Bendis betrays Marvel joins DC

Bendis betrays Marvel and join DC

Et Tu Brute? asks Marvel as the darling big name writer Brian Michael Bendis leaves them at the worst possible time.

The war between the big 2 have been interesting recently.  5 years ago Marvel could do no wrong and their position as the top comic publisher seemed unassailable.  In 16-17 though Marvel sales began to weaken at the same time DC began releasing popular comics including Rebirth and Metal.

Word inside of Marvel has hinted at contention between the publisher and retail stores.  Even some hints at skirmishes between creators and editing staff.

Now the next part of the saga of the war of the big 2 has come.  Hot shot writer Brian Michael Bendis the creator of the Ultimate Universe, Ultimate Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Miles Morales is now going to write for DC.

Bendis is a long time writer for Marvel who in many ways helped shape the current Marvel world.  He is currently working on Iron Man and Miles Morales but it seems that he will soon be headed to DC for multiple years.

What will Bendis tackle at DC?  It is hard to say he is known for writing multiple comics at once and sometimes having those different comics weave together at unexpected times.

One person I spoke with thought that Bendis's may have felt pushed out of Marvel given some of the direction of Marvel Legacy seemed to favor original over new characters.  Nothing I have seen or read has confirmed this opinion.  Bendis is still writing for multiple Marvel comics and would have undoubtedly continued to do so if not for this move.  Marvel seems to be taking the news in stride however.

A Marvel spokesperson commented on the move by Bendis saying:
“Brian is a great partner and has contributed incredible stories and characters to the Marvel Universe over the years, We appreciate his creativity and professionalism, and we wish him the best on his future projects.”
Joe Quesada wrote about the move saying through his twitter feed:
"I want to thank [Brian Michael Bendis] for all the years of hard work, creativity and more importantly friendship," tweeted Quesada. "During my time as EIC we had a lot of fun, rattled a lot of cages & made what I hope will be viewed in retrospect by fans as some fun comics. While I will undoubtedly miss having him at Marvel I want to congratulate Bri on his upcoming gig at DC and wish him nothing but success. As a fan the change of corner box will not dampen my desire to read whatever he does next and look forward to his upcoming projects.
"And for the Marvel faithful, while this kind of news can seem like a gut punch it's all good and stay tuned,"
"We have some big things coming your way as well as some surprises up our sleeves. 2018 is going to be great year to be a comic book fan so strap in kids it's gonna be a hell of a ride and I don't want you falling out."

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