,we never expected to hire on the infamous auror.  We are happy to say that after sending out Cyberhawk (Our owl) he responded that he would be willing to help our ragtag Muggle outfit survive the coming storm.

Now with each article we post on Harry Potter we will add in a special succinct tip from Mad Eye Moody's time displaced clone.

We are happy to give you Mad-Eye's first tip/

Mad-Eye's first Tip:
Constant Vigilance - Pay attention fo rmore news and tips from Toylab on Harry Potter Wizards Unite!

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