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A new Avengers movie is coming and like the previous Avenger films it will be a major event.  Also like the previous films you can expect for their to be a ton of Avengers Tie In merchandise including Lego.

The Lego sets are always kept tight under wraps.  Both Disney and Lego have been known to reach out to websites who post pictures too soon and ask them to take the content down.  I really don't want to get the Lego Police called on me but I think I am safe to post what I have learned.

We now have pictures of the Avengers sets.
Some of these are pretty amazing.  The Battle at the Sanctum Santorum basically includes a full sized Sanctum and Spider-Man apartment building that is pretty cool.  The Attack of the Riders is basically an army building set that includes Cap, Black Widow and two of the Henchmen.  Corvus Glaive attacks is a really interesting set that includes 4 rare minis of Vision, Black Panther, Shurri and Corvus Glaive.

Descriptions are from Exofroce:
A Russian toy website called Exoforce.ru posted descriptions of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War Lego sets.  The site later pulled the descriptions but not before screen shots were taken.  I asked for a Russian colleague to translate the set descriptions and the results are posted below.  I have no pictures of any of the sets nor can I say these are say these descriptions are fully official.  I will say that they seem to align with some of the scenes seen in the Avengers, Infinity War Trailer.


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Spoiler Warning!

These Lego sets tend to contain potential spoilers.  Sometimes they show scenes from the films, other times they do not.

Attack of Riders (76101)

Set price: €14.99

Minifigures include: Captain America, Black Widow, Outriders, Space Stone

Unite with Captain America and the Black Widow to protect the kingdom of Wakanda from the invasion of foreigners.

Avoid the fire from the thorns of the landing ships, restrain the attacks of six-armed enemies and attack, using the shield of Captain America. Pounce on the enemies with the truncheons of the Black Widow and get the cosmic stone of infinity!

The Search for Thor’s Weapon (76102)

Set price: €24.99

Minifigures include: Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Thor, Unknown Infinity Stone

Join the Avengers, who are trying to find the Thunder Bolt Axe for Thor. Sit down in the cockpit of the space pod with Rocket, Thor and Groot and go into space.

On the way to Nidavellir you will meet many enemies, you can be protected from them by shooting weapons. Land on the red planet to charge Thor’s new weapon in the space forge.

Find the stone of infinity, turn the energy ray and create an amazing Axe of Thunder!

Corvus Glaive Attacks (76103)

Set price: €39.99

Minifigure s include: Corvus Glaive, Vision, Black Panther, Shuiri, Mind Stone

Protect the wall of Wakanda from Corvus Glaive and his thresher!

Shoot at the threshing machine of double guns and disk shooter. Quickly open the gate so that the Black Panther can enter the battle. But do not forget to close them immediately, so that the enemies do not break in. Help Shuri to remove the Mind infinity stone from the head of the Vision.

Can you do this before the thresher crushes the wall and destroys the computer lab?

The Hulkbuster Fight (76104)

Set price: €34.99

Minifigures include: Proxima Midnight, Falcon, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Soul Stone

Danger! Proxima Midnight captured the gun tower and takes aim on Hulkbuster Bruce Banner!

Smash the missile installation of the gun tower with the powerful fist of Hulkbuster and crush the six-armed enemy. Then dodge the blows of the Proxima Midnight.

Order the Falcon to dive down to take away the stone of infinity of souls.

Thanos: The Last Battle (76107)

Set price: €79.99

Minifigures include: Thanos, Iron Man, Star Lord, Gamora

Together at last the Guardians of the Galaxy with the Avengers, fight for the Infinity Gauntlet!

Shoot at Thanos from the ship’s guns. Open the cockpit and attack the space bike along with Star Lord and Gamora.

Avoid the blows of Thanos’s massive sword and use the Iron Man’s energy puslses to defeat the villain of Titan. After winning, grab the golden glove of infinity and fly away in victory.

The Battle in the Sanctum Sanctorum (76108)

Set price: €99.99

Minifigures include: Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man

Emergency! Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw are attacking the Sanctum Sanctorum of Dr. Strange!

Join Spiderman, leaping off the roof. Unite with Iron Man and Dr. Strange and use their powers to force super villains back. If Ebony Maw is able to infilitrate the room of Peter Parker, divert him from there with the secret hatch.

You must stop the evil invaders before they blow up the wall of the Sanctum Sanctorum,  Dr. Strange and get the infinity stone of time. After defeating your enemies, celebrate by ordering order pizza  with Peter Parker!

Alright lets take a close look at this thing:

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