Star Wars the Last Jedi Posters

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Phil Noto Star Wars Poster

Every film has great posters but Star Wars movies in particular take the art of movie posters to the next level.  A great thing you can also count on is epic "unofficial" posters to come out from talented artists.

My favorite unofficial poster is the one above done by Marvel cover artists Phil Noto.  He has also done a variety of Star Wars Covers that are well worth checking out.

Red Body Characters Posters:
There were also these cool stylish characters posters.  They all feel raw, with unfinished portions of each character roughly fading out at the bottom of their torsos.  Each character's clothes are hued in a bold red against an organic white / grayish marble like background.  All of the characters eyes are cut off from view.  To me these posters create an erie feeling of impending doom and perhaps a sense that these people's fate's have not yet been written.  Red is both a color of life and death giving them a very binary quality.  Red in Star Wars is most commonly associated with the Dark Side as Sith/dark force users use red lightsabers.  The other interesting thing is that the posters deny the old paradims of what a hero wears versus a villain here they all wear the same color.  Definetly the film here is building on the theme of dupliitous or niether good or bad morality.  While most apply the duplicity or moral sliding to either Rey/ Luke / Kylo it should be noted that the last trailer shows Finn in a First Order uniform and has Poe giving a big lets kill them all war speech.  The internal conflict of each character approaching their own darkside seems to be a theme that will permeate this film.

Darth Vader Face Poster
This poster initially did not impress me but the most I see it the more it is brilliant.  The brilliance of it is the placement of the characters to form the head of Darth Vader.  What most don't see though is that the Darth Vader head goes both ways and poster is once again binary.  The dark sinister face of Darth Vader is what one initially sees but if you flip it you can see their is also a light side of Darth Vader's mask going in the opposite direction.  Once again this is a poster playing with duality of the light and darkside.

Darth Vader Face - Dark Side version

Darth Vader Face Lightside Version

I will end up with perhaps the most simple but still through provoking original poster.  This one to me speaks of the Hero's journey and focuses on the main force using characters.  The question remains even with this poster who is good and who is bad.  Even the beam of the lightsaber start out bright blue at the base and rises into a sinister red.

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