Sorry haters I'm still on the CB Cebulski Train

Recently, Marvel internal affairs have become far more interesting than the comics they publish.  All year long they have had troubles with sales and finding their narrative footing.  The Secret Empire Event was a complete and total disaster and the company wisely began to take a harder look at its leadership.  . This led to Alex Alonso being removed from his position as Editor and Chief and a replacement by CB Cebulski.

Many who have been critical of the quality (Or lack there of) in Marvel comics recently have applauded the move and are hopeful that he can turn the giant comic publisher around.

Then another bombshell hit.

CB Cebulski once wrote beneath a pen name and the internet went all  SHOCK spasms GASP.  What was worse is that his pen name was Asian sounding and the internet went SHOCK spasms GASP.  There has been a long running rumor that Cebulski wrote beneath the name of Akira Yoshida.  Akira was a seeming Japanese comic writer who came out of almost no where and was picked up by Marvel to write some more Asian stylized works for them.   Akira went on to write X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, five of Elektra: The Hand, five of Wolverine: Soultaker, five of X-Men: Kitty Pryde – Shadow & Flame, five of X-Men/Fantastic Four.  The rumor was that CB was actually Akira and had used the name to get around Marvel policy that forbid Marvel editors from also writing stories.  CB always denied the rumor as did Marvel.  However, when CB was promoted this old rumor came up again.

This time CB admitted that he indeed write beneath the name of Akira Yoshida in the early 2000s.

Lets talk about Pseudonyms
There are some people who seem very offended by the idea of a pseudonym.  I have heard many say its dishonest.   Let me just say that I am shocked that you are shocked.  I hate to break it to you but for a long time, lets even say since Biblical times fake identities have been used to market the written word.  The names are used for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they are used because someone wants to maintain their anonymity, other times they think the name has a better chance of being published. and at other times its just branding a particular work.

I am going to say a truth now that will startle you.  I have met thousands of successful writers and the bulk of them at one point or another used a different name or identity to publish something in.  The reasons for this are legion.

Let me throw out some names for you.

  • Steven King wrote beneath the name of Richard Bachman
  • JK Rowling initially used the name of Robert Galbraith
  • CS Lewis used two other pen names N. W. Clerk and Clive Hamilton
  • Joyce Carol Oates used the pen names of Lauren Kelly, Rae Jolene Smith,  
  • Isaac Asimov used the name of Paul French
  • Agatha Christie wrote using the name of Mary Westmacott
  • Dean Koontz used over 10 different identities in his writing career including Aaron Wolfe, Brian Coffey, David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, John Hill, K.R. Dwyer, Leigh Nichols, Anthony North, Owen West, and Richard Paige.
  • Anne Rice used the names A. N. Roquelaure, and Anne Rampling two write various erotic, fantasy novels.
  • Michael Crichton used the names John Lange, Michael Douglas, Jeffery Hudson

There are also many famous writers known by their pen name / pseudonym / fake identity

  • George Orwell - Real name was Eric Blair
  • Mark Twain - Samuel Clemens
  • George Elliot - Was actually a woman by the name of Mary Ann Evans
  • E.L. James - Erika Leonard
  • Dr Seus - Theodore Seuss Geisel
  • Lemony Snicket - Daniel Handler
  • JD Robb - Nora Roberts

The Hardy Boys novels were all published using the name Franklin W Dixon but were written by various ghost writers.  There are infact far more "Ghost Writers" out there writing beneath other peoples names than you might beleive.  

It would not shock me if someone statistically found that 50% of published books are written by someone who was born with a different name than what is actually on the cover.  This also does not bother me in the slightest.  When you buy a McDonalds cheeseburger are you disturbed that the burger was made by someone not named McDonalds?  The author's name is nothing but a brand used to sell products of the author.  Just as a company may create a different brand to sell some products an Author can choose to publish his/her work beneath a different name.

I am going to say something controversial here.  The use of pen names is less an indictment of the writers as it is of the reading public.  Why do we as readers care so much about who writes something than what is actually being written?

Why CB should wear Akria Yoshida like a badge of honor
The really cool thing about the Akira Yoshida story is that it does not seem like CB used his influence at Marvel to get Akira Yoshida published there.  Instead, it seems that the works published by CB beneath the Akira Yoshida name were noticed and he was reached out to seperately.  Think about about how amazing this is.

