Who is the Common Wealth in The Walking Dead?

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The Common Wealth is another group to challenge the existence of the communties of Alexandria in the Universe of the Walking Dead.  The group began to be promoted as villains in the run up toward New York Comic Con 2017.  The group first appeared in a 6 issue story arc called New World Order.

The Common Wealth are the largest and most technologically advanced group of survivors encountered by Rick Grimes group in the world of the Walking Dead.  The Common Wealth is said to have nearly 50,000 survivors, they also wear advanced suits and have access to advanced military weaponry like helicopters.  The Common Wealth also has a sports stadium used for events and surviving musicians play concerts there.

The Common Wealth runs in a class system where the people are divided into High and Low class based off of the jobs in prior to the Apocalypse.  While this does not sound nearly as bad as previous Walking Dead villains problems have been highlighted.  Notably the son of the leader seems to be able to get away with violence.  While those in the low class or even high class would certainly have been punished for this offense.  With the Common Wealth, Kirkman seems to be exploring the problems of classicism.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead 175 (Jan 2018)

Leader(s): Pamela Milton
Woman - blonde woman who wears a business suit.  First appearance Walking Dead 176.

Home Base:  ? - Some where in Ohio

Philosophy: ?

Size:  Common Wealth is said to have over 50,000 people making them the largest group encountered in the Walking Dead world.

Common Wealth:

Not much is known about the Common Wealth but they will become a major threat to the group in 2018.  It is possible the Common Wealth is located in the central part of the United States which is an area that has not been explored by either the Walking Dead (TV or comics) or the companion series Fear the Walking Dead.

Lance Hornsby a  leader of a  group of Common Wealth soldiers encounters and captures Eugene, Michonne, Magna, Yumiko, Siddiq and Juanita.  He seeks to gain information from the survivors asking each of them pass an interview.  Eugene is reluctant to give Lance information.  Eugenue wants to speak to a woman named Stephanie who may be the leader of the Common Wealth.

Eugene has spoken to woman named Stephanie numerous occasions from a group she claims to be civilized.  This woman reveals at one point that her group lives in Ohio and warns Eugene that his group better not be bad.

Michonne learns that her daughter may be living among the residents of the Common Wealth.  She sees a board created by Common Wealth survivors looking for relatives.  She sees a picture of herself signed by her daughter Elodie.  Michonne had previously believed that Elodie was deceased.  The wall is refered to as the "Wall of the Lost."  Elodie is said to have worked at a bakery at some point in time.

Common Wealth Word meaning:
The word Common Wealth is generally associated with  the UK there are also 4 US states that refer to themselves as Common Wealths including Kentucky (Where Kirkman is from), Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Viginia. Walking Dead survivors have recently been moving West and hit Pittsburgh in Pennslyvania. Its possible the name Common Wealth is a hint that they could be either from Pennslyvania or Kentucky which would be close to that area.

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