Age of Alonso is over, Enter Cebuski

Just one week after Marvel lost one of its most long tenured writers in Brian Michael Bendis the company has announced that they are making a change in Editor of Chief.  Axel Alonso who has been editor of chief of the company since 2011 and has been at Marvel for the past 15 years is leaving the company.  Alonso will be replaced by VP of International Business Development C.B. Cebulski.

Alonso initially started at DC editing books for the Vertigo line including Preacher, 100 Bullets and Transmetropolian before being brought over to Marvel as an editor.  Alonso did work with J Michael Strazinskies Spider-Man and also edited through the controversial One More Day Storyline.  Alonso was promoted to Editor in Chief after Joe Quesada was elevated in 2011 to Chief Creative Officer.

Notable achievements of Alonso include elevating writers Jason Aaron, Wilow Wilson.  Over seeing the storyline where Miles Morales became the main Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe and the creation of Kamala Khan.  He also oversaw the creation of the new Ghost Rider in Robbie Reyes.

Major events during Alonso's tenure included Fear Itself, X-Men vs Avengers, Death of Wolverine, and Original Sin, and Secret Empire.

Marvel made headlines under Alonso for various pushes of diverse characters.  In one year Alonso over saw the change of Thor, Steve Rogers Captain America, and Hulk's Bruce Banner to be replaced with different characters who were all non white males in Jane Foster, Sam Alexander, and Amadeus Cho.  Miles Morales and Kamala Khan also become main stream heroes often headlining their own series.

While much of Alonso's career saw Marvel topping the charts in sales, the last year have been trying seeing Marvel dip in sales and also a widely panned and divisive event in Secret Empire.  While Marvel has politely thanked both Bendis and Alonso for their contributions to the company it is rumored that the company is seeking to find a new direction.

That new direction is expected to come from CB Cebulski.  Cebulski has been helping Marvel engage readers in Asia and is said to have a strong manga influence.  How his tenure will differ from his predessor is hard to know at this point in time.

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