There are thousands maybe million of talented professional people who are trying to work for Marvel and DC.  That is their dream job.  Many people who work for those company's talk about how you have to be a master of your craft and also really lucky.  Getting one of these jobs is part merit and part winning the lottery.

CB Cebuliski is the only guy I know of who managed to get noticed for his work and hired by one of the big two TWICE.

I guess at the end of the day I have a really hard time blaming someone for doing something that gave them an opportunity to work or work more.  People who do quality work are a great thing and CB is one of those people.

So Aeon River (No not the name I was born with) am still happily bumping along on the CB Cebulski Train.

You can blame Aeon River for this Sh BEEP:
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The Kingdom of Wakanda is a highly scientifically advanced nation, considered to have technology surpassing anywhere else on Earth.

Despite the advanced science of the country much of its culture is steeped in tribalistic rituals that often seem primitive.  This contrast is due to the nation rising very quickly from a hunter gather society to advanced modern society in a matter of decades.  This rapid technological growth can largely be attributed to the enlighten rule of the nation's monarch King T'Challa the Black Panther.

Wakanda has a deposit of a rare metal called Vibranium that is said to have come from a meteorite.  Vibranium is one of the most prized metals on Earth for its capabilities of sonic absorption, extreme strength, flexibility and relative lightness.  Captain America's shield is constructed from Vibranium.

A Dutch mercenary named Klaw discovers the deposit of Vibranium and begins to steal it.  He is opposed by T'Challa's father, T'Chaka the then Black Panther.  Klaw kills T'Chaka.  T'Challa manages to use Klaw's weapon against him and repels him from Wakanda.

T'Challa realizes that his people are ignorant of the powers of Vibranium and sets out to learn all he can.

When he returns he uses his advanced scientific, business, and political mind to remake Wakanda.  By selling small quantities of vibranium the country becomes extremely wealthy.  The wealth is invested into infrastructure and technology that quickly turn the country into the advanced state it is in today.

Maps of Wakanda:
Wakanda map from comic Black Panther: Nation Under Our Feet:

This has become one of my favorite maps for Wakanda it comes from the recent comic and shows both the geographic features as well as some of the political aspects of the state.

Wakanda Map

Wakanda on a Map shown in Iron Man:
Wakanda highlighted on the map behind Tony Stark in Iron Man 2
Comic Map of Wakanda

Black Panther Store:
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Comics and Trades:
I normally only recommend 4 trades from Amazon however I have linked directly to 8 here.    I highly recommend Don McGregor's Black Panther Jungle Action the 1973series which fleshes out Wakanda.  I grew up on and love Christopher Priest's Black Panther that modernized the character.  The recent Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet is also phenonemal, while being very different from all other comics.

Toys and Merchandise:
Here are my favorite Black Panther Toys.  The Mask, Funko, Marvel Legends figure and the Lego Set from Captain America: Civil War.  This will be updated once the Black Panther film comes closer.

MCU: Wakanda Concept Art for Black Panther:

The Wakanda concept art for Black Panther is pretty amazing.  Even in fantasy stories the history, culture and technology of Wakanda make it a very unique place and I think that is really being reflected in the art that is coming out.  I really like the way in which you can see old huts and things being integrated with high tech skyscrapers.  It really shows the blazing pace of technological innovation that occurred in Wakanda.

The only thing I can thing of history that has occurred like this was after Japan opened up after years of isolation.  They had struggles with how to modernize while also maintaining their identity.  In Wakanda you can also see this struggle which is perhaps even more manifest.  They are not just catching up to other countries but blazing past them.  You can see in various of these pictures that Wakanda has taken to preserving old buildings and statues from their past, while creating new monuments all around them.  The art gives the impression of history and thought as a place develops overtime and it really tells its own story.

I was really worried that Marvel's Wakanda would just be skyscrapers and giant Panther statues kind of an inch deep comic back drop.  However, by looking at this art it gives me great hope that Wakanda will feel very much alive and be telling its own story in the background of the film.

image host

image host

image host
High tech sky scrapers fill Wakanda

Marvel News and Characters
Earth in the Marvel Universe 
Who is the Black Panther? 
What is Vibranium / Carbine? 
Who is Klaw? Why is he central to the Black Panther Mythos? 

Does Thanos look funny?

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Does Thanos look......funny?

Thanos is the big bad of big bads of the Marvel Universe. His goal is destroy all life as a way to impress Death with whom he is infatuated.  Not only is does he have this bizarre demented world view but he is also utlra powerful and intelligent.  He also has super powerful leutenants called the Black Order and legions of nasty aliens called the Outriders.  Thanos appeared in the film Guardians of the Galaxy where he sat in a floating throne and said things like he bath the star ways in Ronan's blood.

To defeat Thanos it takes a massive assembly of heroes coming together and the battle almost always ends in many of their deaths.

Thanos is not funny........or is he?

After the launch of the Avengers Infinity War Trailer some on Twitter seem to think the great dark Lord of Marvel looks funny.

But heck who cares about those people. I will tell you one guy who liked it.

I actually think that Thanos looks really good.  Some of these tweets are pretty funny but overall I think he looks great.  There have been a series of twitter rants and comparisons of CGI characters over the past year.  People have laughed at early sightings of Doomsday in Superman vs Batman, they laughed at Apocalypse and they laughed at Steppenwolf.   Of all of those characters mentioned though I think Thanos already looks better than all of them and there is still is 5 months before the film comes out.

Avengers - News and Trailers

List of Marvel's Alien Races

Marvel's Alien Races
Marvel has many alien races spread throughout the Universe.  Some of the races are villainous and others are benevolent.  Most Marvel races are humanoid in form but there are some exceptions.

Also see:
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The Faltine / Faltinians

The Inhumans

Nova Corps - Xandarians

Best known for their protector Beta Ray Bill

The Kree



The Sakaarans


The Shi'ar

The Skrulls


Universal Church of Truth


Pokemon Go - How to beat Pinsir

How do you beat Pinsir? Pokemon Go questions

"Its Pinsir with an S not Pincer with a C!" That was what a kid at a Pokemon Gym yelled at his friend the other day.  You know that a Pokemon is growing in popularity when you hear someone correct someone else how to say the name in public.

I have not seen very many BUG Pokemon in gyms in Pokemon Go until recently.  I think when an update to quick attack damages occurred something was altered that suddenly gave Pinsir (An evolved Pokemon) a much better attack.  Since then Pinsir's have begun showing up in gyms regularly.

I have not been able to catch a Pinsir.  He does not evolve from a lower Pokemon he is just one of those rare high CP Pokemon that you catch as is.  I don't think I have even seen one's silhouette come across my nearby/sightings screen.  I tend to think the players that have them are getting them through hatching eggs.  If you have a Pinsir let me know how you got it, I am curious.

Pinsir is pretty tough and I have seen it take down a lot of people's Pokemon but it really is pretty easy to counter if you know how....

HOW TO FIGHT and BEAT an Pinsir?
What is best Pokemon Vs a Pinsir?

Remember that Pokemon Types are very IMPORTANT 
Read this --->  Pokemon Types Explained

Want to take down this scary looking Pokemon?  Lets get some strategies.

The reason why there have been many BUG Pokemon taking over gyms is because that their weakness is FLYING Pokemon.  Flying Pokemon are VERY common in Pokemon Go.  In particular there are three really common Pokemon that can be used: Pigeot, Golbat and Fearow.

Most players have a ton of Pidgeys a TON a TON a TON!!!! You should be using all of those Pidgeys for XP harvesting by evolving a bunch of them to Pidgeotto and then a few on to Pigeot.  Sometimes its hard to know what to do with all of these Pidgeys other than harvesting them for XP well here you go. Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot are FLYING pokemon and work great against BUG pokemon. Use your best Pigeots against Pinsir and watch those birds eat that bug.

When I was in Calgary, Canada for whatever reason I caught a lot of Zubats.  I have not caught that many Zubats in Denver but certainly a few maybe 5 or 6.  At any rate Zubat is certainly not a rare Pokemon.  Well if you live in an area with a lot of Zubats he can also be used against Pinsir to great effect.  You will likely need to use Zubat's evolved form of Golbat to get close enough in CP.  Zubat is not the easiest evolution I think it takes around 50 candy or so.  If you are in an area with a lot of Zubats though this is definitely an option.

Pinsir take down using a Golbat (Flying Pokemon)
In this video you can see Golbat take down Pinsir.

Battle with Pinsir:

Nuff Said its bug squashing time!

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Eternity #2 Preview

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Eternity #2 Preview:

An Aeon Insta Preview!
Here comes Eternity #2!  The first issue was really fun as attempted to warp your brain with reality bending art and out of the box concepts.  This issue looks to continue this.  This is a book that I suspect will gain a cult following and be fodder for comic conventions for years to come.  There is a lot of interesting environments, characters, and ideas that will keep people coming back.

---Aeon River - Toylab Comic Book Reviews

As printed in the Valiant Voice

Valiant Previews: ETERNITY #2 (of 4) | WAR MOTHER #4 (of 4) – On Sale November 29th!
Posted on November 21, 2017 by The Valiant Voice

ETERNITY #2 (of 4)
Written by MATT KINDT
Cover B by TOM MULLER (SEP172031)
Character Design Variant by MATT KINDT (SEP172032)
Variant Cover by DAVID LAFUENTE (SEP172033)

Divine intervention!

Beyond the barriers of our reality… Outside the boundaries of human understanding… A universe of immensely powerful beings and advanced civilizations has evolved parallel to our own… But what links this strange plane of existence to ours, and what do its majestic inhabitants want with the child of Abram Adams – the denizen of Earth now called Divinity? To find out, Abram and his comrade, Myshka, must enter Eternity’s infinite realm…and encounter the Unknown itself!

New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine (DIVINITY) push the year’s most visionary series light years ahead…and open up a new frontier in Valiant’s acclaimed sci-fi meta-epic!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On Sale NOVEMBER 29th

Valiant Store:
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and so we can bring you these awesome deals on Valiant products directly from Amazon to you.  Valiant has great comics but they tend to sell out quickly in stores.  Getting online or preordering through your local store is really the way to go.

Eternity Preview:

What are Vrellnexians? - Marvel Aliens

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What are Vrellnexians?

Vrellnexians are an alien race in the Marvel Universe who generally have a villanious role.  The Vrellnexians are a species with advanced technology that look down on their species.  They conquer and enslave alien species that they deem lesser to themselves.   The Vrellnexians seem to have similarities to insects with a hive based society and bug like structure.  While they have multiple legs they are often portrayed standing up on their hind legs.  The Vrellnexians first appeared in Thor comics and they will make their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Season 5 of Agents of SHIELD.

Name: Vrellnexian

First appearance:  Thor 212

Government/ Culture:  The Vrellnexians serve a Queen in a hive like structure.  They do not have any form of individuallity and will do anything to serve the orders of the Queen.  The Vrellnexians are completly ruthless in their dealings with other races.


Universe: 616

Home Planet:  Planet Vrellnex (5th planet from their star) Has 1.2 x the mass of Earth

Home System: Cetsin

Home Galaxy:  Milkyway


Species Type: Insectoid

Average Height: 5'5"

Eyes: 2

Hair: Hairless

Number of Limbs:  6

Number of Fingers and Toes:  3

Skin Color: Purple

Wings:  Some Vrellnexians have wings but not all.  It is not clear what differentiates those with wings and tho

Agents of SHIELD Store
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The Vrellnexians conquered Asgard and attempted to sell the whole population including Odin into intergalatic slavery.

While the Asgards engages in a fierce battle with the Vrellnexians the aliens had too great of numbers and too advanced of technology.  The Asgardians put up a fight but were conquered.

The Asgardians eventually freed themselves and overthrough the Vrellnexians.

Vrellnexians have access to a large population of warriors and very advanced technology.  The Vrellnexians do not seem to have any true super powers.


Agents of SHIELD Season 5.

The SHIELD team led by Agent Coulson finds themselves kidnapped and brought into space to face a threat posed by the Vrellnexians.

The Vrellnexians are said to be a ruthless group of aliens that travel through the universe in Gravity Storms.  It is unknown if they have a high level of technology like their comic counterparts.

Warning: Classified SHIELD Files below:

Marvels Agent of Shield speculation HUB